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  1. Hang it! Or get rid or modify the lid.
  2. booze, hookers, blow and porn..pretty sure in that order

  3. Came home to red slime today I am really starting to hate this stupid expensive hobby Works on glass? Ive used it on acrylic and head light lenses. Last time I removed scratches from a glass tank I used several different grit compounds and a drill with a buffing wheel . That was a lot of work. I thought that by 2017 someone would have come up with something that requires less work. Oh and thanks for the amazon link keeps me employed
  4. Send me one of each you listed in your text you can even unload your LPS on me. You already have my address as you tried glitter bombing once before. But I will PM it to you. Dont even think about GLITTER I swear to God I will cut you
  5. Good when's my box o water coming?
  6. Sup ladies? Some damn IT company has taken over my quiet little brewery there's like 200 people here thankfully it's kinda cold out and I can be a hermit on the patio Meat soup
  7. It's cheaper for the company to pay for rentals than it would be to buy or lease us vehicles due to the rate we get. It's supposed to be an economy car but I joined the rewards program and get an executive car at economy rate
  8. Get it straight.....Its a pimp car all proper pimps drive Caddys I'm pretty sure it's in the pimp hand book as a requirement. Drug dealers drive rive throw away cars!
  9. I really like this one. I extended the rental another month. Its an ATS it's compact sized, 2 liter turbo has some balls and gets great gas mileage. The last caddy I had was a giant boat and was lucky to get 16 mpg
  10. Mrs Sancho works from home but she needs a couple days to do field work. My mom used to watch him but I think my son pissed her of one day and she cut it off. I was coming in 30mins early and leaving 30-60 mins late that time paid for the pre school. Plus if I came in early and left late that was time not spent in traffic....I guess I can't complain too much. I do get to drive this awesome little ride.
  11. I found it doesn't last as long as the stuff from spectrapure but it's a negligible amount of time. It's still cheaper buying 5lb bags from eBay. I think I'm next. Didn't Glenn offer up his FedEx rates for lawns loungers?
  12. ####ing corporate tight wads. When I was hired they encouraged overtime. I was able to work up to 12 hours without approval. Now I have to get approval for anything after 8 hours I was told no more overtime.....this sucks giant pig nuts ive not worked a 40 hour week since I started I've come to count on that overtime for my lavish lifestyle I might have to do something drastic like no more beer....or maybe I take the kid out of preschool
  13. I see zoas and stuff!
  14. I have purchased from this guy and another company on Ebay. No complaints
  15. Hmmmm kinda looks like you got leaf blower out and pushed that shit onto your neighbor's yard. Why didn't you pull up that dead crap? Oh and I call bulshit on this photo......they dont have gates and fences in the midwest