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  1. Knock knock.
  2. Thanks for information. Barry
  3. Good Morning All, I need a little advice. The power supply on my nanobox retro went out this morning. My question is: I have a small problem with GHA and now with no lights for a couple of days, I am thinking I might as well to a three day black out. Anyone have any pointer on doing a black out? By the way Dave is sending me a new power supply. Barry
  4. Hi stellablue, I fought aiptasia for more than a year. I did finely get rid of them with a matted filefish. It only took about two week and they are GONE. Here is a photo of my filefish. Barry
  5. Hi All, It has been a while since I have had an update. Things are going well been a couple of changes. I have added Lobophyllia. The photos were taken yesterday before most of my sun coral had opened. Barry
  6. Thanks Sancho I will emal Eric. I will let you know if he has one. Thanks again, Barry e
  7. Hi All, Where can one buy parts for the Jebao PP-8 Wavemaker? I am looking for a washer that goes between the powerhead and bracket. Thanks Barry
  8. That's a Bobbit worm isn't?!?!
  9. Pyrotechnics Barry
  10. Good Afternoon All, I was cleaning my tank this morning and found this. It was in the rear chamber, but if there is one there are MORE. Any ideas as to what it is, it's less the 1/4" long. Thanks, Barry
  11. Thanks for the update. Can't wait for the pic's Barry
  12. Hi All, It's been a while so here is new photo update. It was taken last night while feeding. Barry
  13. I think I would try ebay. Barry
  14. When I use nopox I get a bacterial bloom that sounds like what you have. Barry