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  1. USPS says my package has been delivered but I'm still waiting for any response from the giftee.
  2. Just got mine! Not sure who my santa is but whoever you are, Thanks!
  3. BTW whoever my santa is, I would prefer if my gift arrives before the 20th due to my schedule for the holidays.
  4. @jbb_00 any ETA on when names will be handed out? (not to rush you, it is thanksgiving after all)
  5. Having been in this thread the whole time, yes some posts seem to have been deleted and while I didn't see anything especially rude, it did get a bit vulgar.
  6. Personally I would stick with the G3 because while it's not as new as the G4 it's still able to grow any coral you could ever want and have plenty of years of life still in it depending on the condition its in.
  7. One major piece of advice I have is watch the entire bulk reef supply 52 weeks of reefing series on youtube.