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  1. jamescstein

    Sepia bandensis

    Grow them up, see if I can get them to lay more eggs of course.
  2. jamescstein

    Sepia bandensis

    Not sure this rises to the level of aqua culturing, but just got my hands on 5 Sepia bandensis (dwarf cuttlefish). I ordered 5 eggs, 2 had already hatched by the time I got to the LFS. Untitled by James Stein, on Flickr Untitled by James Stein, on Flickr Untitled by James Stein, on Flickr
  3. jamescstein

    Hippocampus Erectus breeding

    We seem to keep missing the babies. It's been over a month since we've had any, the male is obviously pregnant, just other things must be eating the babies before we find them. Since there is nothing new to report, here is a picture of the progress on the 'mixed' teens group. Untitled by James Stein, on Flickr
  4. jamescstein


    You need a lot of Aptasia to satiate a 'pepermint' shrimp for long. The other issue with getting a 'peppermint' shrimp, is that many sellers are selling other shrimp and calling them 'peppermint' All these shrimp are commonly found in the the 'trade' being sold as 'peppermint' shrimp. Only A is a peppermint shrimp, the others probably won't eat Aptasia and will eat other corals. You are better off trying to control the Aptasia with other means.
  5. jamescstein

    Please tell me this is a baby snail

    stomatella snail
  6. jamescstein

    Coral identification

    It's a Ricordia Florida.
  7. jamescstein

    Red, kinda leaf shaped... Algae?

    Certainly an algae/seagrass. https://razottoli.wordpress.com/red-algal-zone/ Aqua cultured live rock? Blue leg hermits would likely make quick work of it. I had a turf algae problem and bought some blue legs.. I previously had stayed away from hermits due to having previous ones pick at zoas. Withing a month they took care of the turf, as well as my dragons breath problem. No the dragon's breath wasn't really a problem, but they took care of it anyway. They kept snipping it off the rocks. Eventually they ate the hold fasts as well and well, now it is gone.
  8. jamescstein

    I'd please

    Looks like this? http://www.melevsreef.com/critter/zoanthid-spider
  9. jamescstein

    Different Colored Sands?

    Some of the black sand is slightly magnetic. Gets stuck on in equipment with magnets. It also surprising looks really bad when it isn't clean. Kind of how a black car looks dirty much quicker than other colors except maybe white.
  10. jamescstein

    Duncan growth

    Same animal. But yes you can frag it some day. The 'base' will heal.
  11. jamescstein

    Kids "touch safe tank"

    Maybe send an email to or call http://www.gulfspecimen.org/. They do touch tanks in their 'aquarium' they might be able/willing to share some info with you.
  12. jamescstein

    Tunze 9001 surface skimmer attachment

    I've got one in a standard 30 gallon tank with the surface skimmer attachment. It can be tricky to get setup perfectly and tends to cause you to skim extra wet. Does a decent job of keeping the surface clear of that oily sheen and algae. If you have another method for keeping the surface clean its not worth using it.
  13. jamescstein

    Micro Chitons

    I've been toying with ordering some chitons from you. I'd love some of these smaller types.
  14. jamescstein

    Macro ID

    Wife and I have had some in a 30Gal tank with some shrooms and a pair of Ruby Red Dragonettes for nearly 5 years and it has never gone sexual that I noticed or if it did, it didn't cause any problems. You'll likely need to trim it back regularly. If you do pull it out and its touched any rockwork and sunk roots in you'll likely never get rid of it completely. I thought I had gotten rid of it all about 6 months ago, but just recently it re-appeared. Must have missed a little bit somewhere. Its good for nutrient export if you keep it trimmed, if you let it spread all over it can be a pain.
  15. jamescstein

    Pistol shrimp can't find my goby

    For example. I had a bonded pair of tiger pistols. Hang out together, live together, build together. Wanted some gobies for them, read that the Dracula goby will pair with Tigers. Bought a pair of Dracula's. Now I have a female Dracula goby with my pair of tigers and the male Dracula goby living nearby but alone in a tube. Odd creatures. I'm assuming they'll get together eventually.