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  1. So Mrs. Sancho stuck me with Sancho jr. today while she took the girl Sancho jr shopping today. Didn’t go well Sancho jr. Is ruined and has somehow turned into a giant mamas boy. I thought doughnuts and a 9 second quarter mile last weekend would cure him of his wussynes the kids ruined he no longer wants to go fast and thinks his old man is crazy I am kinda butthurt that doing cool shit his his old man results in a I want mama oh well we watched inappropriate Movies today Kick Ass was on the list .....mom came home and asked if he wanted to go to the store with her......nope mom I’m watching Kick Ass with dad........ah redemption
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    Caught this thing eating.
  3. Sancho's PicO 20

    Found it!....why do these critters go on the move when I’m packing for a trip? Last time I left this thang went on the move and managed to sit atop the tanks drain Mrs. Sancho called and said hey douche bag your tanks about to overflow how do I fix it? yep one of the nems went on a walk about. I told her to gently pull it from the drain and put it back where it should be
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    Doubt it but there may be some highlander shit going on
  5. Unwrap it......post some video for Kimber
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    I’m missing an anemone I had 2 last night now there is one.
  7. @glennr1978 usps worked fine for me the last time....if your PayPal is still the same I’ll send the money........however I won’t be home till next week so if you could postpone shipping that would be awesome
  8. @HarryPotter Damn setting that machine to accel, jerk, jerk, jerk what the hell are you building?
  9. Doesn't a water softener just convert the calcium and magnesium to sodium? At least thats what the sales person told me when I was looking at a whole house water filter. If he wasnt selling me a bill of goods the water softer would really have no effect on the TDS. However high calcium and magnesium will definitely have an affect on your membrane. From my understanding removing sodium ions is less taxing on the membrane. @kimberbee Is the deal done? In California after a home inspection you can counter your offer with credits for issues found during the inspection. With TDS @ 900 I would want some cash taken off to offset the cost of a nice whole house filter system. You should definitely ask for a water analisis to determine the proper filtration needed. @jedimasterben wouldn't a large pressurized storage tank work to maintain pressure?
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    The nem has been with me for 11 years now
  11. Lactose intolerance.... getting old is awesome!
  12. Sancho's PicO 20

    Figured I would post a pic. Algae has been a bitch in this tank and am pretty sure its got tank herpes. Most of the sand has been sucked out because it has looked like outdoor green fuzzy carpet for the last 6 months or so Ive been manually removing it, stepped up my water changes, bought the fancy expensive DI resin, changed salt mix, feeding cut down to once a week and I even started testing my water All to no avail. I was ready to call it quits and toss this tank out with the Solana that busted a seam. It seems to be suffering from a trifecta of shit that sucks. GHA, Cyano and maybe Dino's. Hell I even bought some snake oil that another sites members claimed to be the cure to all of these issues I dabbled with the idea of a chaeto reactor but that would require another pump in the already cramped back chamber, drilling holes in the back of my janky stand, plumbing and farming the algae........At this time too much work for my ass. So I jumped on the the IM desktop reactor when it went back down to $45. Its been running a week now with a mix of GFO and ROX 0.8 carbon and I have actually seen a decrease in slimy green and brown shit. So I figured Id rescape the tank a bit and maybe start spending some cash on corals again.................Yep I also need a bit of rock work on the nem side.