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  1. How about $60 for skimmer and $40 for the light?
  2. I’m looking to get $70 shipped. This is one year old and in perfect working condition. Also have a PAR 30 LED running 6 Cree 3 watt Blue and 1 Cree 3 watt white. Gives a 20k look I believe it was a coral compulsion bulb based on the receipt I found and is 1 year old and works great. Asking $50 shipped for the light.
  3. DAB

    Worth buying?

    Light would need to be upgraded to something like a Par30 or Par38 bulb if you wanted to keep coral. Looks some what like the innovative marine rimless tanks you can buy in the U.S. I have one of the 8 gal models and replaced the light with a par 38 bulb.
  4. I've had emerald crabs that would try to eat polyps. I ended up taking him out even though it might have not been a great deal of damage.
  5. DAB

    found what was eating zoas

    Are you sure the bristle worm is the culprit? I have reef tanks for many years and have never seen a bristle worm eating zoanthids. More likely culprit in my opinion would be zoanthid eating nudibranch. They are very hard to see as they will change color to match your zoanthids.
  6. DAB

    Recommended CUC for 20L

    Nothing beats turbo snails for algae clean up. I would throw another two in there if I were you. Maybe a couple more hermits as well.
  7. DAB

    Help with ID and path forward on rescued SPS!

    The top coral is commonly referred to us a war coral. Not sure on scientific name. Should end up being a red and gray combo. Mine also has glowing green eyes. Pretty easy lps to grow.
  8. DAB


    Those are 1 watt LED's which are only going to be good enough for some soft corals. Not enough light for an anenome in my opinion. I would also look into PAR 38 bulbs or another fixture with 3 watt LED. This hobby is addictive and in my opinion you would be looking for an upgrade from this fixture in the future.
  9. DAB

    Can't keep salinity stable in 8 gallon tank

    JBJ makes a good auto top off system. I have one on my Nuvo 8 gallon and they are the best purchase you could make for a small tank. You will also need to purchase a pump like a Tom aqua lifter to go with the ato. I also own an ATO from autotopoff.com and it works well. A little cheaper then then the JBJ.
  10. DAB

    Yuma, Ric, Rhod?

    Almost positive it's a R. Yuma
  11. DAB


    Pm sent on skimmer
  12. DAB

    MB's IM Nuvo Nano 8

    Just and idea but have you thought about ditching the stock filter chamber. I ended up putting cheato in the first chamber with a small submersible 10watt halogen light for growth. I then hung a bag mixed with carbon and rowaphos in the last chamber. I have my heater in the second chamber just like you. I don't know if you have the the light fixture from boostled, but it has some white plastic screws that are perfect to hang the bag from right where the water flows to the last chamber. I have the exact same set up as you except I have an ocreef par38 bulb.
  13. Still Available, some interest but nobody has bought it yet