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  1. jamescstein

    Tunze 9001issue

    Mine started doing something similar until I gave it a through cleaning/vinegar bath. The needle wheel was gummed up something fierce, I don't think it was making bubbles properly because of that.
  2. jamescstein

    changing ro filters

    I've got a flush kit on my filter for this very purpose. Though I've also installed a bypass that allows me to dump water directly out after the carbon block. I didn't install it specifically for filter changes but I do use it to do so. Pull pre and carbon out, put new pre filter in and leave the carbon container empty and flush for 10-15 minutes. Put carbon block in and flush again for 10-15 minutes. Like @seabass said. I wouldn't flush the pre-filter into the carbon block or either into the RO membrane.
  3. jamescstein

    Large Retro plus confusion was

    Sounds like something is not wired correctly. Last I heard @DaveFason was on vacation, though he might be back now. Have you tried contacting Nanobox?
  4. jamescstein

    Noisy JBJ 28 fans

    This one perhaps?
  5. jamescstein

    Weird things??

    Pineapple sponge
  6. jamescstein

    Coral hitchhiker id

    It looks like an anemone of some kind. Sort of like a mojano. However, I can't even find a picture of a red one like that.
  7. jamescstein

    Yellow clown goby loosing color BAD

    I agree with @seabass about the feeding and possible infection. Especially if all 3 were having this issue when you bought yours. I would also try other types of food, maybe rods or something with a greater variety of food in it other than mysid. I don't know if clown gobies have a similar 'skin' structure as yellow tangs, but yellow tangs get like this as well if they are not being fed properly. Literally the skin peels right off them, usually starting at the lateral line. Years ago my wife and I bought a pair of yellow tangs from Petco. They looked 'ok' if a little skinny. When we got them home they had splotches and white patches and significant lateral line disease that wasn't all that apparent in the lighting at the store or natural sunlight. Long story short, both recovered and got quite fat, but we overfed them and gave them a very varied diet. That is until Hurricane Hermine took our power out for nearly a week. We got a generator 3 days after losing power and we lost one of the tangs, among other things in the 125 they were in. The other is still kicking and affectionately known to this day as 'Miss Piggy' as it is quite fat and will eat all the mysid and nori/dragons breath/cheato we give it, pushing our rather large pink skunks out of the way to get at the mysid. I'll add, thought it won't help this fish and probably isn't what you want to hear. In general its a bad idea to purchase a fish that isn't 100% healthy. Unless you know exactly what you are getting into. Based on your description, I wouldn't have purchased any of those clown gobies, even if the one you bought had looked perfect, which you said it didn't. Since the others with it were obviously in the same condition you are finding yours in now. You may be able to save it, but it looks very far gone so I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't make it. I'd still try, but definitely consider it a lesson learned to be more choosy when purchasing a fish.
  8. jamescstein

    What's the name of this fish

    +1 https://www.liveaquaria.com/product/prod_display.cfm?c=15+1636+152&pcatid=152
  9. jamescstein

    New fuge light setup - biocube29

    on the square light, is that a removable sticker on the front? I.e. do the leds cover the whole face of the light?
  10. http://myfwc.com/fishing/saltwater/recreational/aquarium-species/
  11. jamescstein

    Phyto dosing many tanks

    Yes, that multi phyto will eventually become a nanochloropsis culture as it out competes all the other phyto's. Nano is the weed phyto and grows easily and rapidly.
  12. jamescstein

    Phyto dosing many tanks

    Typically they are sealed to protect the culture from cross contamination. If you are just culturing nano then you really don't need to worry. If you have nano near anything else, the splatter will get nano into everything. Which eventually means all your cultures are nano.
  13. jamescstein

    Work of art or losing my sanity

    I have CDO. OCD with the letters in alphabetical order.
  14. jamescstein

    Work of art or losing my sanity

    That looks alot better than most of the crap I come up with.
  15. jamescstein


    don't do xenia myself, pulsing or not. White spirals are spirorbis worms. http://www.melevsreef.com/critter/spirorbid-worms