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  1. Matthewdvm

    MatthewDVM's Cubist Dream

    Thanks, Dawn!
  2. Matthewdvm

    MatthewDVM's Cubist Dream

    I've been way too quiet for way too long! The tank is doing well. The influx of fish and corals I mentioned back in March was too much for the tank, and parameters got out of whack, causing things to not go so well. I lost some flowerpots (including a gorgeous one my clown fish liked to host in), and anemones (which my clown fish couldn't care less about), along with a few fish and some shrimp. I stopped adding fish/corals/inverts for about 5 months, continued dosing with No-Pox, stopped dosing with Vibrant (cause I didn't feel it was doing anything) and everything stabilized beautifully. Some things (like the Duncan and a birdsnest that I thought got fried when the heater went haywire) have even come back from the dead. The duncan had 2 heads initially, and one of them came back and has sprouted about 6 new heads. Anyway, I'll go into more details later, but just wanted to post something (I has been so long since I posted, I couldn't remember which forum I had a tank thread on!!!), and put up some recent pictures...
  3. Matthewdvm

    MatthewDVM's Cubist Dream

    So it has been about 10 months since I posted anything. Soon after the last post, the apex went wonky and the heater was stuck on overnight, and when I noticed the water was at 98 °F! I lost a lot of corals, but surprisingly a bunch survived. As a general rule, the zoas and mushrooms survived, but the anemones, duncan, and leathers did not. Since then, I've been muddling along, but finally feel like I am getting things in order. I picked up a large group of fish from another reefer, and have bought corals here and there. I've had probably equal parts success and failure, but I think the water parameters are about where I want them, the algae is under control (thanks to Vibrant and NoPox) and it is time to share how the tank looks. Anyway, here's a little video of the current state of affairs:
  4. Matthewdvm

    FTS 7 weeks in!

    Got the tank 7 weeks ago, getting a good assortment of Zoas, SPS and mushrooms! Having soooooooo much fun!
  5. Matthewdvm

    Beginnings of a Ric Garden

    New Frags 3 days ago, starting to build a Ric garden on the side of the rockscape.