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  1. I Need some help with a used RODI system

    No dripping water anywhere. Just tubing in the wrong places and had a very nice member tell me which ones were placed wrong. Now I think about it, it was kinda common sense which tubes were in the wrong place but oh well. I have a much better understanding of the system now thanks to GraniteReefer
  2. I Need some help with a used RODI system

    Got the problem solved and getting perfect 000 TDS water thanks to @GraniteReefer , very thankful for his help. Also very happy I didnt just give up and toss the unit. It only cost me $30 for the complete setup all I needed was new DI resin and I didn't have to put any money into it to get it running. Just had some things in the wrong place from previous owner. Thanks all
  3. I Need some help with a used RODI system

    Would the flush valve be somewhere outside visible. Meaning not in the membrane lol? New to this RODI stuff and quite confused. Haven't seen a valve anywhere besides on the end of the good water tubing and I had that open
  4. I Need some help with a used RODI system

    Had it running for about 20-30 minutes and still no RODI water production at all
  5. I Need some help with a used RODI system

    Just looked up the flow restriction thing. Definitely not what's inside the black tube. I'm kind of lost, good thing I didn't spend much at all on this RODI unit, $30. Hopefully I didn't destroy the membrane and looks like a need a flow restrictor now
  6. I Need some help with a used RODI system

    Thank you so much. The person I purchased from was not a nice person at all. I think there is a flow restrictior in the end of the black line. Should I take that out and put it in the red tubing? It's a little green piece that makes the tubing smaller with almost a needle like plastic part on the end that goes inside the tubing. Can post pictures if that'll helpAlso it almost seems like there is even more waste water now. Should I switch where I put the red tubing, where the black tubing was, with the white tubing next to it on the membrane? It doesn't even seem like any water is getting to the DI chambers
  7. I recently bought a RODI off of CL for a nice price mixed in with some other tank goodies and I just got my DI resin in the mail and put it to use as soon as I could. I left it running for an hour and just had constant waste water and no filtered water. I'm not sure what's wrong and i could use some help. Here is a video of how the tubing is connected. I was told all the filters plus membrane was changed out when he last changed the DI resin. http://sendvid.com/t5q4g73b
  8. Think that handles it. I bet its quite expensive
  9. Thanks! I've been reading. I've been interested in the nano tanks for years. Reading on and off for two years before I even got my tank. I like to try to get things right the first time, ill wait on the clam. Thank you
  10. Thank you for giving me advice with a back story. I aappreciate that. When did you start to see the mini cycle? Ive had the tank over a week and no traces of ammonia nitrites or nitrates
  11. Right. Too much space D: I want to get coral, but some colorful coral so I don't get bored haha
  12. Why do you say I'm months away? The tank has been established for over a year I don't know if half of you responding have read my OP or not. ( it seems like you didn't) but my tank had been well established and running for a year now. I think my tank is mature enough for a clam.. my tanks been established for over a year
  13. Headed to my LFS sometime tomorrow, going to pick up an alk cal and mag test kit and hopefully some frags. I'm thinking I want a maxima clam and its tempting. I wanted a BTA but think I may be better off with the clam
  14. Thanks Stevie! The water change went well as expected too! Can't wait for the RODI unit haha