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  1. My guess is still pipe organ . Here it is in my tank.
  2. Pipe Organ
  3. #2 this is a great Idea . My work around for this problem was leaving the red nut very loose, an o ring is a better solution.
  4. I have a gsp wall that is healthy , I also have a couple unhappy sections that looks just like your photo. the unhappy sections are from my bubble tip stinging it and where my crab picks at it for algae. So my guess would be something is irritating it ,
  5. I think I am at 18ml a night, spread out over the lights off period with a 5 min delay between ca and alk. get a hanna alk checker figure out what your tank uses and you should be good to go . maybe less chance of a malfunction. but way more labor intensive
  6. I have Sympodium and gsp. I think it looks like gsp when it is just starting to grow.
  7. I agree , Auto dosing makes life much easier. I just dose 2 part. Do you have a skimmer ? If not I would not dose nopox
  8. The pump is pretty silent. I run the air intake through a co2 scrubber which quieted the air in take down .
  9. NIce I have been wanting a clam also. WIll be following along to see how it works out.
  10. I have been using a kamoer dosing pump for six months now with no problems. If I had extra money I would have gone with the GHL
  11. I started 2 part dosing 6 months ago and ran into the same issue. You have several options.You could not dose for a day or two before and after water changes. You could slowly let it raise til it matches your freshly mixed saltwater . Or you can switch to a salt with ALK closer to what your tank runs at . I ended up switching to Red Sea Blue Bucket.
  12. I have been playing around with this idea. I used airstones with my chemiclean treatment. Since I had airstones around I thought I would try nanobubble scrubbing. The nanoscrubbing did not really work out for me, could not get small enough bubbles. So I have just been running the airstone at night with a co2 scrubber and have noticed that my skim mate seems to be increased and my my tank smells fresh in the morning also pod population seems increased, a little salt creep but not a big deal just thought I would share my anecdotal evidence.
  13. stand looks nice.
  14. Thanks ,My stock one seems to be slowing down, I Cleaned it still does not seem right. I will check out sicce
  15. Hello setup looks legit following. WHoa does someone around here have a Katapora colony? I would love a frag.