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  1. Is the the place off 242 and Donwick? She sounds... unpleasant to say the least. Houston is primarily dominated by a few LFS - with Oceanlife and That Aquarium Place being the most referred. Both are very pleasant to work with and friendly. Disclaimer, the owner of Oceanlife attended my wedding, so I might be a little biased. Your LFS seems rather stuck on her method. Any good store owner, or even hobbyist knows there's definitely more than one way to skin a cat, especially in this hobby.
  2. Which LFS is that? If you're looking for macros, I have ulva in my fuge. I'd also reach out to OLA as they occasionally get Ogo in as well. FJW and TAP also have chaeto and caulerpa.
  3. Look up Houston Reef Connection and Major League Reefers on Facebook. Those are the local active groups, The Marsh forums are mostly dead. Not too much activity. They mostly put on Reef Currents every year at the Sheraton and that's mostly it.
  4. It looks like you're in the Woodlands. I'm right down in Houston - feel free to message me if you ever have any questions.
  5. I guess I've never put a stock list: 1x Achilles Tang 1x Green Mandarin 2x Clowns 1x Carpenter's Flasher Wrasse 1x McCosker's Flasher Wrasse 1x Blue Flasher Wrasse 1x Diamondtail Flasher Wrasse 1x Pintail Fairy Wrasse 1x Blue Star Leopard Wrasse 10x Bartlett Anthias 2x Skunk Cleaner Shrimp 1x Fire Shrimp 2x Porcelain Crabs
  6. Store credit is all just a trick to get us to spend more money. 😞
  7. That would mirror my experience with a trio of bartletts. I have tried mixing species... It's a hit or miss. For a better chance of success, it's better to mix more aggressive types together, like Lyretails and bartletts, or shy ones like evansi and purple queens. Or if you're Chris Kriens, do whatever you want.
  8. Between the two options, I like the blenny/wrasse combo. Of course, 200 credit will also get you a nice pintail fairy wrasse.
  9. Out of all the anthias I've ever had, bartletts have the most propensity to turn male. Out of the 10 in my group, 3 are males. There seems to be a super dominant male and two sub dominants that fight for the 2nd place spot. I would agree that they're more aggressive than even lyretails in my experience. I wouldn't recommend bartletts in the typical 1 male, 2 female set up - what seems to be working out for me (knock on wood), is that there's 9 other anthias, which causes the typical aggression from the male to be very diluted. Yours is the 350 reefer? I think a 4ft tank is sufficient, provided there's a lot of flow, plus evansi are more docile compared to the lyretails and bartletts. I know some people would disagree, but flow and numbers is what works for me. Also, having an jerk achilles aids alot, as he will occasionally round all of them into a shoal.
  10. Found this picture of my first reef tank. 😄
  11. Added two more fish. Another Bartlett. Might have jumped the gun too quickly on this one... I feel like this will be a regretful choice Diamond tail flasher wrasse Fingers crossed.
  12. Frozen food should be a supplementation - I made this mistake once, relying completely on frozen. At first, I felt proud that my pair of mandarins had lasted several years. Then I found out that in the wild, their lifespan is measured 10 to 15 years. I felt terrible... Since then, I routinely dose various different types of copepods (tisbe, tigriopus, apopcyclops). Having upgraded to a 6' aquarium with over 130 lbs of liverock also helps.
  13. Just general recommendations. Wait until your tank is mature and well seeded with pods Assume you will be supplementing copepods often in a tank that size - do not underestimate how many pods they can consume. It will be in the neighborhood of thousands per week Give every attempt to teach it to eat frozen. This may take a combination of live brine/blackworms, roe, etc. I have personally found the best success with prawn roe Realize that despite your efforts, your mandarin may simply never learn to take frozen food Keep a careful eye on your water parameters if you want to teach it to eat frozen. You'll likely flood the tank with food trying to get it to eat. I did. They are slow eaters and need tank mates that are not aggressive feeders, or a space they can eat from that is unreachable to other fish.
  14. Ah sorry I missed this - busy weekend. Dimension wise, it's pretty decent, but I would personally like more depth and have the overflow moved to the corner or a ghost overflow. That being said, in terms of value vs a custom tank, it's spot on. The glass is crazy thick and the silicone job is nice and sharp. Some stuff I would change would be the stock plumbing though.