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  1. Welcome Nice to see others from So Cal here. The inkbird CM recommended works well and saved my tank once from a heater malfunction. It’s inexpensive peace of mind
  2. Almost had the exact set up including the belkin power strip on my cad 8....except I had a proper ATO reservoir 😂
  3. Looks awesome 👍 I’d definitely get a bigger Tupperware container though 🤗
  4. Awesome pics 🤗 that orange nem 😍
  5. Thanks....it’s an ugly pig from afar 😂 still trying to get good shots with my iPhone....tempted to bust out the DSLR as I’m not quite used to the iPhone and filters
  6. Picked this thing up also....some sort of encrusting LPS....guy at the shop said I couldn’t kill it 😂 the red polyps are just opening up
  7. Aren’t most of them? 🤷‍♂️ Just gonna have to step up my feeding 😬😂
  8. New gorgonian looks nice 👍
  9. Yeah using the filter.
  10. Got a decent pic of the lobo finally
  11. Without lens With lens
  12. Feeding time for the plate coral...still can’t seem to capture orange right with the new lens...hell maybe I’m color blind but still looks yellow to me 🤷‍♂️
  13. They can still pair even if they are different. But some just don’t have chemistry or they could both be female and that usually ends in one getting killed or bullied by the more dominant of the pair. With all the breeding now it’s pretty impossible to determine the difference anymore. Number of dorsal fin spines from my knowledge is the only way to determine the difference between the two, eye color can also be a determination. Just keep an eye on them one should submit if not and they stay aggressive maybe re-home one and try again with another juvenile.
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