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  1. hi, do you always need to go through an ugly phase when cycling? mine doesn't seem to grow any algae at the moment, almost done with cycling. thanks
  2. i’m not sure why its taking so long either. in the last 2 weeks i have dosed ammonia 3 times, waited for amonia and nitrate to be 0 ppm first, last two dosing took 72 hrs each. ill just wait some more. thanks
  3. 2.5 months into cycling my diy 15gal aio. (dry rock and sand, dr tim's fishless method) it can processes 2ppm ammonia and nitrite to 0ppm in 72 hours. safe to add fish? how much ammonia can a pair or small clownfish produce?
  4. hey guys, started cycling almost 2 months now. i used dr tims fishless method with dry rock and dry sand . i may have overdosed ammonia on the 1st time and dosed too soon for the 2nd, misread the instructions. (my bad) . (never got to measure my real water volume too) got a nitrite spike. did a water change once or twice. after a couple of weeks added some marine pure spheres and added one more bottle of dr tims. nitrites just kept sky high, even bought a second set of test kits just to be sure. (1st API then Salifert) then i read i could do a almost 100% water change and bacteria would still be there, which i did, and dosed a little bit less of the recommended ammonia dosage. now im sure there is bacteria present because tests detected presence of ammonia then none after a couple of days. but now my nitrites are skyhigh again. should i just leave it be or do daily small water changes? i'm also trying to break in my santa monica ats 22 hrs a day schedule.so far, a week or so later no algae growth. i also have my display lights on a schedule. no algae growth also. any thoughts? thanks
  5. @Travis have you ever had to dose the original balling components mentioned in their youtube video?
  6. @Travis nice tank man. hope you can answer my question. so this would be like a triton method? no water changes just dosing all-for-reef? do you have a refugium or ATS? i'm looking into all for reef when i stumbled upon this thread. I have a 15 gallon, ATS will be the primary export. no water changes and most probably dosing all for reef. live stock LPS and soft corals and a few fish. thanks.
  7. this is a great thread! learned a lot! so basically add bacteria and ammonia on the first day. do regular tests to see how long the bacteria processes the ammonia and nitrites. dose ammonia when necessary to see if the bacteria can process it in 24 hrs. if it can, cycle is done! to each his own i guess. one can choose a traditional process or one can choose a modern approach. to me it doesn't seem like rushing. I see it as a more efficient way of cycling. better for newbies i think. if its produces the same end result why argue 🙂 I just wish they (Dr tim's) explained or super simplified why wait a couple days of testing in between dosing ammonia or maybe they did 😄 with permission to the OP i'd like to ask a question. I have drop ATS from santa monica. when do i add this to my system? right after cycle ends or after a few weeks when i have fish in the tank?
  8. hello everyone! thought i'd share my setup, just got back to the hobby, though i never kept a proper saltwater setup before let alone a reef setup. the reason for this setup is I have a 2 1/2 year old son is diagnosed with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) and having an aquarium can help soothe them. yes i could have just gone with freshwater and be done with it, but its going to be for me too 😄 its the biggest i could setup right now since we live in an apartment. I have decided to DIY the tank because we might move in 1-1/2 yrs time and it would be difficult to transport a glass tank 1,200 miles. equipment i can take. and here's what i have. Standard 15 Gal converted to AIO so display is like a standard 10 gal return pump: eheim compacton 1000 santa monica drop.6 for nutrient export kessil A80 tuna blue neotherm 75W heater xp aqua duetto ato mp10 circulation pump stocking plans: no SPS hammers and other manageable LPS minimal fish please comment on my aquascape i like the 3 island idea but i'm concerned it might be too tall if i plan to keep LPS i'm on day 5 of fishless cycling using one and only. the other picture is my DIY RODI mount. I make RODI in the bathroom since we live in an apartment.
  9. everything looks steady now. reduced flow of the return pump and replaced the position of the power head. hopefully it stays the same when i put a MP10 thanks for the advice @Tamberav
  10. i was thinking the same thing. this pump is 264 gph and it can be adjusted. but don't i need that flow if i were to keep corals? the display size is the size of a standard 10G tank.
  11. yes, that's why i put my optical sensor there. water hasn't been in the tank for 24 hrs. level goes up and down.
  12. i don’t have a filer media yet. could it be the return chamber is too small? the water inside can’t keep up with the return pump?
  13. i am having a weird situation, 1st day of adding water to my 15G diy aio peninsula. i noticed that on the 3rd chamber (return pump) my water level keeps going up and down. i was supposed to put my ATO there now i am concerned the ATO might not work properly. the 3rd chamber's size is just enough for the pump i have.
  14. hydor 425 and eheim compact 1000. i wanted the sicce, but it will not fit the last chamber
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