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  1. Yep I'm a bad fish dad! This tank is killing me. Needs a scrubbing every few days
  2. Well I hope you cleaned up the patio! Mrs. Sancho would kill me if I shat on the patio while taking a pick of my drone and talking with you guys.
  4. Happy national tequila day
  5. I like it! the headlight works but the mounting bracket kinda sucks. Hey old man......... you gonna be able to lift that thing off the stand when its done?
  6. that may actually be a good the time this assclown was done he wasted 15 minutes of my sitting on my ass drinkin beer time. Let them stand in their own line and waste each others time. Its called a convenience store for a reason. Its convenient for me to pick up beer and smokes with a quickness. The fanny pack wearing lotto guy can suck it!
  7. I have found another species of human to hate. Lotto ticket guy You ever just run into the convenience store and get stuck behind one of these clowns? They have their special lotto ticket wallet thingy then hand the clerk 50 ####ing tickets to check. At this point Ive been in line for..........I shit you not 5 minutes. After the clerk paid him his $8 dude insisted that the clerk double check quite a few tickets as in his mind they should have been winners. There is a self service machine that does that you human piece of waste. And I know this is only going to get worse as the other side of his special lotto ticket wallet thingy was full of new manual tickets, you know the ones that look like a high school scantron test. There will be a special place in hell for this guy!
  8. Libtardism Yep I need to get away from the libtards. They have done a number to California. I wish they would all move to Florida. Than I could stay put.
  9. Time to leave the bar. Some assclown just loaded up the jukebox thingie with linkin park. Seriously.......then the bartender cranked it up. Why do people give two shits about a selfish dick that just left 6 kids without a father?
  10. Driving a ford exploder now. I can change up rides at will. Although national rental won't let me keep one for more than 90 days. The pimpalack was a sweet ride though. Plus the company pays for that fuel. But #### me the taxes here are getting redonkulous. Completly agree about the ####tards on bikes. The new thing in California is to take away a perfectly good car lanes and make it for bikes. I swear to god California is run by the biggest group of ####tards. Looks like a new delivery station is launching in uppityville. I mean Woodenville I applied for a position there. Sancho may be moving to the great northwest
  11. Sup ladies Yep OJ....who cares. That shit makes the news all damn day. However when the state of California senate and house vote to raise our gas tax another 61 cents a gallon it's not even a blurb. The news is a joke
  12. Found it nicely done Harold
  13. Sexy I gots more!