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  1. MatthewDVM's Cubist Dream

    Thanks, Dawn!
  2. MatthewDVM's Cubist Dream

    I've been way too quiet for way too long! The tank is doing well. The influx of fish and corals I mentioned back in March was too much for the tank, and parameters got out of whack, causing things to not go so well. I lost some flowerpots (including a gorgeous one my clown fish liked to host in), and anemones (which my clown fish couldn't care less about), along with a few fish and some shrimp. I stopped adding fish/corals/inverts for about 5 months, continued dosing with No-Pox, stopped dosing with Vibrant (cause I didn't feel it was doing anything) and everything stabilized beautifully. Some things (like the Duncan and a birdsnest that I thought got fried when the heater went haywire) have even come back from the dead. The duncan had 2 heads initially, and one of them came back and has sprouted about 6 new heads. Anyway, I'll go into more details later, but just wanted to post something (I has been so long since I posted, I couldn't remember which forum I had a tank thread on!!!), and put up some recent pictures...
  3. MatthewDVM's Cubist Dream

    So it has been about 10 months since I posted anything. Soon after the last post, the apex went wonky and the heater was stuck on overnight, and when I noticed the water was at 98 °F! I lost a lot of corals, but surprisingly a bunch survived. As a general rule, the zoas and mushrooms survived, but the anemones, duncan, and leathers did not. Since then, I've been muddling along, but finally feel like I am getting things in order. I picked up a large group of fish from another reefer, and have bought corals here and there. I've had probably equal parts success and failure, but I think the water parameters are about where I want them, the algae is under control (thanks to Vibrant and NoPox) and it is time to share how the tank looks. Anyway, here's a little video of the current state of affairs:
  4. MatthewDVM's Cubist Dream

    I got a copepod culture today, along with a Rainbow BTA, a Dendro (my first non-photosynthetic coral) and a Psammacorra. They are settling in, and I haven't had a chance to take any pictures of the new additions. But yesterday I did a photo shoot, so here are some pictures: This Hammer came with the tank, in sad, sad shape. It is beginning to show some improvement. And the Sexy Shrimp behind it was moved from the Edge. This cool long-tentacled leather came with the tank, too: I LOVE this zoa, that came with the tank: And I think this one came with the tank, but I can't remember... This Alveopora was a recent purchase. Biggest coral I've bought and really thrilled with the movement of the piece: Not sure if this is a goniopora or an alevopora - I believe it is a goniopora: The FIRST coral I ever bought - a hairy green mushroom (I bought 4 of them at the same time - this one is doing great, the other 3 are OK, but not like this one): Purple and Orange Yuma (It's colour was better in the Edge - hopefully it improves): Nuclear Green People Eaters - one of the earlier additions to the Edge, now waiting for the right location in the Cube This Zoa (not sure what kind) is stretching a bit - I think he wants more light: Armour of God Zoa - one of the first frags I got for the new tank Dragon Eyes Zoa - the other first frag for the new tank A few zoas from the old tank: Chocolate Chip: Duncan is growing nicely in the new tank: And the first Goniopora I bought: "Leon" the Cleaner Shrimp:
  5. Cooper's Reefer 450

    I am indeed small animal (dogs and cats only, actually, despite the far more varied menagerie at home (7 birds and a leopard gecko, along with the fish)). I'm in downtown toronto. Whereabouts are you?
  6. Cooper's Reefer 450

    I was toying with the idea of a reefer before my cube landed in my lap. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out!
  7. MatthewDVM's Cubist Dream

    Thanks, Dr. Cooper! so far I am happy with how it is going!
  8. MatthewDVM's Cubist Dream

    Thanks, Teeny! I'm pretty happy with how things look.
  9. MatthewDVM's Cubist Dream

    So today was a bittersweet day. The remainder of the corals from the Edge were transferred over to the Cube, and the Edge was shut down. BUT! The Cube is looking great, and I have some new pictures to prove it! Duncan is looking quite happy to be in his new home, nice a big and floofy. The Nuclear Green People Eater and the mushrooms in the corners are also pretty happy: Close up of the NGPE This is a nice big new Alveopora that I picked up. I need to get a video of it, cause it has great movement: The Zoas came with the tank. ID, Anyone??? My Orange and Purple Yuma from the Edge tank The Halloween Hermit Crab:
  10. MatthewDVM's Fluval Edge - Happy Birth-tank-day

    Bitter-sweet day today. Transferred the last of the corals out of the edge and into the cube. Don't have time for 2 saltwater tanks, so the edge has been shut down.
  11. MatthewDVM's Cubist Dream

    Re-scaped the rock today, made a pair of towers with a narrow gap between them, and some good cave areas. I can now see my Rock Lobstah more clearly (he has chosen a more open hidey-hole), and there is more terrain for Seth and Christina (the clownfish) to cruise around in. Here are some quick iPhone photos (didn't have time to bust out the macro lens set up today): Front FTS: Right FTS: Left FTS: Photobombing Christina: These Green People Eaters (I think that is what they are) came with the tank As did this crazy long-tentacled leather And these beautiful Zoas (ID, anyone?) These small little Armour of God zoas were one of the only purchases I have made for the new tank so far (along with some Dragon Eyes Zoas) This Unhappy looking Purple and Green Ricordea was in my little tank and got moved across today. In the old tank, it made 3 babies, so hopefully I can keep it happy and multiplying in the new tank... And this fovea was the happiest looking coral that came with the tank, but is not looking as happy as when I bought it. Hopefully as things stabilize, he'll look better.
  12. MatthewDVM's Cubist Dream

    Yeah. People at work keep asking if I'm going to get seahorses. Much to delicate for the rough and tumble world that is our house!
  13. MatthewDVM's Cubist Dream

    So the wall hammer thing died a stinky death prior to the move. A few other corals seem to have perished in the move, but others are flourishing. Today I got a temporary rubbermaid tote sump up and running with the skimmer going. Need a bit more saltwater to keep the return pump from sucking air, and might need to adjust the skimmer height, but at least the parts seem to be running OK. I'll probably switch off the skimmer when I go to bed tonight, so I can observe it for another day and make sure all is good before I run it 24 hours. I'd hate to wake up and find a mess on the brand new floor! Now that I have a sump, I think I'll transfer some of the rock down to the sump, try to get the scape nailed, them maybe I'll transfer some corals over from the edge. Speaking of the edge, I tried a massive flatworm killing a few weeks back, and despite doing 3 almost complete water changes, I killed all the SPS in the tank. The birds nest was on it's way out anyway, but I am a bit gutted to have lost the forest fire digitata and the monti cap. Makes me almost want to go all LPS and softies in the cube...
  14. MatthewDVM's Cubist Dream

    Finally got the basement finished and had time to move the tank downstairs. I took the opportunity to add another bag of sand, clean the algae off the glass, scrub the rocks with a toothbrush and topically apply some peroxide to the worst areas of algae, clean the algae off the frags and frag plugs, and re-assemble the whole thing in the basement. The dust is still settling from the move, but I think it is looking pretty good. Once the whole thing clears, I'll assess the scape and see if I can make it better. This Tuesday I'm planning on meeting the guy who is going to make the sump for me, and finalize the plans for that. In the meantime, now that it is in its final place, I'll rig up some temporary plumbing and run a rubbermaid sump with the skimmer, I think. Anyway, here's how things look now:
  15. MatthewDVM's Cubist Dream

    Interesting idea, Benny. I think the stand is too small to have the ATO on top of the sump, but Ill look and measure today. I do have another piece of furniture that I might be able to use to store the ATO. I guess I need to do some more thinking. Good thing the guy building it has been to busy to finalize things!