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  1. 2 rbtas and other corals that are doing great
  2. thanks. i am currently running the 5.5 oz bag and wondering if its overkill or detrimental to the corals...
  3. anyone running chemi pure blue on these tanks? if so how much? thanks
  4. Ok, but has anyone tried fitting it in the return section??
  5. anyone know if the sicce sincra 1.5 will fit in this tank?? thanks
  6. Yes the skimmer and mount will not fit together in the tank. I mounted it against the wall to give myself the option of the skimmer or something else in that middle chamber. Still no skimmer and no ill effects.
  7. I'm really going for a minimalistic tank with this build with the least amount of work. So I am not adding extra flow or a skimmer for now. Just using a dsb, live rock, and chemi pure blue for filtration. If I start to see ill effects I will add more flow or the skimmer. My weekly routine includes a water change and changing a filter pad...thats it. Time will tell but so far all the corals and percula pair are doing great.
  8. anyone run the ghost with the collection cup all the way down flush with the tank?
  9. Thanks! Loving the radion. I ended up mounting it on the wall so I could fit the skimmer. I thought I shielded the bta pretty well from the rest of the corals. Wasn't expecting him to split and move up the rock. I can always move around some corals if need be. More posts to come
  10. After 5 years in the hobby I figured it was time to start a tank thread. Had a IM Nuvo 30g for a couple years (pic below) and decided to downgrade to the IM 10g fusion. I transferred most of my livestock but sold a few larger items. Just transferred this past weekend so lost some color. Looking forward to the progression of this tank!  New Tank: Equipment: Fusion 10g Radion XR15W w/ RMS Neptune Apex Tunze Osmolator Nano ATO Tunze Silencer Return Pump (1073.008) 75w Neotherm Heater IM Caddy inTank Media Basket IM Spinstream  Livestock: True Percula Pair Rose Bubble Tip Anemone (split after the move) Snails  Aussie Blastomussa Aussie Blue Acan Assorted Ricordea Mushrooms Lord of Rings Zoas Raptor Rainbow Zoas Petroglyph Zoas Candy Apple Zoas Pink Zipper Zoas
  11. Great tank! What are the inside dimensions of the stand? Thanks
  12. love the tank! what kind and how much sand did you use?
  13. Love the tank. Thinking of getting the same one. What kind and how much sand did you use? Thanks!