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  1. Hi All, Its been awhile since my last post. My tank is coming up on three years in Nov. Took this shot this morning. Barry
  2. A photo would help.. Barry
  3. Sun corals

    Very nice sun corals. I have seen the same thing, sometimes they will not open for a few days. Your tank look very new?? Barry
  4. Hi All, I took this photo last night after feeding. The lights had been out and turned back for the photo. Check out the size of the dendro in the back. Barry
  5. Every other Day... Barry
  6. Hi All, Now that bryopsis is a thing of the past I took a couple of pic today. Below is my Dendro I have had it a year. When I first got it there were only 5 heads. and now there are over 20. Barry
  7. Yes and nothing was harmed at all. Barry
  8. Hi All, Just a little update with my battle with bryopsis, below are a couple of photos to compair. Today was my 14th day of treatment and I also did a water change. All I can say is using Fluconazole is just amazing. Barry
  9. Hi All, After a lot of thought and reading, I gave my tank the Fluconazole treatment for my algae problem. I am on day 7 of the 14 day treatment. Here are a couple of photos of how it is going. Barry Day 1 Day 7
  10. Thank you Christopher, Barry
  11. No one has any idea on this algae???
  12. Hi All, Can somone ID this algae please, Barry
  13. Stella's Dueling Reefers

    Knock knock.
  14. Thanks for information. Barry
  15. Good Morning All, I need a little advice. The power supply on my nanobox retro went out this morning. My question is: I have a small problem with GHA and now with no lights for a couple of days, I am thinking I might as well to a three day black out. Anyone have any pointer on doing a black out? By the way Dave is sending me a new power supply. Barry