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  1. These were little babies diapers.....don’t know if they’d fit that linebacker she’s got 🤣
  2. 10 percentile for me.....still wondering where my big belly came from.......oh wait beer...carry on
  3. Looks like you have a bigun.
  4. posted this in the other lounge to see if anyone in there had a sense of humor.....Merry Christmas bitches
  5. I don’t work a a fulfiment center....but we do get stuff that shows up at the delivery station out of a box.....I’ve been gathering it for my recipient. Whoever is my recipient I apologize from the giant box of Tampons, random batteries, candles and diapers. It’s all usable stuff so I figured what the hell 🤣
  6. No we have fun here...once they saw the Tex they understood 🤣
  7. I’m telling the wife that one for sure 🤣
  8. Hey asshat I also sent you my tracking info....
  9. I guess I’ll share with everyone
  10. I’ll send it to you as well if you’re interested 🤣
  11. Sancho

    Banasophia’s Biocube 16 & IM Nuvo 10

    I love those sun corals! I’ve tried a few times to keep them but I’m too damn lazy to feed enough to keep them happy.
  12. Thought I sent that pic in a pm to you? Oops sent it to lawnman on accident 🤣
  13. Every thing looks good on me! for I am Sancho 🤗
  14. Well one day a week I do at the other location....January I’ll have one full time though