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  1. It's been about two weeks since my last update. I've added A cleanup crew from John, a serpent star, 2 Wyoming White clowns and 2 random zoa frags. Everything seems to be doing good except for the one zoa frag hasn't opened since the last water change. The other zoa frag is perfect. I've tested temp, salinity, ph, ammonia, nitrites and nitrates and everything is good so I'm not sure what's up with them.
  2. It's about that time :). 0 Ammonia 0 Nitrite and about 5ppm Nitrate
  3. That's what I'm currently using on my 25 lagoon and it keeps the temperature steady
  4. Thank you! Dont let looks fool you shes a wild thing. Yeah I changed it around a little bit. Now I have some lower spots I can put coral pretty happy with how its looking. Im going to guess it should be cycled by next week :).
  5. there's nothing in the tank and she's already curious ?
  6. Yes thank you for that. I'm still not happy with it. I kind of feel like I want to do some type of island scape. Just haven't been home all weekend. I work until 8 tonight so I'm going to try and figure it out between dinner and Game of Thrones
  7. That's the same method I'm doing. My birthday is August 21st. So I'm hoping it's done by then so I can treat myself to something nice ! I think I'm going to take out those back 2"extra" rocks that aren't part of the bridge. Kinda just put them back there because I wanted to use all my rocks lol
  8. -Just a little update- My living room and kitchen smell like a dead fish. Girlfriend is not happy lol. I guess its time to take the shrimp out of the tank
  9. Following along. Love that a lot of people on this site are going with the Lagoon :)! Mine should be cycled in a few weeks.
  10. On my way up to the Indians Vs Yankees game figured I'd upload a few pics. Moved the rocks back and added a raw shrimp
  11. I will probably get something to secure them. I was just so excited to get the tank wet I just put a scape together and left it. Wasnt even sure if thats the scape I wanted to keep.
  12. I can angle it or move them back a few inches. If I remember correctly I have about 4 inches or so to just move the rocks directly back so they arent so close to the front glass. Ill check when I get home. Rockscaping is always such a hard decision.