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  1. Yah I agree, they pretty much rearrange my sand bed and corals to their liking on a daily basis. I think that YWG tend to get mean when they mature. Mine ate a smaller pistol and sexy shrimp in the past ?. My Pom Pom crab is pretty active and I spot him regularly, though it may be because I have a smaller tank. How do you like the possum wrasse? I’ve been wanting one. Here’s my Pom Pom crab grabbing my finger and inspecting me for food. I was glueing down some frags.
  2. Was relaxing at home and heard the little “click” of the pistol shrimp really going off about something. Curious, I went over to the tank to investigate and found the most elusive inhabitant of my tank, Buffy the Pom Pom crab posturing in front of the pistol shrimp burrow, with the pistol shrimp right at the entrance! The watchman goby who had paired up with the shrimp was elsewhere in the tank (thankfully as he is actually the meanest fish in the tank). I suspect the Pom Pom crab was wandering about and came across the burrow and hence a bit of a standoff. The Pom Pom is pretty sassy, so I’m not surprised she didn’t just back off. Either way, after a few moments, I shoo’ed the crab away to avoid any issues. Just thought it was a fun little interaction and wanted to share! I have had many folks tell me that you’ll never see the pistol shrimp in your tank or the Pom Pom crab and that they’re not worth it to add to the reef, and I have to say, they are some of my favorite additions to the tank. I see them fairly frequently and when I do, it’s always a treat. ? Apologies for the bad cell phone images, in the close up you can just make out the pistol shrimp antennae sticking up out of the burrow.
  3. Just had a small Dino out break. From what I’ve gathered there is no one way to manage them. I think it’s likely largely dependent on why you ended up with an outbreak in the first place. I suspect my outbreak occurred due to my AI prime needing to be replaced and the tank going dark for about a week. This lead to a die off of some of the “better” algae species in the tank. Combined that with it being an over clean tank, I think allowed my Dinos to start to bloom. I ended up doing a 5 day black out. Reduced water changes. Added in two different species of pods and phyto dosed. Have not seen them come back since. For what it’s worth, I tried to add some cheato to the back chamber while doing treatment and I noticed that a lot of Dinos seemed to grow on it. I ended up tossing the clump that I had.
  4. Sorry about your tank. I don’t think people who don’t keep reefs understand the time, energy and financial investments we put into our tanks. Not to mention the bond we develop with our fish/inverts and even some corals. It’s a heart breaking loss.
  5. Ahh, ok. It didn’t help that the female is “resource guarding” me and charging the little one as soon as I go over to the tank...which resulted in the little one snapping back. Made it difficult to observe how they were getting along without bickering occurring. I’ll continue to keep a watch on em, hopefully they’ll settle down soon.
  6. Seems like I may have some trouble in paradise. Had a female perc for about 3 years. She was solo in the tank. I added a small perc to the tank about 3 months ago. They seemed to get along fine initially. They usually swim around each other and I can’t for the life of me recall if the little one ever did the submission seizure, but recently I noticed the larger female charging at the little one and the little one charging back! No damage done so far, but I’m a bit concerned I may have trouble brewing. I may have to eventually remove the smaller one, but didn’t want to unless there was little to no chance of pairing. What do you all think? Any thing I should be looking for or trying? Thanks in advance!
  7. So far so good, but like Melfy said, time will tell!
  8. Update on the Dinos. So far none have reappeared. I’ve been checking the area where they have previously gathered heavily and don’t seen any evidence of them recurring. A quick google search indicates that dormancy periods can last from a few days to a few months, so I figure if I see no growth after 2 months or so I should be in the clear. I also stopped water changes over the last 2 weeks (down from twice weekly) and for the most part all of my corals seem happy. Actually got some great growth out of my zoas and my frogspawn is really plumping up. Only thing is that I noticed that I had some cloudiness to my water on Friday and my Xenia seem to be ticked off (always have to have something unhappy in the tank it seems). Testing of the water showed no ammonia and nitrates/nitrites barely detectable. No other parameters had changed. I suspect I was probably getting a bacterial bloom due to all of the changes to the tank. That prompted me to perform a 30% water change, which helped reduce the cloudiness. I performed about 10% change today when it appeared that the Xenia was still unhappy. Another loss to the tank is a small gorgonian frag I had purchased a bit ago. Unsure if the species but was told it was of the photosynthetic kind, it seemed to be fairly stable but after the black out I noticed small areas along the branches that had tissue recession. Anyho that’s it for the update. I’ve been trying to start a tank thread for my little Nuvo but photobucket has been awful to work with (most of my images are from my phone, when I down load them onto the site it compresses them down to thumbnail size and re-sizing just causes a lot of pixelation. Any alternatives to posting images?)
  9. I did too ?. I got the pistol to pair w the shrimp mudering goby. I hear they can get fiesty when mature, I’d say that’s true in my tank. He’s the meanest fish in the tank (and I have 2 clowns!) The fire shrimp is still MIA. I wonder if it’s unrelated to the Dinos tho, I have a small glass shrimp and Pom Pom crab that are still going strong and I don’t appear to have lost any snails... In regards to the Dinos, none have reappeared so far. Have some whitish algae on the glass but no slimey, stringy brown stuff so far. Unsure of when I can declare an official victory but I plan to up the photoperiod to 8 hours tomorrow, so we’ll see!
  10. Yah, I typically feed coral frenzy twice a week and every other day I’ll feed the fish. I’ve bumped it up to once daily feeding. The fish seem happy at least. First big loss to the tank (I am not counting the candy cane pistol shrimp that my watchman inhaled as a tasty treat when I introduced it to the tank), my fire shrimp had gone missing. He’s been in the tank for about 2 months. Don’t know if it had anything to do w the dino’s (My glass shrimp is fine), but he had been hiding more a few days before the blackout. I figured he was molting. I guess not. Yes, it was with base rock and live sand (Carib Fiji pink)
  11. Welcome to hobby! I have a 14 gallon Nuvo and love it. It’s the perfect size for quick maintanence and monitoring. I say just just have a good cleaning and water change schedule, start out with the best equipment you can afford (seriously, it may seem more economical to start off with trying to get something cheaper but you’ll end up wanting to upgrade eventually), don’t over stock and quarantine. Oh and the next bit of equipment I would recommend is an ATO, esp if you travel a lot.
  12. So just a quick update. Did the three day black out. I had to resort to cutting up a cardboard box as we didn't have a single black garbage bag in the house. Kept on all the equipment (except for the light), but evidently, the light from a Smart Micro ATO is enough to encourage these buggers to grow ?. So, that had to be shut off a day after the black out began. It's been about 24 hours since I uncovered the tank, I've reduced my photoperiod to about 4 hours. I plan on ramping it back up slowly by an hour a week (depending on how happy my tank inhabitants are). I've also been switching out my filter floss daily and added in a culture of phyto and copepods to the tank as well. So far none spotted, but it's too soon to tell. Fingers cross. Oh and in case any one was curious my current tank parameters are: pH: 8.1 Temp: 78 Salinity-1.024 Ammonia-0 Nitrite- <0.01 Nitrate-<0.01 Alkalinity 3 (?!)- not sure I trust this, I was struggling with the test, will retest at the local fish store later. I need to pick up a phosphate test kit (I know, I know), but perhaps my tank is a bit too clean. It don't know if I should be proud or not, my last two tanks constantly had nitrate issues and the last tank I had to shut down to a bad bryopsis outbreak. Does this mean I'm maturing as a reefer? ?
  13. That’s a great thread, it’s how I got an ID on my Dino species.
  14. That looks like what I’ve got ☹️