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  1. $175 shipped. Sorry I forgot. $300 for you.
  2. NEW: Leak Detection Kit (LDK) from Neptune Systems

    What is new about this? The ALD is the EXACT same thing for less money......
  3. Wireless MP10 quiet drive. February 2015 build date. Works great. Will toss in a refractometer and maybe a few small frag racks if they fit in the box. I can send a picture of the MP10 if you pm me with your number.
  4. do you still have the mp10 for sale?

  5. Wireless MP10 Quiet Drive. In great shape. $175 shipped USPS Priority. Can ship same day as payment. 150w Neotherm $30 shipped.
  6. Light is sold! Still left.. 1 MP10 MP10 wet side DOS WXM Both Cobalt Heaters Break Out Box Both Apex Head Units Apex Display
  7. PM 1 and PM2 and probe sold!
  8. Price drop on the ATI/Nanobox.
  9. I am no longer in Seattle unfortunately. This sale is a go. I'm selling everything off.
  10. Sorry but it isn't worth the effort. It is the Quiet Drive.
  11. 36” Dimmable ATI with nanobox retro. This is a 39x6 unit with 2 bulbs removed and 6 nano box arrays added. The remaining 4 bulbs are dimmable using the ATI controller built into the unit while the 6 nano box arrays are controlled by the bluefish mini. All bulbs are 4 months old. But they could be used another year easily as they only ran 3 hours a day. I also have atleast 3 other brand new bulbs and all the parts to make it a stock ATI again. Light has one or two SMALL dents in the top that are not very noticeable. Light is in very good shape. $800 shipped. 3 MP10wES Quiet Drives. Atleast 2 years old. Maybe 3. I don’t remember the dates but can confirm them tomorrow. 2 are in perfect shape. One dryside has a sticky residue on it but it works perfectly. All units are as loud as any other MP10 quiet drive. So not loud in my opinion at all. $175 shipped each for the 2. $150 for the sticky one. 2 Apex full head units. These are the units with the variable dimming ports and PH and ORP. Both orange label. $190 each. Apex PM1 black label $60 each have 2. Apex Display. Blue screen. $60 Apex PM2 Orange label with salinity probe $120 Apex EB8. 2 Orange labels. 1 black label. $130 each for the orange and $110 for the black. WXM Orange Label $100 Apex DOS. $220 shipped. 1 new PH Probe. 1 Used PH Probe. 2 Temp probes. $50. All probes stored wet as required Spectrapure UPLCII ATO The best ATO on the market by a long shot. Rock solid salinity. $160 Curve 5 skimmer. $110 shipped. Trigger Systems Ruby 30 sump. Had to cut a piece of the plumbing holder and one of the baffles was cracked and repaired. Neither of these affect the operation and cutting the plumbing holder actually makes it much easier to run your plumbing to the filter socks. $225 shipped. All items are sold as is. Shipping is included in all prices. Small items will be USPS Priority in almost all cases. Large items such as the light and sump will be shipped whatever is cheapest. All items will be shipped with insurance to the price you paid. Not a penny more unless you request additional insurance at $3 per $50. All equipment is fully functional and I have described any defects that I am aware of. I will post pictures tomorrow. Everything is boxed up and I am staying somewhere without very good internet to upload pictures. I am more than willing to text pictures to those interested parties of things I have current pictures of. My response time might be kind of slow for the first few days as I am EXTREMELY busy at work. Priority will go to people who want to buy multiple items. I have piles of other stuff too. 2 brand new 8oz reef roids, heaters, powerheads, all sorts of stuff. I'll dig through all that in the next few weeks and get a good list.
  12. Braaap's Reef - New pics page 18 2/5/17

    Took a job out of state and will be moving next week. Hopefully a slight upgrade in 10-12 months once my training is complete. No bad seam. Although it wouldn't surprise me. Eric makes some crappy tanks. Moving next week. Hopefully I'll be getting a ReefSavy in 10-12 months. Moving.