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  1. Side by Side Tanks

    Has anyone ever seen or heard of a setup similar to this?
  2. what are these

    they look conical in shape and slowly move about the liverock. more come out at night and the largest one may be 1/4". snails of some kind?
  3. Re: CPVC

    trump, your right about that cpvc I'm a plumber and I just happen to be on a job right now where the copper was ripped out of an apartment building by some crack-heads or something (copper worth a lot right now) we are running cpvc at owners requst for plastic so no more theiving action will take place dont be discouraged about posting. tell what you know
  4. MY AC300 DIY Refugium

    nice job, looks good what about getting the surface skimmer attachment to reduce flow
  5. re-acquaspaced my 29 gallon

    nice job on re-scape. looks great
  6. Imacowboy's nano

    I want to buy some Jeffery Dommer Red zoos
  7. stocking this monster

    will this pool/tank be inside or outside?
  8. Tigahboy's 67g Reef Project

    jealous... so your looking at about 125 gallons of total water volume right?
  9. Tigahboy's 67g Reef Project

    everything looks great. I'd like to see a shot of the whole system w/ the 67,prop, and doors open to see sump/fuge
  10. My 20H is up and living

    nice set-up, tank looks great
  11. Tigahboy's 67g Reef Project

    cool. I do like your design though. I haven't seen many divided that way
  12. Tigahboy's 67g Reef Project

    what if you flip-flopped the fuge and skimmer section so you could have better access to fuge. I would think you would want to be able to see the life and progress in your refugium but thats just me
  13. Tigahboy's 67g Reef Project

    so your fuge section will be in the back?
  14. warrior boy's 10 gallon photo journal

    just some shots of my corals
  15. Tigahboy's 67g Reef Project

    use teflon tape or pipe dope on all threads