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  1. You live in San Diego? They are 30 minutes from my house. Ive seen that shop since his early days selling on SDreefs. Pretty sure Will was selling stuff out of his garage in OB the first time I heard of them.
  2. Well if you had 1 mixing tub (like a 20 gallon brute on wheels) then you'd get consistent water either it's all cloudy or it's all good.
  3. The prices never end. Just email them from the contact listed in the R2R thread. They start posting teasers every Friday and the complete list of goodies is usually up Friday night. They always have coral packs that's is thier choice but every time I've ordered I've never been disappointed.
  4. No...although what's the life span of pistol shrimp? Wondering if nature just took its course. Can't say I'm too sad about it he was a giant pain in the ass he was a coral klepto and had expensive taste
  5. AquaSD....wait till thier weekend R2R sale they always have a 10 pack for $100
  6. The ones on eBay in that price range use 2 inline DI cartridges. Once those are spent I would purchase another standard 10" filter housing to replace them. The inline cartridges don't seem to last very long in my experience
  7. I've seen them on thier site. However spectrapure is an amazon seller and you can usually get spectrapure stuff cheaper and with free shipping from amazon.
  8. Most of the name brands are rebranded Chinese made units. Or they use a combination of standard housings. I don't know of any "name brand" that actually manufactures their own housings. Buy the eBay unit and use quality filters, membranes and resin you should be good. Keep in mind some of the eBay units are poorly assembled and prone to leak out of the box. In my experience a little teflon tape and proper re assembly does the trick. The refurbished spectrapure units are a great deal. Plus they stand behind it. You should look into them if you haven't already.
  9. I don't make water outside. I open the slider roll it to the kitchen plug my di line into it add salt, pump and go to bed. In the morning I have nicely mixed SW and no water on my floors...then I just push it to the tank that needs the water
  10. I also have 1100 sq ft. Keep mine on the patio......I roll it in when it's water makin time.
  11. I'm going home to sniff play doh and kick kids out of the house.
  12. If your getting water in the first 3 stages and through the membrane I'm guessing you you hooked up the auto shut off incorrectly or the diaphragm has a hole or tear in it or possibly some blockage. I could be be wrong but don't those units come with a cut to size flow restrictor on it?
  13. I want my house back from the kids....I need to relax elsewhere. It's chaos at my place. For some damn reason there's been a gaggle of my daughters friends at home every day kicked her and friends out one day, locked the door and told her to come back when the street lights come on She told the wife that I locked her out and wouldn't let her in to use the bathroom....yeah that didn't go over well.
  14. + This And this your welcome
  15. Sup losers? I think i killed Mr. Snappy Pants . Been fighting Cyano. Second treatment with chemiclean I didnt get the water changed in 48 hours. I haven't heard or seen that damn shrimp in a couple days now.