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  1. yea and the son of a gun is getting massive and closer to other prized pieces!
  2. for what it's worth this is my 4yr old 5.5 setup. The only filtration I have is a AC20 with sponge that I drop chemi pure blue nano in for about 12 hours after feeding my tank. Also my new regiment is a monthly water change of 1 gallon and dosing every other day in between.
  3. sounds about right to me, mine came and went..then again so have all my pests.
  4. the clove polyps were ballsy in this much space, super nice setup!
  5. as everyone said above, plus I found that using a heaping amount really helps. Imagine like a piece of chewed trident, lol.
  6. I had a lot of these things at one point and just kept hacking at the ones that were bothering corals. For one reason or another they all seem to have died off.
  7. how new is your tank? My hydriods came and went in about a month or so when my tank was first set up.
  8. well I have a colony of paly's that look pissed today, might be time for a W/C. Perhaps I'll jump back into some testing this week as well.
  9. Last time I tested was about a week ago, I gotta assume that with the every other day dosing that alk is staying consistent.
  10. I have to agree with this, I was doing 1gal every week for about 3.5 years and really think it was too much up and down swing. The tank has never done this well, although I do have to scrap my glass way more often.
  11. I can't say I'm down to absolutely no water changes, it's becoming like a once every month, month and half thing however from the old weekly schedule. Keep in mind my tank is only about 5 gallons and when I do perform a WC it's about a gallon. As far as trace elements go, I gotta assume it's in the sea chem two part I've been dosing every other day. In all honesty I feel like my carlessness has lead to a better running tank. Or after 4 years just more established. No lie, I haven't even tested the water in months. That's correct, I'm blindly dosing the two part .2ml each every other day.
  12. I've basically stopped doing water changes. Maybe once a month if I'm even feeling up to it and run no media outside of a sponge, I throw in chemi blue after feeding the tank overnight and remove it the morning. My parameters stay stable, dosing A+B every other day the usual 1350, 420, and 8, nitrate glued to 2ppm and P04 at .03. After putting my tank on this regiment is when the growth really began to take off. Funny enough I noticed my tank looking so much better after missing 2 weeks of water changes which prompted the change in regiment. As far as flow, my tank's total output is roughly 280GPH combined using a circ pump upper right corner and HOB, also upper right. The frogspawn definitely lives in the area of lowest flow. I could try another corner I suppose with higher flow. The irony is that the frogspawn should be one of the easiest kept corals in my reef and does the worst. My SPS while not exhibiting much growth or coloration still polpys like a mofo.
  13. This is my second failed attempt at keeping frogspawn over the last 4 years my tank has been in existence. I have always had frogspawn in my tank and they ALWAYS look like the photo below. The first colony I had went from 1 to 5 heads in say 3 months, then shriveled up for the rest of it's time in my reef, figure 3 years total. I ended up giving it to a friend who also gave up on the piece with no different results. Went out and got a second healthy 2 headed piece about a year ago. It was in good shape for about a month, and has looked like this since, I let it live because it's not hurting anything by doing so..but it really is just like a sad POS. The rest of my tank thrives like crazy with growth exploding in the last 6 months. Can't understand this...sad frogspawn in lower right corner. For what it's worth I run an AI Prime about 10 inches off the top of my water in a 8 inch deep tank @ 70% blues / 10% whites peak if my memory serves right.
  14. Chalice euphylllia > another smaller chalice and zoas, although some of my zoas grow literally right next to it without a hiccup. Acan echinata > tumbled off my LR onto a Favia and destroyed it down to bone in couple hours.
  15. So I have to move my reef relatively soon. I have an Echinata that has grown across the two rocks in my tank. These rocks will in fact move/shift during the travel process because they aren't "fixed" in place. I'm worried about the coral literally being ripped in half during the process. Anyone have any tips? Photo attached, she's dead center in the tank across two rocks, there's a turbo snail covering a piece of it.
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