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  1. Overflow HELP!

    I agree, it does seem as though the pump is too strong for the overflow box. I will be installing a ball valve in the pvc return tomorrow. Thank you everyone for all of your suggestions and commentary
  2. Overflow HELP!

    My issue is the main tank overflowing. I apologize for not clarifying. This is why im puzzled because I took into account the head loss with the multiple elbows and overall height. my pump seems too stong even though it isnt....
  3. Overflow HELP!

    Okay should i add a ball valve right near the pump? How heavily would you think the pump would get stressed? I agree with the fact that perhaps the pump may be too strong considering i had looked at my other set up had nearly two extra feet of pipe adding to the head loss. So would you recommend a pvc ball valve to equal out the amount actually be drained by the overflow box to the amount the pump returns into the main tank?? Thanks all for you commentary. Izzy
  4. Overflow HELP!

    So I have created a DIY Sump with a refugium out of a 10 gallon tank for my 20g high. I am having problems with the main tank water overflowing... but it is inconsistent. I purchased an overflow box with a 1" diameter drainpipe. Attached to it I have your typical 1" drain hose into the first chamber of the sump. My return pump is a quiet one 2200. I have constructed the return pipes out of 3/4" pvc and it splits into two returns in the tank. I tried moving around the drain hose so it would not be fully submerged and differeing placments of it created better and worse results. I am rather perplexed because I had the exact same overflow box and return pump on a 29 gallon tank with a 10 gallon sump with no issues what so ever over the course of two years that the tank ran. Any advice???? Please help me out im baffled, thanks!
  5. Suggestions for skimmer?

    Thanks im looking into them now, the SC 150? is that the seaclone 150?
  6. Suggestions for skimmer?

    Hey all, I am looking for suggestions for a smaller rather affordable protein skimmer for a DIY sump I am constructing in college. the total system volume is just under 30 gallons. Any suggestions?? Thanks!
  7. Welcome to my world

    Its beautiful! To each there in in terms of liking density and room to grow. Kudos.
  8. You know you have a pico when..

    You know you have a pico when.... -Your Aquaclear filter has the same volume as your display -Every time you put your hand in the tank you nearly break your prized SPS (SOOO ANNOYING lol)
  9. January 2012 Reef Profile - Joeygo

    Congratulations! Its a beautiful reef. Question: What do you dose the reef and in what amounts? (Brands and which additives) Izzy
  10. Skimmer Suggestions?

    I know I know. I am also contemplating going ahead and adding a sump to put all the equipment down there and add an ATO unit. Currently its a pretty mixed reef but its slowly becoming SPS dominated and 4 fish, hence my urge for the extra filtration. Thanks for your advice Izzy
  11. Skimmer Suggestions?

    Hello all, I am trying ti pick out the best skimmer for my 20 gallon reef. Currently thinking about the Eshopps Hang-on PSK-75H. I currently do my water changes and it does a great job at reducing wastes now but I am looking at having quite a large bio load in the tank within the year. Suggestions? Thanks! Izzy
  12. Mitch's 17.4g Reef

    Great tank! Question: How much of a difference does the stunner strip add to your over all lighting and appearance of the corals? I have pretty much the same lighting setup and im debating which strip to add. Beautiful reef man!
  13. Help! Which LED fixture should I get?

    Wow, this looks like a great option. However, I am completely unskilled and ignorant in just about every aspect about these units. They really enticing. Have you used these fixtures? How have they worked for you? Is there any more info that I can read about them? Thanks so very much
  14. Help! Which LED fixture should I get?

    Yes, this is the main downfall to the Panorama...... But would the stunner have the same power and brightness?