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  1. Don't be sad this was a gift from the Gods! You did something right to not have to deal with this craziness........ Well I hate my family and this would be welcome news for me....that and the kitchen is now cleared neeked time
  2. #### all this Thanksgiving shenanigans......Were doing it right this year Ruth Chris Steak House
  3. Snorkel Bob needs a nut punch
  4. Just looked at kimbers Instagram her stud sensor is ####ing brilliant
  5. A pencil, tape measure, level and stud sensor would have helped pretty sure those are not power tools. Did you just start drilling till you hit a stud?
  6. Thought your TDI was totaled? Bit disappointed wanted to get the wife a TDI but that’s no longer an engine option for VW.....stupid ass California
  7. My mom texting me on my work phone....yep I suck as a kid
  8. So we have a few stores that do that here. If the price is incorrect its sold for 1 cent. The crooks have figured this out.......oh snap did I just call Harold a crook If your crafty you pull a price label off something else and argue at the at the cash register that the price is incorrect Most of the time these stores will just give it to you for a penny rather than sending someone to do a price check