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  1. You know you want my mangoes.......for I am Sancho...... @Christopher Marks My ninja didn’t work
  2. .....well he is legal now You too? Harold you have fans
  3. @Christopher Marks what’s going on with the smileys? I clicked on one and got three....none were the smiley thing I wanted I have also noticed that smileys will post mid sentence not where you want them.
  4. Their customer service is awesome. Spent a great deal of time with them when I got a beta version of the of the director. Unfortunately my work hours and their hours of service now don’t jive. If I can’t figure it out tonight I’m gonna submit a request for support. I’m just bummed that I lost my settings. Maybe I just turn them on for 8 hours and then off πŸ₯©πŸ˜Ž
  5. That’s my plan....seems some of the functionality was lost in the last update
  6. I’m having a hell of a time setting up my primes since the the 20 gave out.....I somehow managed to hit the reset button on one and now can’t get the parent to recognize the child. App is recognizing both lights but I can’t get them to operate as a single unit........πŸ˜• so I reset both....lost my settings and still can’t get them to work together. AI’s site is worthless and just points you to a video of how to connect them......lame...o understand how to connect them but the app won’t let me put both of them together
  7. just tossing this out there since you claim your names not Ricckk......I couldn't find pattycakes
  8. Meat is Meat....if people didn’t eat the shit they do I bet we’d be pretty tasty in the grill.
  9. It came apart in the front left bottom and the right rear bottom almost like it was twisted. Doesn’t make sense to me even though the stand got a bit wonky the top is still level.
  10. Lost a clown and my gold hammer. The IKEA bookshelf we used to store shoes downstairs was a perfect fit for the petco 20 long. Nems are pissed though. Gonna let it be for a bit before I start scaping.
  11. Yep this is gonna be fun to play with tonight.....
  12. I’m gonna be up late.......how the hell do you do this with no filtration? New tanks a foggy mess