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  1. Jagadeesh's Elysian Gills

    Should calibrate refractometer with calibration fluid. Stay unburdened. Get a Milwaukee digital refractometer
  2. Algae reactor mush problem

    Hmm I run a reverse light cycle,so it happens when the lights are on. I cleaned the reactor and pump so flow is better. My plan is to go back to chaeto and test nitrate levels. If that doesn't work I will look into chelated iron and manganese
  3. Algae reactor mush problem

    Yeah my skimmer pulled way more gunk than normal but no harm to corals . I assume. Mush is almost clear, happenes quick overnight.
  4. Help me out, I have been running an algae reactor since Feb. chaetomorpha grows great. I remove a bunch every other week. After about two months it turns to mush. Replaced it same thing happened.. so I tried using grape calupera which grows in my tank, same deal grows great then turns to mush.grape calupera is fine in my display. Low flow in reactor?? Crappy led strips from marine depot? Or some element is depleted?
  5. Testing for Salinity in aquarium

    I have the Brs and Milwaukee. I prefer the milwaukee . My milwaukee has only given me wonky readings when the battery is low. Brs works fine if I calibrate it every time.
  6. The Yoda Build

    Microbubbles, or coral snow
  7. Clown Fish had Eggs!

    Cool, @seabass has a great thread about this I cant figure out how to put the link here. He also recommended this book to me and it is great.. Clownfishes by Joyce D Wilkerson
  8. If you build a custom sump I would look into other skimmers
  9. BRS Two Part Questions

    Question one.. yes it mixes clear... Question 2. I don't know the numbers but Brs has a calculator on there website that works well. @flatlandreefer Jinx owe me a coke
  10. Par numbers for 2 bulb t5

    I don't have numbers, but I run 4 bulbs over my 30 long 2 blu+ and 2 coral+and my sps are growing well
  11. McKinney0171's IM Nuvo Fusion 10 build

    Fragging frags nice. What sps did you order from battle corals? I have been thinking of ordering a grab bag from them. Got pictures of your frag rack?
  12. safe to re-add used Purigen bag?

    What if you just leave it out?
  13. I meant it was happening in your tank , your temp normal?
  14. Could it be this happening in your tank?