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  1. Sancho

    MetroKat's Reefer: Need About Tree Fiddy

    So did I......the bad hombre cantina was short lived
  2. This clown has one black dot on only one side. I wonder if I get this ####er to breed how long till I’ll have Dalmation clowns?
  3. My mom is officially having a mid life crisis yeah this seems like a practical purchase for an old broad
  4. Sancho

    Reef Koi Bounce Mushroom

    I increased my bids by 1 cent incrementally I think I made him nuts. Seemed kinda scamish to me........how does a dude that post shoes, polo shirts and sharpening stones come up on a $4,000 mushroom? Would be more legit if he had other corals for sale but......this sent off my bullshit meter
  5. Sancho

    Reef Koi Bounce Mushroom

    You get it? Weird its no longer available
  6. In the 13 or so years i had her she killed her first mate, drove the second to suicide, killed a fire shrimp (like 3 seconds after it was introduced), lost count of cleaner shrimps (she thought they were food for the nem), 4 anthias, drove a wrasse to suicide and drew blood from me on the regular......#### that fish she deserves a special place in fish hell. Although it was kinda sad to have had to give her away as she was probably 25+ years old.
  7. Nope donated it to the LFS when the Solona busted a seam.......He gave it away and she killed $300 worth of fish in the guys tank
  8. Sancho

    Reef Koi Bounce Mushroom

    So he declined my offer of $10 looked at his page and this is the only reef related sale posted, his past sales have been polo shirts, shoes and sharpening stones He is nuts if he thinks he is gonna get that kinda cash with no history of sales of high end coral. I just upped my offer to $13.50
  9. Sancho

    Reef Koi Bounce Mushroom

    had to do it
  10. You also got rid of 2 mean ass shitty fish.....I see what you did there
  11. The green spreckly one is the nem I won on the auction, the other 2 came from my original GBTA bought many years ago, its spit like 20 times so who knows if I still have the original. They go through times of looking like a brown long tentacle back to bubbly and green at one point it was the size of soccer ball. ASD is awesome im so glad I live near them. I can remember buying stuff from him when he sold stuff on the local forum out of his garage.
  12. Meh.....a cigarette lighter or my wedding ring does the trick Plus bottles wreck beer. I was a bottle snob for the longest time but all the good micro brews have gone back to cans for a reason.
  13. You should probably bag one up and send it my way. I needs something other than green picked up my auction nem at ASD today.
  14. The rescues can suck it and suck it hard....there was a point in my life where community service was mandated..and I chose an animal rescue....yeah don’t ask....I get that they want these animals going to good homes but......#### me a credit check, references, house visits...was just ####tarded. They turned down so many good people and wasted so much money holding these animals because you had a hiccup in your credit or your house wasn’t big enough or even if you had kids......I was amazed at how many people didn’t get a pet cause they had kids.....they were like oh this dog lived with a little old lady it won’t adjust to having kids around......####tards