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  1. Well, I've been slacking... The lagoon is ok but I am changing direction with the 10g after a crash. I broke it down until fall/winter to figure out what I want to do with it.
  2. Hello, Heading to Quebec, Toronto, and Montreal tonight for a week. Any recommendations on "the best" LFS to browse at each city? Thanks in advance
  3. I'd rather be farther away TBH and it is a great place.... Also, their nem display tank is something else for sure. I am being pretty selective on what i buy at this point because i will have my hands full when mine grow out. But i look forward to finding a nice gem when i go in the next few days
  4. Life has me pretty tied up these days... But i am happy to report that the last blackout did the trick. I have slowly brought the lights back up and have been feeding every other night without water changes. The sand looks pristine... A WC will take place this weekend though. In other news, the female clown in the 10g killed her mate last week. Bummer. Disappointed and may trade her in after the holidays. I am done with clowns.
  5. Absolutely stunning. I have a very similar one but without the purple around the mouth. It is still quarter size though. Need to stop by vip reef again this week to get me a xmas nem
  6. Blackout #2 complete. All inhabitants look good (except a gorg) and finally had Thanksgiving dinner.
  7. Here is a 1995 mustang gt i had picked up as a project car some time back. It needs some tlc but its running ok. My son gets his restricted permit next week so who knows? . Fun times. Oh, the tank is on day 4 of 5 of blackout #2. If this does not work, i'll have some tough decisions to make...
  8. In the news... - the 10g is doing great - the lobo killed my two old rainbow acans before I could move them to the 10g. I got home from work and the water was all white. The zoas recovered but not the acans. Really bummed... - the dinos have come back so I am planning on another blackout. I will go +1 days every time I have to repeat I am now doing full time consulting so I am pretty busy... Need to decommission the cube this weekend to simplify. That was always part of the plan but planning and doing are two different animals
  9. I tend to prefer less symmetry in the aquascapes. #3 seems to be that at least for me.
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