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  1. Proudgeek

    Canada LFS recommendations

  2. Proudgeek

    Geek'S 25g IM Lagoon - total darkness

    Well, I've been slacking... The lagoon is ok but I am changing direction with the 10g after a crash. I broke it down until fall/winter to figure out what I want to do with it.
  3. Proudgeek

    Canada LFS recommendations

    Hello, Heading to Quebec, Toronto, and Montreal tonight for a week. Any recommendations on "the best" LFS to browse at each city? Thanks in advance
  4. Proudgeek

    Bloomin' Tank of GeNRosity

    I'd rather be farther away TBH and it is a great place.... Also, their nem display tank is something else for sure. I am being pretty selective on what i buy at this point because i will have my hands full when mine grow out. But i look forward to finding a nice gem when i go in the next few days
  5. Proudgeek

    Geek'S 25g IM Lagoon - total darkness

    Life has me pretty tied up these days... But i am happy to report that the last blackout did the trick. I have slowly brought the lights back up and have been feeding every other night without water changes. The sand looks pristine... A WC will take place this weekend though. In other news, the female clown in the 10g killed her mate last week. Bummer. Disappointed and may trade her in after the holidays. I am done with clowns.
  6. Proudgeek

    Bloomin' Tank of GeNRosity

    Absolutely stunning. I have a very similar one but without the purple around the mouth. It is still quarter size though. Need to stop by vip reef again this week to get me a xmas nem
  7. Proudgeek

    Bloomin' Tank of GeNRosity

    Super! Great news. Congrats.
  8. Proudgeek

    Geek'S 25g IM Lagoon - total darkness

    Blackout #2 complete. All inhabitants look good (except a gorg) and finally had Thanksgiving dinner.
  9. Proudgeek

    Geek'S 25g IM Lagoon - total darkness

    With a removable top!
  10. Proudgeek

    Geek'S 25g IM Lagoon - total darkness

    Here is a 1995 mustang gt i had picked up as a project car some time back. It needs some tlc but its running ok. My son gets his restricted permit next week so who knows? . Fun times. Oh, the tank is on day 4 of 5 of blackout #2. If this does not work, i'll have some tough decisions to make...
  11. Proudgeek

    Clownfish eggs

    RIP Finley
  12. Proudgeek

    Geek'S 25g IM Lagoon - total darkness

    In the news... - the 10g is doing great - the lobo killed my two old rainbow acans before I could move them to the 10g. I got home from work and the water was all white. The zoas recovered but not the acans. Really bummed... - the dinos have come back so I am planning on another blackout. I will go +1 days every time I have to repeat I am now doing full time consulting so I am pretty busy... Need to decommission the cube this weekend to simplify. That was always part of the plan but planning and doing are two different animals
  13. Proudgeek

    Aquascape for Fusion Lagoon Tell Me What You Think!

    I tend to prefer less symmetry in the aquascapes. #3 seems to be that at least for me.
  14. Proudgeek

    Cherokee's IM Fusion 25 Lagoon Update 1/26

    Great so far! Following.