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  1. canoman

    20 gallon long lighting

    I’m reading up and Watching videos of people successfully growing sps. I think I found a winner!
  2. canoman

    20 gallon long lighting

    A Kessil ap700 looks nice too. What do u guys think about coverage on the 20l?
  3. canoman

    20 gallon long lighting

  4. canoman

    20 gallon long lighting

    Just saw at my LFS a aquatic life hybrid t5 with a hydra 26. What an amazing combo. It was over a fusion 20 with mix lps and sps setup. The employee said it do well over a 20l tank
  5. Beautiful tank and pics. Im setting the same tank up soon. Which current light is that? Your sps look awesome. i was reading that 2 orbit light are needed fo 20l tanks but it could have been bad info clearly. Ur sps growth is amazing!
  6. canoman

    20 gallon long lighting

    Kessil 160we is something I’m leaning towards. Can sps be housed with 2 Kessils?
  7. canoman

    20 gallon long lighting

    The light is perfect but since i live in Canada the $$$ conversion is a little too much. Many other suggestions?
  8. canoman

    20 gallon long lighting

    Just finishing up my 20l reef tank and will be transferring over my livestock soon. Im stuck on lighting and need some help. Reading through some previous threads i couldnt find the info i needed. so here we go. My lighting setups could possibly be the following 2 xr15 pros 2 hydra 26's 2 kessil 160we maxspect rsx 150w nanobox reef quad My lfs carries all the above except for nanobox of course. I have the retro on my biocube and i know the quality of light but i cant wait 2-3 weeks for one. These are the lights i want to stick with so whats does everybody suggest ????
  9. canoman

    ATI 4 bulb retrofit

    How high do you have the light fixture?
  10. canoman

    ATI 4 bulb retrofit

    So basically I am to remove 2 bulbs and install the retro in the fixture? Is 24” good enough for a 20l?
  11. canoman

    ATI 4 bulb retrofit

    A friend is selling a 24” 4 bulb ATI fixture for cheap. I have a biocube 32 nanobox retro kit which I’m removing because I’m selling the tank. I’m working on a 20l setup and was wondering if it’s worth removing 2 bulbs and retro Fitting the nanobox? Is it worth it?
  12. canoman

    Light ideas for 33g long

    I’m looking at a aqueon 33g long tank. I want to stay with LEDs in this future setup. Want to go with either nanobox or EcoTech but I’m leaning towards nanobox because I have a retro in my biocube and loving it. The tank is 48x12x13 I believe so what do u guys suggest?
  13. canoman

    Large Retro plus confusion was

    Yeah I contacted Dave but I’m sure he’s a busy guy. Dave fixed the settings for me but my son was playing with my iPad and screwed everything up. Now I don’t remember what the settings were like but I think he changed the moonlight to mint.
  14. Maybe someone here can help with this one. I bought a Retro fit for my 32 biocube from intank. It says 4 channel dimming but on bluefish it shows moonlight channel. When I up the % on the moonlight bar and 0% on the other channels my tank turns a greenish color. Do I have mint or....? Thanks
  15. canoman

    Canomans 32 Biocube journey

    Been a long while since I posted . I upgraded to the nanobox retro kit. I had a 2LF reactor laying around so I decided to install it. It’s a lps, softy for now but I will be selling the toadstool to make room. I have 1 sps frag in the back and it’s doin fine. Polyp extensions and has coloured up great.