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  1. RKEv2

    Have a reef keeper elite v2 with the following: Temp probe Ph Probe(unknown how accurate) pc4 x 2 sl1 module Reef keeper Elite V2 Control box dealio daddy ow ow Looking for 200 shipped in lower 48 states. Open to reasonable offers, looking to downgrade to something not so in depth(reef keeper lite or apex jr.)
  2. WTB reefkeeper accessories

    Have a power bar I'd sell for 40 plus s&h. If you're interested let me know.
  3. Rt 3, where ya located? I'm about hr south of stl
  4. Nice setup. Gotta love the decent selection stl has as well. If you ever come to the il side an are looking for sps check out The Corner Reef in Columbia, il. Saw some pretty cool stuff in there today.
  5. Oceanic biocube intank

    Ttt. Offers?
  6. Have the intank filter media rack, water director and refugium for a oceanic biocube 29 gallon. Looking for60 shipped in lower 48 states.
  7. Da rke net

  8. Da rke net

  9. Da rke net

  10. Da rke net

    Thank you for that info. Much appreciated.
  11. Da rke net

    I honestly don't know.