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  1. .......dick your on a good one tonight! All I eat is stuff that makes my hemeroids cry. There is a place that has a ghost chilly pepper salsa shit is delicious and painfull at the same time.
  2. Sell out..what happened to the $29 Amazon purchased dress?
  3. ASD lobo. Got it at a local club event they hosted. I need more coral like it the damn thing is bullet proof and does well with my lack of maitence.
  4. You mean the tank you had sitting on you porch? yep..but I've not had time or cash to do much with it but it's still chugging along. Finally got the cyano under control. Current pic makes me sad I need more colorful stuffs.
  5. Nope they pretty much taste like ass....yuck
  6. who the f is jon bovi.....not a lawyer but looks like you have a solid case
  7. I also make sex to myself multiple times a day.
  8. Do you work teacher hours?? Summer off? Sounds like you need to reach out to the IT department for an upgrade
  9. dude has been active on facespace...looks like he bought a house or got married or some other cryptic shit
  10. You're right if it gets too big your just poking around for the wet spot that can get to be way too much work for the payoff hmm....looks time consuming...must be nice to work for the county Id get fired for doing that on company time and wasting company resources (sticky notes) Although holy hell man how much stuff do you have plugged into that laptop? Do you not have a secure wireless VPN? I have a dock for my laptop I run 3 monitors, keyboard , printer, phone charger and scanners. It would make be batshit crazy if I had to plug all that crap into the laptop
  11. I am sancho that would break the interweb