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  1. How about $60 for skimmer and $40 for the light?
  2. I’m looking to get $70 shipped. This is one year old and in perfect working condition. Also have a PAR 30 LED running 6 Cree 3 watt Blue and 1 Cree 3 watt white. Gives a 20k look I believe it was a coral compulsion bulb based on the receipt I found and is 1 year old and works great. Asking $50 shipped for the light.
  3. Those are 1 watt LED's which are only going to be good enough for some soft corals. Not enough light for an anenome in my opinion. I would also look into PAR 38 bulbs or another fixture with 3 watt LED. This hobby is addictive and in my opinion you would be looking for an upgrade from this fixture in the future.
  4. JBJ makes a good auto top off system. I have one on my Nuvo 8 gallon and they are the best purchase you could make for a small tank. You will also need to purchase a pump like a Tom aqua lifter to go with the ato. I also own an ATO from autotopoff.com and it works well. A little cheaper then then the JBJ.
  5. Almost positive it's a R. Yuma
  6. DAB


    Pm sent on skimmer
  7. Just and idea but have you thought about ditching the stock filter chamber. I ended up putting cheato in the first chamber with a small submersible 10watt halogen light for growth. I then hung a bag mixed with carbon and rowaphos in the last chamber. I have my heater in the second chamber just like you. I don't know if you have the the light fixture from boostled, but it has some white plastic screws that are perfect to hang the bag from right where the water flows to the last chamber. I have the exact same set up as you except I have an ocreef par38 bulb.
  8. Still Available, some interest but nobody has bought it yet
  9. Been used for about 3 months looking for $55 shipped. In great condition and comes with 60 degree optics, 2 Royal Blue, 1 Blue, 1 Cool White, and 1 Neutral White. Here is the link to their site. http://www.boostled.com/collections/par30-...ar30-reef-lamps
  10. Two small fish in a ten gallon is fine in my opinion
  11. Fixture is basically brand new. It has been used for a week and works great. Just going in a different direction with lighting. Looking for $65 shipped. These are $100 brand new. The new stylishly slim aluminum arm is sure to turn heads with itslow 3mm thickness and robust light output. The perfect choice for any rimless aquarium with a thickness of 9mm or less and offered with daylight and moonlighting LEDs in a space saving form factor for pure minimalism. Each clamp boasts powerful light output in a 8 watt version for pico and nano tanks with power cord channel and independent power cords for timer usage. FEATURES 8 watt Skkye Light Clamp LED llumination Daylight and Moonlight Aluminum Arm Rimless Clamp (up to 9mm) thickness Independent Power Cords Low Voltage Transformer Modern Design Low Profile http://www.innovative-marine.com/skkye-lig...watt-black.html