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  1. All healed and shot under T5s. CB Bubblegum Digi WWC Castells Banana Table Acro BC Boomberry Acro WWC Yellow Tips RR Aussie Gold Milka Pocillopora Neon Green Pocillopora 250$ Shipped or PickUp in Cary, NC.
  2. I was checking it this year, in NC the cost is around 1000$ to hook up the generator to the house.
  3. Very cool, I think this is the Acropora aculeus - Aussie Highlighter. 😉
  4. Hey! Nice to see you man, can't wait for more updates. 😍
  5. Thank you very much, I'm very happy to know that you like the content. We have also an article on the APEX. 😉 Welcome to the Hobby!
  6. I'm also receiving a generator on Friday; it's already shipped. After Florance, I want to have more protection from the disaster next time. 🙂
  7. Thank you guys, yes I like this device as well. But I agree with you that if you can buy Apex (which is much more expensive), I'd go with Apex. As it's saying in our review, we're positioning Seneye as a PAR meter first of all with some nice extra features. As we have the Apex we're using the Seneye only for adjusting the light intensity. But I like many features that its offer especially if you're traveling and you can see ammonia spikes or that your light didn't turn ON so you can call someone and ask to make the needed adjustments to avoid a disaster. In many cases, it's a cool device to have even if you upgrade to Apex later. 😉
  8. On a generator I'd run the Return Pump + Heater.
  9. Sorry to hear about. We were 4 hours without power, but each tank was with battery powered air stone all that time.
  10. Nice, I was looking at as well. But I have the acrylic lid so I won't be able to attach it to the tank borders. At this moment in summer my water temperature fluctuation is +1C. Rising during the day and dropping back during the night. I'm using a regular fan, but I need to find a way to point it to the water surface, it's just blowing the wind under the fixture at this moment. 🙂
  11. Thanks! Yes, we do this project together. 😉 I hope you like it.
  12. Got the batteries hehehe and ordered a generator to be more confident next time.
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