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  1. Genie382

    Dinos! Oh no!

    I did too 😭. I got the pistol to pair w the shrimp mudering goby. I hear they can get fiesty when mature, I’d say that’s true in my tank. He’s the meanest fish in the tank (and I have 2 clowns!) The fire shrimp is still MIA. I wonder if it’s unrelated to the Dinos tho, I have a small glass shrimp and Pom Pom crab that are still going strong and I don’t appear to have lost any snails... In regards to the Dinos, none have reappeared so far. Have some whitish algae on the glass but no slimey, stringy brown stuff so far. Unsure of when I can declare an official victory but I plan to up the photoperiod to 8 hours tomorrow, so we’ll see!
  2. Genie382

    Dinos! Oh no!

    Yah, I typically feed coral frenzy twice a week and every other day I’ll feed the fish. I’ve bumped it up to once daily feeding. The fish seem happy at least. First big loss to the tank (I am not counting the candy cane pistol shrimp that my watchman inhaled as a tasty treat when I introduced it to the tank), my fire shrimp had gone missing. He’s been in the tank for about 2 months. Don’t know if it had anything to do w the dino’s (My glass shrimp is fine), but he had been hiding more a few days before the blackout. I figured he was molting. I guess not. Yes, it was with base rock and live sand (Carib Fiji pink)
  3. Genie382

    Daniel's Nano Setup - Need Tips/Tricks

    Welcome to hobby! I have a 14 gallon Nuvo and love it. It’s the perfect size for quick maintanence and monitoring. I say just just have a good cleaning and water change schedule, start out with the best equipment you can afford (seriously, it may seem more economical to start off with trying to get something cheaper but you’ll end up wanting to upgrade eventually), don’t over stock and quarantine. Oh and the next bit of equipment I would recommend is an ATO, esp if you travel a lot.
  4. Genie382

    Dinos! Oh no!

    So just a quick update. Did the three day black out. I had to resort to cutting up a cardboard box as we didn't have a single black garbage bag in the house. Kept on all the equipment (except for the light), but evidently, the light from a Smart Micro ATO is enough to encourage these buggers to grow 😓. So, that had to be shut off a day after the black out began. It's been about 24 hours since I uncovered the tank, I've reduced my photoperiod to about 4 hours. I plan on ramping it back up slowly by an hour a week (depending on how happy my tank inhabitants are). I've also been switching out my filter floss daily and added in a culture of phyto and copepods to the tank as well. So far none spotted, but it's too soon to tell. Fingers cross. Oh and in case any one was curious my current tank parameters are: pH: 8.1 Temp: 78 Salinity-1.024 Ammonia-0 Nitrite- <0.01 Nitrate-<0.01 Alkalinity 3 (?!)- not sure I trust this, I was struggling with the test, will retest at the local fish store later. I need to pick up a phosphate test kit (I know, I know), but perhaps my tank is a bit too clean. It don't know if I should be proud or not, my last two tanks constantly had nitrate issues and the last tank I had to shut down to a bad bryopsis outbreak. Does this mean I'm maturing as a reefer? 😅
  5. Genie382

    Dinos! Oh no!

    That’s a great thread, it’s how I got an ID on my Dino species.
  6. Genie382

    Dinos! Oh no!

    That looks like what I’ve got ☹️
  7. Genie382

    Dinos! Oh no!

    That darn Xenia! Everyone told me to be careful adding it to the tank but I just couldn’t resist the fluffyness 😭. Will do, i’ve Been thinking of starting a little tank profile here again, and if I do I’ll document whatI end up doing. Cross fingers it works!
  8. Genie382

    Dinos! Oh no!

    I’ll try to reduce water changes, it didn’t seem to help when I did a massive one. I think for now i’ll Black out the tank, siphon daily (it’s not too spread), change out filter floss daily (vs twice weekly) and I just changed out my chemipure elite bag w a fresh one. Thanks!
  9. Genie382

    Dinos! Oh no!

    I’ve noticed it clinging to my Xenia (on the sand bed) the most as well. At first I thought it was expelling waste but it never goes away completely. That’s the most recent addition. No other livestock. I’ve heard many conflicting bits of advice as to whether or not I should increase water changes. I normally perform no-weekly 20% changes, tried to wait it out a week and did a massive water change 60% 2 days ago (also pulled out a ton of debris in my back chamber), it seems to be spreading...
  10. Genie382

    Dinos! Oh no!

    Hi all, so my tank has had one or two hiccups since I started it about 8 months ago. Needed 2 light replacements, one of which was my fault and the other was a manufacturers defect. I’ve had some red cyano in the low flow areas which was improving and one small patch of hair algae. Overall the tank was thriving. After the last lighting issue, my tank was blacked out for almost a week. When I got the lights restarted all of the cyano and small bit of hair algae was gone. This last week I’ve noticed some small brown strings growing on the glass. It’s also been found on some corals in the low flow areas. Some of the string have air bubbles in them. They look suspiciously like the way Dinos are described. I suction them off (they come off easily) and wipe down the glass to see them reappear in the same day. I took a sample of water to work and it does look like a species of Dino (brown sesame seed). I’ve gotten a mix of recommendations from 72 hour black out, to H202 dosing, to “dirtying” the tank. I was thinking of just increasing water changes, manual removal and the addition of a small refugium to add some bio-diversity. It’s currently a small outbreak but I want to get it under control ASAP, thoughts?
  11. Genie382

    AI Prime HD fickering

    Hi guys, So it seems that I have another equipment issue again. Purchased the Prime at the end of March. Arrived in April. Has been set up for a little over a month. I run it at 70% max intensity. Noticed today that some of the led’s are flickering (appear to be the lights on the edge of the puck) blue on and off. I’ve turned off the light for now, any ideas what may be going on? Tried contacting AI customer service but it’s the weekend, anyone have any experience with how helpful they are? I really really don’t want to have to buy another replacement light in a 2 month span 😭
  12. Genie382

    AI prime HD settings for Nuvo 14 gallon

    Ahh, maybe that’s it. I was worried about the livestock having issues cause the tank was without a light for about 5 days. I’ll leave the lighting as is for a few more days and see how they respond.
  13. Hi guys! My maxspect nano razor took a dive into the tank about 2 weeks ago. Despite dismantling and cleaning the unit, it still refused to fire up properly. So I decided to just replace the light. I picked up an AI prime HD and have been slowing acclimating my livestock. I just wanted to make sure I was setting it up properly and see what you guys thought. I based my settings on the BRS video on the AI Prime and started by setting the unit to 40% intensity and have been slowly ramping it up every few days. Currently this is what I am at: UV 60% Violet 48% Royal 36% Blue 36% Red and Green 1% White 8% Lights come on at 10 and sunset at 9 w 1 hour ramp time. Livestock is most softies (zoas, shrooms, clovepolyps and one gonopora), RFAs, and some “easy” LPS (frogspawn, Duncan’s, acans). I had great growth w the zoas and clove polyps w the old light and now some them aren’t opening up and my frogspawn isn’t extending as it normally does. The polyps are still growing like crazy tho. I realize other factors like water quality may be at play, but all parameters have been stable and the light has been the biggest change recently. Any recommendations on the current lighting set up? How high intensity would you eventually set it to for this tank? Thanks all in advance!
  14. Genie382

    Juvi yellow watchman behavior?

    My Watchman is an adult, have had it for about 2 years. He will hide around the rockscape at night and generally will stick around it during the day. He will also swim to the top of the tank for food and perch over anything. He’s “bonded” w my fireshrimp (they hang out together in the same area of the tank, the shrimp will clean the goby) and when I introduced a candy cane pistol, the goby ate him. As soon as the shrimp hit the sand, the goby farted out, grabbed him and disappeared back into the rockwork. Parts were found the following day...so yah, I feel your pain. I’ve added some sexy shrimp to the tank (they were fine when added) but they disappeared shortly...I’m concerned the goby is eating them (I don’t have any other fish big enough to eat them in the tank...). So I would say that their behavior can vary from specimen to specimen, but are definitely outgoing. He should settle down after a few days though.
  15. Genie382

    Unknown hitchhiker blenny, vivid coloration.

    Is that a Molly Miller blenny? I used to have one, they have great littler personalities