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  1. FML....I dont have harolds problems but Mrs Sancho called.....honey there's something wrong with the garage door oh and one of our smoke alarms is chirping #### me in the rectum I bought 10 year sealed lithium ion smoke alarms last year so that I wouldn't have to deal with the dreaded chirp at 3 am...yep Kidde is getting a nasty email tonight. 10 years my ass. And they are all inner connected. Pulled that biatch from the ceiling and tossed it in the garbage. I have no idea why the smoke alarm pissed me off more than this. Learned my lesson with the plumbing bullshit. Garage door repair guy will be here in the morning. I dont have time for this shit
  2. Umm....who or what has pretty balls?
  3. Well we did discover the d word is censored here. look what I found it's a bird, it's a plane, no it's Superdildo!
  4. Where the f is Braaaap? He'd have the answer for you. I recall getting my fusion token via email. The display should not be needed
  5. Weird that d:ldo is censored here
  6. ##### butt##### can't figure it out myself
  7. That's good. I've watched the first 48 street level heroin and oxcy seem to be readily available in your county. Just throwing options out there
  8. Back from the land o sister wives. That place is so bass ackwards. Any beer over 4%ABV is considered liquor and has to be sold as a single bottle or can. I found some local San Diego beers there and the price was like $20+ for a 6 pack...LAME..We went to a micro brewery and none of their beers could be served from the tap.... All served in 12 oz cans or bottles. They are trying to create some good breweries but the local laws suck ass resulting in fairly terrible tasting micro brews as they are all trying to brew beer at or below 4%ABV. Asides from the shitty beer everyone I met there was super friendly, looked at a few homes while I was there........I would be living almost rockstar baller status. Mrs Sancho managed to keep all the fish and GHA alive in my absence. Although My Tunze ATO failed I cant get it to prime or push water. Im done with Tunze. Any of you guys have a recommendation for a good ATO?
  9. Funny my boss and I were just talking about my career path.....yep the northwest seems to be in my future I'm sorry
  10. Weird snoop dog found my private vids I send to the wife. The disco ball hanging from my sack really turns her on for some reason
  11. Yeah I would request a new car.
  12. https://decider.com/2017/09/14/south-park-messed-with-everyones-smart-homes/
  13. Pure sex! Excuse my punctuation