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  1. Best song my little guy rocks out to it on the regular....daughter hates it...thinking about a DNA test
  2. That's the name the FBI gave my cousin when she entered whiteness protection
  3. True story......wife asked why I was listening to the creepy silence of the lambs song on Amazon music today. So I asked why she was listening to move bitch get out the way by ludacris....shameless plug Amazon music is awesome you all need to get it. Although if you and your spouse have different taste set up 2 accounts.
  4. I was caught today jamming to this at a stop down in the rental the strangest look from the broads next to me
  5. I never really got into the meatloaf. Fat guy crying....Meh
  6. Good stuff! Your husband can suck it
  7. Meh.....sticks I just kill them.....nice score for $15.99
  8. Nope just good beer..bad packaging
  9. Pretty sure we discussed my beer budget's Friday I'm treating myself that 6pack does the same job as an 18 pack of the coors light. 16 oz cans 8.2 abv
  10. It's how the micro breweries are packaging thier 6 packs. Apparently they are recyclable and earth friendly............they are just a pain in the ass.........####ing hippies