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  1. Hi all, I will be replacing my RSM 130d with a RSM 170 to have a sump. I have a coldwater tank so run a chiller, which is currently placed outside the cabinet (behind the back wall, had some holes drilled for tubing). I am unsure how to combine a chiller with a sump (I found an RSM manual online but could not visualise the description!). Do you recommend I have the chiller in a separate loop, with a tube from sump to chiller to return pump to sump? Seems a bit of a waste of energy and also will have two pumps draining a relatively small sump at the same time. Or can I have a tube leave the sump into a chiller, into a return pump and then plump back to the aquarium? Might need a quite powerful pump to pull water through sump then chiller? Any suggestions much appreciated! cheers Mick
  2. Superb! Would it be possible to give more info on your DIY LED fixture on your thread? It looks great.
  3. My little tank has been running over a year now and it has been a great first experience of reef keeping. I have had bad luck w some corals, but others (softies) have grown quite a bit. Being on the border of a very small nano or very large pico I do not have quite the advantages of either (not a lot of space for corals/equipment but also no easy 80-100% water changes). My lighting is not up too standard; I figured a par38 bulb would be overkill for a 30x30x30 cm tank and so I ordered a 15W 5 LED par bulb, which proved to be worse than what I had! It is strange btw that there is only a single UK dealer of par bulbs (and they do not do par30s), as it seems a popular choice in the US. I might try to find a Par30 somewhere or perhaps buy the same small fixture I already have to double up. I never liked bare bottom tanks but have warmed to them, and figured it would be easier cleaning so got rid of the sand and added a couple of kilos of live rock. I might get rid of my small canister pump as the flow through the rock via the hydor pump might be enough. Without the sand it really becomes apparent how much detritus comes of the rock and corals (and I hardly even feed). I cannot siphon it off well with the rock dumped in a pile so need to rearrange things, anyone any suggestions?