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  1. I think this is the step I’m going to take.
  2. The only coral that is not happy is my tyree toadstool. It’s been days since it’s opened up. Usually right after a water change it closes up but My green devils hand looks happy and my other lps and sps too.
  3. Microbubbles in the display isn’t very nice to look at in my opinion
  4. 1st skimmer i tried was the ghost skimmer and I got sick of the micro bubbles. I’ve even tried the new nuvoskim dc skimmer but again I found it too loud. So I’m skimmerless for now till something new comes out. Just sticking to weekly 5g water changes
  5. Hey guys, I have a IM 25 lagoon which I am using 2 intank media baskets and 2 intank fuge baskets filled with chaeto. I’m not running any skimmers, just doing 5g water changes weekly. Po4 and No3 are pretty much undetectable. Am I using too much chaeto? I’m pruning every2 weeks so I must be doing something right. My lfs suggested I dose VIBRANT REFINE NITRATE & PHOSPHATE balance. Apparently this stuff is adding No3 to the system. Any suggestions
  6. Not sure about the eshopps but the icecap was way too loud that after complaints from the wife i sold it. I have a heavy bio load and never gone past the tea color skimmate.
  7. I’m still using the stock pump
  8. Thought I’d post my lagoon Lights: AI hydra 26 HD Flow: Ecotech MP10w return pump: stock for now 2x Intank media baskets with floss and chemipure 2x Intank fuge baskets with chaeto 2x IM chaetomax lights ATO: xpaqua duetto I’m great success growing chaeto. Working so well I’m dosing nitrate in my tank.
  9. What’s happening is when the sensor is triggered water fills the chamber, it reaches the level I set the sensor to.Then 10 to 15 seconds later it activates again filling chamber passing the secondary sensor. I’m using the stock return pump and 2 intake media baskets with intank floss and 2 refugiums with Chaetomorpha. I’m trying to figure out why it pumps the water back to display tank faster than it fills the chamber
  10. I can’t keep this ato from filling over past 2nd sensor. I have a IM 25 lagoon with sensor in the return chamber. My rear waterline is 1” below the baffles. I keep the sensor to that waterline but keep coming home to the water level up the the top of the baffles. My salinity is starting drop constantly. I’ve tried everything to correct it but no luck. My lfs is willing to replace the unit but I think I’ll pass.
  11. Thanks for the advise guys. I’ll do a food change and go on from there. So if my clownfish get some parasite, why have t my other fish get infected?
  12. I believe my lfs gets there designer clownfish from ORA. To be honest the clown was more of a bully than the wrasse. As for poop, I never seen anything different than regular. I feed mysis, and spirulina brine shrimp
  13. I decided to post this since I cant figure out why I can’t keep clowns alive. They all start great, eating like pigs and hosting. Then 2-3 months in they don’t eat and look very skinny. The latest one I have now is a blizzard clownfish which has lasted 5 months. Just started rejecting all food and the stomach looks like it’s caving in. My tank is 18months old and I still have my lawnmower blennie, blue sapphir damsel and 6 line wrasse. They all eat like pigs and are pretty much healthy. What am I doing wrong?
  14. I hope I didn’t sound like I was bashing your product. I love the ato it’s just that one issue. I have the sensor 1” below the return section baffle and a the QST alarm goes off the water level is above the baffles. This happens often now. Does It sound like the sensor needs to be exchanged?
  15. I’m using the duetto on my fusion 25. Been 3 months already and it was doing fine but now am having issues with the water passing the secondary sensor. My lfs was told by Xp Aqua that I need to clean the sensor which I have been doing for the past couple of weeks. Only way to fix the issue so far is to unplug/plug it. Apparently that’s how it gets reset. Either than that it worked great. If it overflows one more time it’s going back to the lfs for warranty replacement