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  1. I always imagined if I got a floating scape, it would be on a more natural looking rock piece. I guess life's funny that way. I'll have to see what I can do about cutting it. It's a zenreef rack - I think the magnet runs a fair way down the length of the rack.
  2. Not the best pics, but voila. 😄
  3. Mittens beat you by 6 minutes lol. Sorry!
  4. One of my Katroporas have claimed 50% of my frag rack. I'm completely torn and conflicted on what to do. Its covered the rack and grown onto the tank as well. Looks super funky.
  5. Would probably be a frag of the katropora and some zoas.
  6. Hmm... or sell the torch and make an easy couple of grand. At least that's how torch prices seem these days. So anyone here want to be my guinea pig for shipping? Going to try my hand at shipping corals and you would only be responsible for the cost of shipping. 😄
  7. Thank you! In other news - one of my torches is hitting my PC rainbow.... Do I upset the torch or do I let it kill the PC rainbow?
  8. I wasn't keeping track of my consumption and I let my alk drop. It's on a slow path to correction back to about 7.5-7.7 (which is where I like my alk). Other than my alk flucs, My PO4 fluctuates as well, since I'm having difficulty dialing in my NOPOX dosing. At this point I'm just trying to keep it in a wide range of .03-.1
  9. Referencing my coloration problems, two pictures of my SC OP. Am I just being unrealistic? This seems to be the extent to the colors I'm getting, but I feel like other people's polyps are far more orange. The two pictures are under differing light spectrums throughout the day.
  10. This one is starting to shape up nicely.
  11. Need tips on how to pull the best coloration out of SC Orange Passion and Walt Disney. I feel like my OP's polyps are yellow/greenish rather than orange. My WD just looks green. Growth is not a problem, just pulling the best colors I can seems to be my challenge. Additional info on tank below Parameters: dKH: 6.85 Ca: 415 Mg: 1350 NO3: .2 PO4: .02 Salinity: 1.026 Lighting: 4x Radion XR30 Gen4 (100% blues/purples/uv, 15% whites, 10% red/green) + 2 Blue+ ATI bulbs, 1 Aquablue Special ATI Bulb, 1 Giesemann Super Purple. LEDs are on for 9 hours a day, T5 are on for 6. Flow: 2x Gyre 250, 0-100% antisync Filtration: Skimmer, NOPOX, UV filter, weekly w/c at approx 10-11% (red sea blue bucket) Dosing: ESV 2 part, 1x weekly NaNO3, Red Sea Colors A,C,D. I skip the B (green) since I think I have no problem in that department
  12. I pretty much followed step by step, Ty Ta's cutting method. Pretty simply actually - a single straight snip with a pair of scissors. Weirdest feeling in the world cutting it... I was incredibly anxious for the rest of the day.
  13. They seem to be ok so far. Actually seems to be recovering pretty rapidly, especially considering some of the recent fluctuations I've had with my water quality.
  14. Only if the copper is below therapeutic levels. If treated at therapeutic levels for the appropriate time period, it will eliminate parasites such as ich or velvet. I am unfamiliar with copper's viability for bacterial or fungal infections.
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