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  1. I am selling my IM Fusion 10 setup. I just haven't had time to keep up with it, and although it has been a great run, its time to pull the chute. I am in Southern CA, and I would prefer to sell everything as one unit, but I will part it out if I have to. So here is what I have available: -IM Fusion 10 with stock return pump -InTank Media Basket -Custom center section fuge basket -Custom fuge light -Hydor Koralia 240 powerhead -Eheim Jager 50W heater -Black AI Prime with mount -Coral Compulsion 14W Par 30 18K Vibrance LED Bulb -Tunze Osmolator Nano -Small powerhead for mixing salt water -Magnetic glass scraper -Glass thermometer -Salifert KH/Alk test kit (about 80% left) -Salifert Calcium test kit (about 80% left) -Hanna low level Phosphate test kit and colorimeter -ATC Refractometer -B-Ionic 1 and 2 Calcium Buffer system (about 80% left. 32oz each) -Polyp Lab Reef Roids 2oz jar (basically full) Make me an offer for the whole thing, or individual pieces. If you are going to ask for shipping, please include your zip code. Please no low balling. Thanks!
  2. Added Begow's and Fishstiks' builds. Welcome to the club you two! The tanks are all looking great!
  3. So I started an IM Fusion 10 gallon 2 weeks ago. Started with 6-7 lbs live rock and Caribsea live sand bed ~1" deep and filter floss. I have been dosing ammonia and using microbacter 7. So I keep seeing my ammonia disappear, but nitrite test shows 0 and nitrates are on the rise. Where is the ammonia going without moving through nitrites?
  4. I added this and another to the build threads. Keep em coming. Also, keep the equipment suggestions coming. Thanks all!
  5. Yeah, because the overflow has that little lip on it, it would be impossible to put it in the chamber.
  6. Wish granted. Here is the back of my tank with the InTank Media Basket and my Obeythefro Refugium Basket. More pics to come once I make a cool light. http://s9.photobucket.com/user/ericschwartz3/media/DSC01257_zps92c9fea3.jpg.html'>
  7. Oooooohhhh!!! Looking forward to a review on this light as I am still torn between this and the nanobox.
  8. Ok, I think I figured it out. It appears to go behind the media basket to ensure that it does not move away from the overflow.
  9. My InTank media basket arrived today, 2 days earlier than expected! Thank you USPS! Now go fix your subpar tracking system. This thing is beautiful! They really do great work! But can anyone fill me in on what this little foot looking thing is for?
  10. Thanks! We will see how it works. It fits the chamber pretty well, now I just need to make the perfect low profile chaeto grow light for the back.
  11. Wow, that is quite the collection of penguin paraphernalia. This tank is awesome! Where did you get your rics? They are beautiful!
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