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  1. Hi! I am kind of new with the led and settings. I have a Red Sea Max Nano, 20g with the AI Prime HD. A lot of guys seam to go for the Saxby, AB+ or Pirates of the Caribbean. I tried all of them. The pirates is what I like the most. But then I came across a schedule who suppose to be from WWC. It is a lot of bleu. But again Jason Fox, swear by the blue. I only change the pick to be in the middle of the photo period and a bit of late night viewing. So what do you think? The second is from WWC.
  2. OK. Thanks both 😊 Did follow your advice clown and moved it.
  3. Hi! Picked few corals few weeks ago, but not to sure of their proper identifications.
  4. In this bar in Thailan, nobody wanted to do it. So after one hour and few gin tonic and getting bored to hear "I do it, I do it"...
  5. The more easy method is the estimative index from Tom Barr (Ei). You dose micro and macro nutriments in excess so the plants are happy. Then you make a big water change once a week to restore the parameters. It is that simple. And Amano Takashi was a big inspiration Rip. 😞
  6. Good point, I am more or less new to reefing. Now you make me think, I should clean my ATO pump and hose. Thanks you for that. And really nice nano by the way. I was following your journal about the clam. I really but really want one. I had one, 20 years ago. And that was my favourite animal in the tank. So now, I know, thanks to you. Don't go for the small one :). At that time wasn't any clam under 10cm. Same for coraux, frags didn't existe.
  7. Little update. No new live stock, apart red planaria... I don't know why because I diped every single corals. It is not so bad apart... Flatworm Exit is not available in Europe.... I can get Flatworm Stop but apparently it doesn't kill them. I don't think it is over feeding the problem. I feed the Fishes every other day and with a pipette (kind of spot feeding) same for the Acan and Duncan. Started with the Red Sea Reef Energy program a couples of weeks ago but about half the recommended dosages. The Magnesium was really hight 1600 and Calcium low 380. So the last few days I am dosing the Reef Fondation A from Red Sea. Today the Calcium was 440 and Magnesium 1560. But the KH jump to 9.8.... Will have to monitor those parameters. Got as well the Red Sea Color program. Didn't start it yet. But seriously what else Red Sea do, so I can buy it? lol. Anyway sorry no pictures. So let's go planted.... 🙂 First one a 40ltr and second 13ltr.
  8. I had the same problem with the return pump of the RSMN. Ended up to do the same, glue the impeller to the rotor. Really neat bluid by the way.
  9. What about the Tunze Comline filter? You can fit as well a heater and ATO in it. Wich in a 10g I think is cool, no equipment in display, just a black box in the corner.
  10. As Cannefish said, it is bacteria who feed on NO3 and PO4. And like Clown said, you need a skimmer. I can not compere to other carbon dosing methods. But the nopox is working. My PO4 are at 0 and NO3 5/10 (salifert). In 4.5 month I haven't seen any algae. The only issue I had with it, was some white flakes all over the aquarium. But was at the beginning, my NO3 was hight, my skimmer wasn't probably properly break-in and maybe I was a bit overdosing it.
  11. I use it, really like it. The reminder is as well cool.
  12. Thanks Euphylin me. I did the acclimation mode on the prime at 40%. So maybe the coral wasn't at it's best when it came or he was keeped under low light before. Really don't know.
  13. Hi! Time for an update of the tank. Things goes smoothly. The skimmer who was a bit to noisy got quieter and quieter. The ATO run good. The Aqua Medic T Controller TWIN combine with the fan is awesome. So équipement wise everything is running fine. The water parameters are as follows : Nitrate: 5ppm (Salifert) Phosphate: 0.01ppm (Salifert) Kh: 9 (Red Sea) Calcium: 400 ppm (Red Sea) Magnesium: 1440ppm (Red Sea) Salinity: 1.025 Temp: 25C I tried few cheap frags from an online saler just to check how the tank is doing. The birdnest got bleached in 2 days, but might be my fault (placed it to hight in the tank). Montipora plate and digitata are doing well. Montipora danae didn't do so well. Not sure if it is the light, saw few critters on it at night. They moved very fast when I put the flashlight. So the next day, I done a new dip and try to cup as maximum the rock it came with. Which ended in 2 frags. The other corals are doing well. So the test is kind of positive. I feel now more confortable to spend more on nicer corals. Did pickup a couple of ocellaris yesterday for my wife. Not really what I wanted but she really wanted some.. . Few phone photos.
  14. I use as well the Saxby one. You can download it from the AI website, wich I guess should be correct.
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