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  1. If you want to go the vase route ,IM hydrofil has an external pump so only a tube would have to go in the vase.
  2. Thanks,It is awesome. I am loving this hobby. Little dude ate some LRS this morning and went right back to work.Raising them sounds really interesting. Thanks for the link. I will start researching and if they keep spawning I might give it a try.
  3. I have a gyre xf130 in mine. I really like it. I run it at like 30 percent when it is clean. slows down as it gets dirty and I turn it up . The new controller looks alot nicer than the one I got.
  4. Can be kind of loud til they break in . I can't hear mine at all now.
  5. Tank does look nice. . Adding Spinstream returns might help with dead spots .I love mine.
  6. Cool thanks, That is what I guessed. I was just worried cause he normally eats like a pig.
  7. My clowns spawned for the first time a couple days ago. Since then the male clownfish is not eating is this normal?
  8. THANKS.One of the favorite parts of my tank.
  9. I am in Elgin and would love to buy some frags. I won't be around til next weekend though. I will PM you Friday and see what you have left.
  10. google Randy Holmes Farley.he has great articles on reef chemistry on several different sites .
  11. I would guess bad gauge. I gave mine a few taps and it works again.
  12. @Oceanbox Designs I would like to order a few of these . Didn't see them on your website.
  13. I am looking for a small quiet fan for my tank. Any suggestions? All the reviews are mixed and I hate buying junk. Current fan situation
  14. Yup,but you can for sure adjust things to make it like where you put it.