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  1. VW_TDI_02

    buxton.nc’s IM10

    That's great to hear. I think my issue with the grafted monti was my light. It was a 10K light and I think the lack of blue really had an impact on the coloration. Glad to hear that the green is coming back. ATOs are great. In regards to the nutrients I think physical removal is one of the better ways to do it. I would just go with a toothbrush and scrub whatever you can off and then do a good water change to remove all the floating algae. Those are great but with such a small tank I was having trouble directing the flow where it wasn't too powerful and would mess with the livestock. Eventually I ended up pointing the RW-4 against the back wall. The MP10s are definitely better than the RW-4s but they were just too far out of my budget. I believe they can go lower and their flow is far more spread out and not as narrow as the RW-4 which is very beneficial on the smaller tanks. The WXM would also be nice because you can control it all in the same place and remotely from your phone. Good to keep in touch. Excited to see some new pictures soon.
  2. VW_TDI_02

    buxton.nc’s IM10

    That's great to hear. I'm really hoping that the grafted monti starts taking off in your tank. I was surprised how quickly that red monti took off. I initially tried to remove it from the plug and ended up cracking it into 3 pieces while it was still on the plug so I just cut the bottom of the plug and glued it on and it quickly healed and took off. Thanks for the offer. It would be incredible to see how that tank is doing in 2-3 years when everything is fully settled in and has had time to fill in. The plate is incredible. When I first saw it in the store there were a bunch of the flat green/yellow plates and that one just looked so fat and healthy. I'm assuming it's probably just a different species or variation but it really stuck out to me. Glad to see it doing well.
  3. VW_TDI_02

    buxton.nc’s IM10

    Glad to see everything made the trip well. The coral look to be doing fantastic. I was a bit worried about the monti possibly falling and breaking but it looks to have survived in perfect condition. Can't really see the grafted monti but I'm sure it's tucked away in the back somewhere. It's a bit of a slow grower compared to the red monti but hopefully it colors up and takes off soon enough. Looking forward to seeing more updates.
  4. I definitely did not mean that I was going to set up the tank now but rather after moving in to the new place. I've moved freshwater tanks before and they aren't as bad since you don't have to worry about having water already made or making new water but still not fun to do as you said. While I'd love to have a new fish tank when I move in and sign a year long lease, I simply don't know where I will be after that year. I don't want to have to move that tank in a year. It sucks but since I can't afford to buy a place and I can't really afford to live on my own even renting (Northern VA rent is insane) I think I'm just going to step away from the hobby for a while. I know it is possible with pico tanks and other small tanks but it's just another thing I have to move that I may not even have enough space for. One day when I'm able to purchase a home where I know I'm going to be staying for multiple years then I'll probably jump back into the hobby but for now tanks are more of a luxury that I unfortunately don't have the money for.
  5. Thanks but I think I'm just going to wait for a while. 2 moves in 3 months just won't be good in regards to moving. I may end up just going back to freshwater. I was thinking about doing a 20 long planted but I'm just not sure what I want to do just yet. I do think I need to stay out of the hobby for a bit and save some money.
  6. Unfortunately this tank has now been taken down and everything is sold. I'm moving twice in the next 3ish months and it was time to move on. I might get back into the hobby in a few years but for now I don't have the space, time, or money to do this. Thanks again to everyone who has been following this thread. It means a lot to me and I'm definitely going to miss the tank.
  7. All Sold. Thanks Mike and I look forward to seeing the pictures of it all set up again.
  8. $80 for the livestock... It is currently all pending.
  9. Updated, need this gone now. Hair algae has gone away a bit and looks better than in the pictures. $80 gets you everything.
  10. Just a quick update and bump. The clownfish is single and a female. I do not ship. Prices all OBO so just let me know.
  11. [Update] All sold. Tank, hardware, fish and all. Thanks again. It's unfortunate but I'm now officially out of the hobby...for now. Will be moving twice in the next 3ish months so I need to take this tank down. I've known this for a while and it has led to the green hair algae outbreak but the frags are doing well and so is the fish. Below are a bunch of pictures and prices. These are negotiable and I'm trying to get rid of them quickly. Please PM if interested. Below are a total of three monti frags that are all attached to the same rock and I'm selling together. There are two plain red monti caps and then a grafted green and red monti in the back. I have an older picture in there as well that shows the green better. My light is 10K so the green doesn't pop like it should. Monti Rock: $40 Older Pic: Below are some chalices. Easter Egg Chalice: $15 Orange and green chalice. On the rock just above the fish $10 Purple and White Acan: $15 Purplish Green hammer (3 heads): $15 Green Hammer/Torch Hybrid (3 heads): $15 Purple Hammer/Torch Hybrid (2 heads): $15 Terrible pic of war coral: $5 Some plating coral (on round frag plug) $5 Large Purple Plate coral: $30 Purple Zoas (3-4 frags): $5 each Purple and Orange Something: $10 Black Ice Clownfish: $40
  12. I'm in the same boat. Was looking at this one when OP bought it originally and have just been waiting for an update. They seem pretty simple but wasn't sure how effective they actually were. I know there are a few other ones but the price is just way too high for a piece of glass tubing.
  13. VW_TDI_02

    Is this a sea star?

    I think they're fantastic additions to the tank. In my experience they usually come out more at night and clean the glass. During the day they usually stay pretty camouflaged on the rocks or they hide just under the rim of a tank.
  14. Do you live near the DC area? AA is located right in Northern VA and you can go check out their tank in person. They have one on display in their coral shop.
  15. VW_TDI_02

    To control or not.

    In theory yes but I question how much of an impact it actually has. People have had fantastic luck with metal halides that don't ramp up and the same with kessils without the controller. The biggest thing is stability in the tank so they get used to it over time I'd imagine.