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  1. Welcome to the Innovative Marine Fusion Nano 10 Gallon club! This thread will hopefully serve as a home base for all things IM Fusion 10 including build thread links, DIY, upgrades, fixes, and information sharing. The IM Fusion 10, although a relatively new platform, is quicly gaining momentum. Every day we see more and more people choose to start their reefs with this tank, and it is no mystery why. It is a sleek and modern package with good build quality, a great price, and a perfect display volume. If you would like your build thread, DIY, upgrade, fix, or other Fusion 10 related article up on the main page, shoot me a PM and I will put it up. Thanks everybody, and happy reefing! Build Threads: R0DD saltyskier TeenyReef en28so davidncbrown obeythefro kylhcky benjho tibbsy07 Spiderguardnano snowprince Wretched joem1cha3l zamboni200000 Begow Fishstiks Upgrades: ( **= must have) Filtration: InTank Nuvo Media Basket** Definitely one of the first upgades that should be done PicO SkiM 2.0 Innovative Marine SkimMate Ghost Desktop Skimmer Flow: Innovative Marine Spin Stream Nozzle VorTech MP10 Powerhead Jebao WP10 Powerhead Hydor Koralia 240 Powerhead Lighting: Nanobox Mini Tide/Flare Kessil A150 Maxspect Celestial Coral Compulsion Par 30 LED Bulb Water Maintenance: Tunze 3152 Osmolator Nano Tunze 3155 Osmolator Hydor Smart Level DIY: TeenyReef's DIY Fuge Light