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  1. Doing great thanks for asking! Will be heading to Aquashella in Dallas this weekend! Look for updated pics soon! 👍
  2. That looks like dragons breath and the stuff on the back wall is called coraline algae.
  3. Tank as of yesterday 😉
  4. Hey video guys, Like the title says, how do you guys get rid of the banding on your videos? I'm shooting on a sony a6300 at 60fps in SLOG2 and no matter what I do I can not seem to get rid of it. I've tried shooting at a lower shutter speed, faster shutter speed, messed with aperture. No luck, any help would be greatly appreciated! You can see the banding in the test shot below, its driving me crazy!
  5. Cant go wrong with the classic arch look. 😉
  6. Like you I've heard mixed reviews about the PS2 protein skimmer, works great for some, not so much for other, some say you have to dial it in correctly. One of my LFS had a sale on one for $40 and I decided I would give it a try. Now I have no previous experience with protein skimmers so this was brand new to me. I've watched tons of videos and read up on reviews and write ups. In my experience with it is that it is not very consistent. Some days it produces great skim and I can see all the gunk it pulls out, other days it doesnt do anything, and then some days it just overflows with bubbles. I know there is a break in period so I'm just hoping that is why and it will become more consistent. As far as lighting I have the AI Prime and have absolutely zero complaints about it. Easy to set up, wifi works well, app is easy to control and understand, and love how the corals look.
  7. Thank you Arquisto, I appreciate that! You reminded that I should update this thread! UPDATE: So I've recently moved from NJ to TX. Shipped my corals and ended up losing my two most prized pieces, my torch and frogspawn. I got them as tiny frags and you can see how much they have grown in the pics above, so I'm pretty bummed about that but I recently replaced them with frags from a local reefer down here in TX. Also lost my clownfish and cleaner shrimp. As for other changes, Ive added the PS2 Protein Skimmer along with a different scape, and most recently picked up this awesome scoly for myself as a christmas/birthday present! Onto the pics! Have a safe and Happy New Year reefers! The new scoly and probably the most $$ I've spent on any coral in this tank. But loving it! and finally, this was the lone survivor of the trip. I've had this guy since the beginning, you can go back to my first page and see him. This little dude is indestructible! Love him!
  8. Some updated pics of mine. I had to break it down though since we recently moved to TX. Nice! What is your set up?
  9. UPDATE*** Just giving you guys an update that I have switched over to a slightly bigger tank, the Fluval Evo 13.5g! And of course here are some pics and my daughter making an appearance helping me keep the glass nice and clean!
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