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  1. Gluing up some frags and the big ass emerald was following my finger....####er grabbed hold 🤣
  2. Take your index finger and middle finger...put them on the screen and separate them...🙄
  3. Seriously that just made me LOL...I spit chicken fried rice across the table and took my daughters eye out 🤣
  4. Try this site...someone there may have some local clubs to look into https://marsh-reef.org/
  5. Really depends on what you want, plumbing, head loss all contribute to selecting the right pump size. That’s why I love the DC adjustable pumps I tend to go a little bigger than need and adjust according. You can find flow and head loss charts online for the pumps your interested in, keep in mind 90s and 45s in your plumbing will also affect the overall flow rate. There’s a website I found years ago that calculates total head loss based on length, diameter and fittings. If I can find it again I’ll post the link here.
  6. The Jebao DCS-3000 worked very well for me in my 34 gallon just a quiet as the Sicce but as pointed out the flow rate can be adjusted. And the price is nice on the Jebao. Other companies are offering DC pumps however some are rebranded pumps made my Jebao. But the benifit of purchasing in of those like What Current is offering is support and warranty. You can’t go wrong with Sicce though.
  7. Hungry acans....they actually look like their getting color back.
  8. RFA’s and zoas this morning
  9. Still no pics🙄 I’m going back to @jack1978and @jbb_00 threads to just be let down
  10. Yes but don’t tell them.....they might come back 🤫
  11. Well here’s some tank stuff 🤷‍♂️ I haven’t killed it yet 🤣