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  1. I've moved with 2 tanks twice. Everything in 5 gallon buckets. Fragile items bagged or in separate plastic containers. I also made sure to keep incompatible corals separated and rocks only one per bucket to avoid anything getting crushed. I mapped each container out ahead of time so I knew how much room and how many buckets to have. Freshly made water at the new place along with new sand. 1 move took roughly 8 hours and was from an apartment to a house 15 minutes away. I had no losses. 1 move took over 12 hours and was from one state to another. I lost all sps corals within 48 hours, then two frags of sun coral and a leather the following week. Both moves happened around the same time of year in similar weather. I also had mostly the same livestock. I did not use heaters or pumps either time and feel this was the reason I lost so much the second time. The water was down in the low 60's. I think I was lucky the first time.
  2. I was gonna upgrade when I moved it, but now with the contest I am going to wait. Tank sales usually happen around the holidays, so I still plan to upgrade it later this year! Plus, I haven't actually moved the tank yet. Just the stand. The tank is in a temporary spot and I dread moving it to the other side of the house! 😰
  3. A snail with no shell? I really have no clue... curious to see if anyone figures it out!
  4. Agreed. Because if it is allowed other people will probably rethink thier options.
  5. The difference is your pump is in the tank instead of out. But I see what you are saying. It'll be interesting how this is clarified in the rules.
  6. I want to make friends with a crow to see what shiny things it will bring me. You guys are lucky to have such cool animals near your homes. I just get regular old robins and chickadees. And bunnies galore that leave poop piles EVERYWHERE!!
  7. I really don't understand everyone's rush, other than excitement. There wasn't a heads up for the Creative Container Contest (that I saw) and everyone did just fine getting a container, heater, lights, flow, rocks, sand, and livestock within the allotted time... 🤔
  8. I agree that the dark green colored obes are very pretty. I actually wish I could find some for myself!!
  9. That's probably the best/easiest solution!!
  10. Ah ok, if you were dosing prazipro in QT then it wouldn't have helped in the DT. Like I said, I had dosed prazi in my DT and I know I had an urchin, hermits, and snails that all made it. I don't remember if I had my cleaner shrimp yet. And I possibly/probably had small hitchhiker feathers that made it. Corals at the time were all softies - zoas, mushrooms, leathers. It involved 1/2 or 1/4 dosing, early/often water changes, and it was a multi-treatment, month or so long process because I never gave a full dose plus had to do water changes. Everything survived except the flukes! That was probably about 4 years ago so the thread is probably buried. But I took good notes. If you're able to quarantine though that's great. My firefish had flukes, and there was no way I was gonna catch him to be able to treat him in a QT without literally taking my whole tank apart!
  11. I'm so sorry to hear you lost Nova! 😞 Do you think prazipro would have helped? I dosed that directly to my tank once, though I don't remember what inverts I had at the time. I had a very specific dosing and schedule to follow. But it allowed me to get rid of flukes without having to quarantine. I'll try to search for my old posts about it.
  12. @StinkyBunny - you laugh, but I was actually serious! Some pics of majanos I've seen are super pretty. Dark green with pink tips = @Snow_Phoenix gets it!! I had a dream last night I was trying to grab some majanos out of someone's tank who didn't want them. It was made complicated because the majanos lived deep in holes like RFAs, the BTAs behaved like jellyfish, and the aptasia were aggressive and attacked when hands went into the tank!!! Dreams are weird.
  13. Any cute little majanos with the pink tips??
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