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  1. How is RANCH DRESSING nobody's favorite condiment??? What is wrong with you all?!?
  2. cju84

    Starting new nano

    I like my Par 38 full spectrum 24W LED bulb from coral compulsion. Would fit well on your 8g. Also agree with Gunslinger on the fish. 2 fish is pushing it in an 8 gallon. If you're only getting some small gobies, that'd be doable with regular maintenance.
  3. cju84

    MP40 for Nuvo Fusion 20

    What corals are you planning on keeping? I had a jebao rw4 wavemaker and it was way too much flow for my IM 20 Fusion (keeping LPS/softies only). I just upgraded my return pump to a MJ1200 and avoided any PH/wavemaker in the tank.
  4. cju84

    Testing for Salinity in aquarium

    I don't keep SPS but I've only used a hydrometer in my tanks with zero issues. Read your instructions on your salt mix, measure the salt correctly for the gallons of water you're mixing and you should be good.
  5. cju84

    Reef safe glue for corals

    Just make sure it has cyanoacrylate.
  6. cju84

    Film on Water

    I had this issue once. When I did water changes for a month I only changed the water at the surface (I used a cup to collect this) and it went away on its own. Not sure what it even was.
  7. cju84

    Reef safe glue for corals

    Loctite super glue gel. They key is to put the glue directly on your frag/frag plate, then epoxy over that glue, then glue over the epoxy.
  8. cju84

    Beginner corals

    This. If you're asking these sorts of questions it's clear you haven't done your research. Read all of the beginner stickied threads in this forum and other forums, then research more, and more after that. Then get yourself a nice tank
  9. cju84

    Jazzmik's Fusion 20 Build

    No concern on the weight at all. I got the tank from a previous owner with the stand and he had it up for over a year. It's very sturdy with the middle support. I am liking the Nanobox Duo (with storm controller). This version only has blue/white lights and I typically run the blues at 70% and the whites at 35%. For flow, I upgraded the stock pump to a MJ1200 to avoid any powerheads/wavemakers in the tank.
  10. cju84

    Jazzmik's Fusion 20 Build

    That's a great tank and scape! We nearly have the exact same gear (I have the IM 20 Fusion as well) and the tank has been thriving thus far.
  11. cju84

    Lula Mae's "Jarden" of Enjoyment--dinos :(

    What about a large glass beer mug? Not sure if you're a beer girl but I haven't seen a beer mug pico reef yet.
  12. cju84

    Lula Mae's "Jarden" of Enjoyment--dinos :(

    I mean, I know you guys are friends and cordial, but this is about WINNING!!! I'm going to crawl back in my hole now as I have no stake in this beast
  13. cju84

    Lula Mae's "Jarden" of Enjoyment--dinos :(

    Y'all can't tell each other secrets!