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  1. just got this little guy today
  2. not at all, have fun with it.
  3. I learned how on Tigahboy's thread
  4. my royal gramma came down with ich!!!
  5. orange zoos added 11/23/04
  6. royal gramma and purple firefish seem to be getting along nicely
  7. I'm actualy not a big fan of background pictures, BUT I really like the look of your tank. I think the way you have it aquascaped in addition to the background gives it a very 3D look. I like it
  8. I'm pretty much at my fish limit now with 2, so it was the last to go in
  9. got this little dude when I got the gramma. he came right out as soon as he went in the tank
  10. mushrooms are starting to open up nicely. can count 20 shrooms on this rock