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  1. Updated, need this gone now. Hair algae has gone away a bit and looks better than in the pictures. $80 gets you everything.
  2. Just a quick update and bump. The clownfish is single and a female. I do not ship. Prices all OBO so just let me know.
  3. [Update] I really need to get rid of this stuff. $80 for all in Manassas, VA. Will be moving twice in the next 3ish months so I need to take this tank down. I've known this for a while and it has led to the green hair algae outbreak but the frags are doing well and so is the fish. Below are a bunch of pictures and prices. These are negotiable and I'm trying to get rid of them quickly. Please PM if interested. Below are a total of three monti frags that are all attached to the same rock and I'm selling together. There are two plain red monti caps and then a grafted green and red monti in the back. I have an older picture in there as well that shows the green better. My light is 10K so the green doesn't pop like it should. Monti Rock: $40 Older Pic: Below are some chalices. Easter Egg Chalice: $15 Orange and green chalice. On the rock just above the fish $10 Purple and White Acan: $15 Purplish Green hammer (3 heads): $15 Green Hammer/Torch Hybrid (3 heads): $15 Purple Hammer/Torch Hybrid (2 heads): $15 Terrible pic of war coral: $5 Some plating coral (on round frag plug) $5 Large Purple Plate coral: $30 Purple Zoas (3-4 frags): $5 each Purple and Orange Something: $10 Black Ice Clownfish: $40
  4. I'm in the same boat. Was looking at this one when OP bought it originally and have just been waiting for an update. They seem pretty simple but wasn't sure how effective they actually were. I know there are a few other ones but the price is just way too high for a piece of glass tubing.
  5. I think they're fantastic additions to the tank. In my experience they usually come out more at night and clean the glass. During the day they usually stay pretty camouflaged on the rocks or they hide just under the rim of a tank.
  6. Do you live near the DC area? AA is located right in Northern VA and you can go check out their tank in person. They have one on display in their coral shop.
  7. In theory yes but I question how much of an impact it actually has. People have had fantastic luck with metal halides that don't ramp up and the same with kessils without the controller. The biggest thing is stability in the tank so they get used to it over time I'd imagine.
  8. I don't really see the reason for all the hate on AIO tanks. With smaller tanks you really don't need a ton of equipment. Yes, a sump does give you a lot more room for equipment but it isn't usually necessary. Dosing pump, ATO, heater, and maybe some probes (all I have in my tiny Nuvo 10). Since you're going with something larger than my Nuvo 10 then you can also fit a skimmer in there. Of course you don't have as many skimmer choices but you can still get a quality skimmer that will fit. If you do want to go with a sump, personally I would not go with Red Sea. Plumbing and drilling a tank is actually very easy. Also, depending on where you get the tank you can have them drill it for you. I'm not a huge fan of the sump layout the Red Sea comes with either. There are some other concerns addressed in this thread. I can't comment on the IM stands as I've never used one and prefer to make my own. The 36" long footprint will be a bit difficult to light and you'll most likely have to get two smaller fixtures and spread them out. It's a shallow tank so you don't need something super powerful. A pair of Radion XR15s, Nanobox Minis, AI Primes, Kessil A150/160, etc. will all light your tank just fine. To sum things up, AIO tanks are very easy to set up and you don't need every piece of equipment out there. If you're just starting then something like a Nuvo 10 would be a great start. As GonePHISHin said, these are great starter tanks or simply for those without the space, time, or resources for a larger tank. If you want to go big then go custom and make it exactly how you want it.
  9. Unless you're running a pico/vase tank then I would run it on a simple timer. I have a Kessil A150 and just have it on a timer over my IM Nuvo 10
  10. Based on how incredibly strict the gun laws in Chicago are I'm really not all that surprised. Then again I got carded for buying a box cutter and I'm 26.
  11. I went with the IM Nuvo 10 and I absolutely love it. Very simple and there are a lot of people out there that have them so you can get ideas and information pretty easily. The biggest issue with any AIO tank is the space in the back. With these tanks being so popular you can buy media racks and also look up whether or not a specific piece of equipment will fit. They're really simple and also don't require any complex filtration. I got a media rack on mine and that's it for filtration. It has some of that MarineLand blue bonded filter media in the top rack and then some carbon in the middle rack. Haven't needed anything else.
  12. Sniffing glue is like huffing paint. It displaces the oxygen so you get a light headed/buzzed/high feel. I looked online and another reason I found was that an age minimum was sometimes added due to malicious pranks.
  13. Personally I do not dose iodine into the tank itself. If you want to use iodine then I would dip it in a separate container. I don't have a test kit for iodine so I'd rather not dose it into the tank. I'm assuming you're moving it anyways so it shouldn't be too hard to give it a nice dip.
  14. It will recover as long as it is given space and you have good tank parameters. I've got a micro lord that has been stung on one side by a hammer and then it fell on another coral and got stung on the other side. Skeleton is still exposed but the rest of it is looking puffy and healthy. As long as your hammer gets space and your water is good then it will recover but it will definitely take a while.
  15. Just buy the chloramine specific charcoal blocks from BRS and you're good to go. If you really want to then get a 4th canister and shuffle stuff around so you have two charcoal filters but it really isn't all that necessary.