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  1. Wow that video is great!! What are you filming with? I'm excited to see the stand up and running. I've pondered about making an actual stand as well to hide equipment. Who thought these little tanks needed so much haha ?‍♂️
  2. My friend lent me her DSLR, so time for photodump. These were taken with a kessil a160, while my nanobox gets repaired. Should be back tomorrow though! This little light pack a punch. At 65% intensity, I noticed bleach tips and lowered it to 55%, and getting better growth then before. Still like the nanobox better though. The LEDs were pretty old, so I think when I get it back, it will be outrageously bright. These photos were taken on manual dslr, and post edited on lightroom to correct white balance and sharpen. It was my first time doing this, but I feel like the photos reflect what I am actually seeing. Freshly cut piece on the right. It should turn into something nice 🙂 . Making a comeback!
  3. Looks like it's just expelling some waste, but I have only had one frogspawn in my life. I remember it would look like that from time to time.
  4. ADA has a solid line of smaller aquariums. I run mine with alot of equipment, but check out Utahpico's 5.5. All he runs is a heater, 12w grow light, and a powerhead. He has fantastic growth with corals, and 2 fish!
  5. Tank is looking great!! You should check out reef monsters. Loads of cool lps there. Also Ben Aronawitz (BSA corals) lives in the valley; best selection of corals in the Phoenix area. You should mount the euphylia on the rocks!! It's gonna be so awesome to see it fill in.
  6. Hmm, I think perhaps if you find a fitting that will allow you to add a 3 way connector kind of like this pvc fitting. But instead something that will allow you to make the output pipe have a larger diameter to account for the diameter of intake + diameter of ATO piping.
  7. IMG_0513 by Barista Bob, on Flickr KH 8.4 Ca 450 Mg 1320 NO3 ~7 PO4 - undetectable Well, I think it is time to let everything grow in. It's time to go back to school so it's kind of perfect timing. Colors seem to still be blowing my mind everyday. Growth is pretty noticeable as well. Time for pictures! Pink Passion IMG_0494 by Barista Bob, on Flickr IMG_0509 (2) by Barista Bob, on Flickr No Name IMG_0495 by Barista Bob, on Flickr No name Rainbow IMG_0496 by Barista Bob, on Flickr IMG_0510 (2) by Barista Bob, on Flickr Joe the coral IMG_0497 by Barista Bob, on Flickr IMG_0505 by Barista Bob, on Flickr No name $10 & $5 frags IMG_0506 (2) by Barista Bob, on Flickr The bottom one was actually a tiny bleached out piece at the bottom of the $75 frag section where they keep all the ORA coral. Its growth structure and pattern leads me to believe its some kind of valida. I hope its the tricolor!
  8. Oh, I actually keep chemipure blue and filterfloss. The floss gets changed every couple days. I do baste the rocks to get any waste picked up. I feed the fish 2x per day to keep steady fresh nutrients vs decaying nutrients which IMO is healthier option instead of feeding coral foods. The HOB is an Azoo. They are popular for nano planted tanks.
  9. Looking good 😎. I love the fritz rpm. Always easier to fix low KH vs high KH.
  10. You're making me want an army of them. Please stop!!! Hahaha. They look very happy 🙂 .
  11. Thanks Dave. I'm sure once they finish bulk mode, outward extension will be great.
  12. I ordered the tank from Aquaforestaquariums; The only shop in town that carried them was Aquatouch, but they unfortunately closed down. I took the aq20 off for aesthetic reasons, the mp10 provides more than enough surface agitation to keep the surface free from film. The smaller HOB is actually much easier to maintain and less of an eyesore. I'm just using a small amount of superglue. I feel like its a super solid base, and the corals tend to encrust over it in a few days.
  13. Welcome to Phoenix!! I'm sure you are enjoying the 115 degree weather hahaha. I would wait a few more days on the cycle, just to be safe. Kona Reef has some reef stew for sale that will really seed your tank. I think it is delivered fresh on tuesdays. Its important to get it fresh because I hear that the pods eat each other or something. The aquascape looks really good. It will be fun to watch this progress.
  14. It's been a couple weeks since I've updated my journal, and I have some pretty cool things to share. I really enjoy keeping this tank. It is so satisfying to watch these animals grow and observe polyp extension, color changes, and growth patterns. It has finally put a sense of stability into my life. It took me awhile to get the hang of things, but now for less then 15 minutes of work a day, I get hours of fascination. The Acropora are doing extremely well. I have noticed that with the water flow I am giving them, they are starting to really thicken their bases. I can observe this directly with the ORA joe the coral. It has started to develop deep purple bases and deep purple tips. I am surprised because I thought it was supposed to have light blue growth. I think the perhaps my stable nitrate levels (around 5ppm) have an effect that allows the colors to be much deeper. I took pretty much everything that wasn't an acro or cap out and traded for store credit. They just don't interest me. Time for pictures!!! Pink Passion (not so pink anymore 🙂 ) IMG_0396 by Barista Bob Serendipity: I cant believe the amount of growth and color I'm getting. IMG_0397 by Barista Bob Wild caught rainbow. Dark green polyps and out of this world color IMG_0398 by Barista Bob Not sure but polup extension is nuts IMG_0399 by Barista Bob ORA joe the coral IMG_0400 by Barista Bob, on Flickr Thanks for looking.
  15. Awesome! It looks great now. Glad to see the corals are looking healthy again.