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  1. Nice. Eheim's are the best. THe only issue I have ever had with the feeder is that it is a bit spotty on serving size....especially with pellets. It doesn't really matter since you just want to make sure they get SOME food while you're gone, but each turn is completely different from the one before it. Good idea on taping the little sliding door thing down. Smart to use the other timer to turn the pumps off. Should be a good set up.
  2. Well - I'm not too good at A) planning a stock list and resisting the urge to buy fish at the store whenever I go. So, it's going to be a mixed bag of fish and corals. I do know I am going to keep a pair of Naso tangs. I have a female in QT right now...she should be ready in a week or two. I'm doing a prazi treatment now just to keep things on the safe side. In the tank currently: -Clown (from bc29) -Long nose hawk (from bc29) -Corris Wrasse (From bc29) -Yellow tang -Red stripe hogfish -Large white tail tang. The white tail was a major impulse buy. I was at the store and I've seen this beautiful fish in a holding tank for the past two months just getting nice and fat. I felt bad it was stuck in this small tank so I got him for a good deal and he's been cruising the tank happily ever since. My future list: -Naso tang(s) -Blue tang -Copper banded butterfly -Blue Cheek Trigger (thinking this one over as I don't want any problems) -watanabe angel pair As far as corals - like the look of LPS corals more than SPS. Although I am going to try and accomplish a mixed reef with some of each, I'm definitely leaning more heavily on zoa, shrooms and a few bubble tips. I also really like rock flowers. So plenty of those. I'm hoping to get a clam or two in there. Of course all of these plans go out the window with each trip to the fish store. BUT - my plan is to QT everything now that there are other fish in there. So that will slow me down on dumb purchases.
  3. Hey, thanks! This was definitely a big undertaking...and it just got to be more and more as it went on. I've never run a sump so the plumbing alone took a good long while to sort out. One thing I've found to be true no matter how big the tank is - there is always more stuff to do/fix/buy/check/change/etc. It just never ends.
  4. Hi all - about 18 months ago I signed up on this site after purchasing a Biocube 29 as my first reef tank (after about 20yrs of african cichlids). I learned pretty much everything from asking y'all questions and sorting out what was right or wrong. I recently decided to upgrade - and even though this new tank isn't a nano, I thought it was fitting to share it here since I got so much knowledge from y'all. So - here it is...it's a 200g rimless. Thanks to everyone who answered all of my horrible, noob style questions.
  5. Absolutely should not be loud. The older model was quiet and the new qd's are even better. The options to run different setting is great. Hook it up to a controller and go to town. They're well worth it. But yeah, you can usually find one on sale
  6. bevo5

    Plumbing Advice

    Thanks y'all. Man those valves get pricey. Good thing I only need one. So my shopping list is: 10ft of schedule 40 pvc -1.5in 5ft of schedule 40 pvc - .75in 5ft of flexible pvc (anybody have a preference here?) - 1.5in 10ft of flexible pvc - .75in 1 giant true union valve - slip variety 1 heavy duty check valve for return - .75in PVC elbows to connect PVC to flex PVC PVC splitter for after check valve on return - .75in Probably some sort of heavier end on the bottom of flex pvc to keep them in sock PVC primer PVC glue Prayers. Am I missing anything?
  7. bevo5

    Plumbing Advice

    Thanks - is there a big difference between slip and thread? I'm assuming thread means I would need to connect another thread to the PVC - so two joints to worry about?
  8. I'm just getting the pieces together to plumb my new 200g. I've never done a sump system so I have some fairly basic questions. First off - it's a herbie system with two 1.5in drains and 2 .75in returns (that's what the bulkheads reduce the larger holes down to at least). My plan: -Two Drains: One connected to a true union gate valve. Can someone give me an idea of what the best option is here is? -They have to go to some flexible PVC to make the run to the socks. Best options here? -For the returns: One pipe off pump (Jabeo 12000) that has a valve on it to limit back flow (although sump is large enough to handle it all, I figure this is a good idea anyway). Then it will split into two lines for return. I guess I just want to know what the best equipment and options are for the PVC and valves. And then what you all suggest as far as primer/glue etc. And finally - any additional tips or learning? Thanks.
  9. Just missing the apex. Turns everything into a self sufficient little box of ocean. Once you have that you can control all sorts of fun things. And add on your Ato. Or rio the top the off and hang a radion or pendant over the top. That's a slick look and helps keep it cool. I have basically the exact same set up as you're making and it's fun. Enjoy it!
  10. What did you use as an ammonia source?
  11. Thanks y'all - the siphon back seems like the easiest thing to control given that you can raise your return bars etc. Add a check valve or drill a stop-siphon hole. Then it's just a matter of making sure the two drain lines stay open - which seems like a regular maintenance kind of thing anyway. I mean, if I don't check those two tubes for 6 months and they clog up then it's kind of my fault.
  12. Hey all - thanks for the replies. Throughout the 20+ years I've kept aquariums I have always overcomplicated everything, so that advice rings true. Just so many people seem concerned with the possibility of the sump overflowing the tank for some reason...so I figured most people took these similar steps. But if that's just another complication I'm adding then I'll skip it. What else can you do with this APEX breakout box? Can I add leak detectors to it, or do I need to purchase the leak detector module from apex?
  13. So I'm setting up my first system with a sump and I'm trying to sort out the best way to protect against the inevitable flood. I'm getting the tank custom made - 80x24x24 (I know, not a nano but same rules of physics apply). They are putting in a herbie system with two 1.5in drains. I was thinking I'd want the bean animal but after talking with a lot of people it seems the herbie is quiet, safe and pretty easy - which is the key for me. As far as I can tell there are two ways for this thing to flood. One - sump overflows if pump turns off. To mitigate that issue I'm getting an 85g sump. It should be able to handle the powered-off water level just fine right? The other area of concern is the blocked drains. I'm going to push about 1500gph and things I'm finding online say a 1.5in tube can handle about that. So for a crazy emergency to happen I'd have to have one tube completely blocked and the other partially blocked. Here's what I want to do.... -Set up a float valve in the sump to trigger if the water level gets too low. That should work right? I've got the APEX breakout box and I'm thinking I'll just toss a float valve in there a few inches below the normal water level and if the water drains lower I turn off the pumps and skimmer etc. For the float switch - is "On" mean it's under the water level or below? So it would be something like If float switch is on - pump on If float switch is off - pump off.
  14. Name says it all - anybody been running these DC pumps for a while? I'm looking at getting the 9000, but I'm skeptical of the brand and quality. Thanks.
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