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  1. .2 gallon reef experiment

    Thanks, Tank update - added in a micro blue leg to help clean up the tank a bit. I also placed two Seachem Matrix Carbon balls behind the macro algae on the right, and one small ball of Phosguard. I found the Seachem Seagel product worked well in my 2.5g so I thought the added benefit of some chemical filtration would not hurt this small tank. Another nice thing about matrix is that its not suppose to effect PH and its not dusty like normal carbon and the round compact form makes it easy to place/replace on a periodic basis. FTS 04-08-06 Little hermit at work A days progress Macro rock also holds the Seachem Seagel Hermit's Mount Everest Picture of a Seachem Matrix Carbon ball next to air input for tank
  2. Montipora Digitata

    Montipora in general are tolerant of a variety of lighting conditions. Truely the best SPS for beginners - almost impossible to kill. I've kept them under 13w PC's to halides / HO T5's. Your coloration will vary a bit but you should be fine. You can see the same type of M.Digi's in my 2.5g 18w 50/50 PC look different in my 12g under 50k 150 HQI Iwasaki.
  3. Automatic Water Top-Off

    I use a variety of ATO systems which IMO are not really required on pico tanks providing you are willing to do the daily top off thing. However on SPS nano's and any tank where salinity spikes are undesireable ATO's are great. I use a DIY ATO on my 2.5g using the airpump mod that was posted up here a while back. On my 12g I use a dual float switch setup for safety - using a DIY floatswitch plus an Ultralife floatswitch. On my larger tanks I use the Tunze Osmolator 3155 which is one of the best ATO's you can buy - uses an optical sensor like the one posted above. http://www.tunze.com/149.html?&L=1&C=US&user_tunzeprod_pi1[predid]=-infoxunter036
  4. Elos Biotoups 2 controller

    Elos is a sponsor at RC - IMO their stuff is pretty nice. However for controllers I would go with the Aquacontroller III. Their stuff is pretty pricey but not as bad as Tunze complete tank systems. I looked into having an entire Elos system shipped to me and it was around $3k for the smaller tank system and that was without lights.
  5. Where do you buy your corals?

    I purchase a ton of stuff online for my larger tanks. The best one IMO is Liveaquaria. If you are looking for a specific rare coral then other vendors may be a better bet but for your standard trade corals they have the best shipping / warranty policy of all the vendors I've used. Here is an example of a nice Acopora Loripes I bought from them recently price was $33, part of their 3 of $99 special. Shipping was included and they have a 14 day warranty.

    Certain SPS mainly monti's and maybe some porites will do fine under PC's - I'm getting decent growth and lighter coloration under 18W 50/50 PC in my 2.5g. I tried a hardy Acropora Florida and it bleached within two weeks.
  7. office pico

    Fish has one of the best office pico's I've seen. It looks custom and glass.
  8. Bare Bone R/O units?

    Don't bother with the bare bones CTA RO units. For $100 you can get a 70/90 gpd RO/DI unit. I use http://www.thefilterguys.biz/index.htm for my replacement media - they also sell some decent RO/DI units not as cheap as the Ebay guys but they know their stuff and won't steer you wrong. Also - if you already have that Kent RO unit you can upgrade it to a high volume unit by replacing the RO membrane with a higher volume rating one and add in the appropriate sized flow restrictor. Just remember thats an RO unit only so will want to add in a DI canister to get your TDS to 0.
  9. 5g nano and .2g pico

    If you buy an Aquaclear HOB they are easy to modify to a fuge. It can probably be done with a Whisper also I just don't remember how much room it had in the back. I would run your 5g for a while to get a feel for the tank. As suggested a goby (neon, etc) would be the largest most would recommend. Also remember that once you add a fish your maintenance goes up.
  10. I think there are folks that have already done this on cubes. The Deltec MCE600 will also fit and that is what I would suggest if you don't mind the cost. Bear in mind you really don't need a skimmer on a small tank but if you are going to do all SPS or stock heavy it certainly helps. I have a Deltec MCE600 on my 12g nano and it works great.
  11. Platygyra Brain

    I only notice extension on mine at night. Also if you have any fish that nip in your tank that can cause corals to not extend.
  12. frogspawn fragging?

    I've done with my hands, snips and dremel. Dremel gives you the cleanest cut making it much easier to mount the frag on a piece of rubble rock.
  13. Lemnalia care

    They are one of the easier softies to take care of. I've had no issues with them even with SPS which are very sensitive in general to alleopathy. I have one in my 2.5g and its growing quite well. I don't feed it it derives the bulk of its food from light and probably a bit from the water column. One thing I have noticed that in my 2.5g it extends it polyps quite a bit versus in my larger systems under halides stays compact with little polyp extension.
  14. New custom nano log

    Thanks, I have two frogspawns next to the torch one to the left side and one to the front left. No issues although the current in this tank keeps the LPS from extending too far. I have LPS in close proximity in most of my tanks with good results with the exception of galaxia's which I have to isolate.
  15. [STOCK] melbourne

    Thanks - I plan on keeping the tank its almost no maintenance which is what I love about nano/pico tanks. I'm going to add my ATO back in now so I don't have to top off every day. It took a long time for the corralline to establish, curious to see how long it will take for the back wall to get covered. I'm almost positive if I had a thicker layer of sand/rubble I would have faster results for the wall. If there is another contest I may try another foam entry but improved Oh and the wall is standard Great Stuff foam with a thin layer of southdown playsand. I sculpted the foam before it cured and then put the sand on.