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  1. 205g Peninsula

    Wow last update was in July?! Latest video of the tank
  2. 205g Peninsula

    Been a while since an update. Tank has recovered from whatever outbreak it had. Naso, flame hawk and lubbock's wrasse survived. Opted not to QT them, and instead put in a UV that I have running always now. Since then, I QT'ed 5 green chromis for observation, then moved them in after 2 weeks (but much more time since the last death in the tank, maybe about a month). Corals have been growing well, but slowed a bit with less fish. Some blurry pics, adjusted for white balance [/url
  3. Awesome. Mountains of mushrooms and a forest of euphyllia!
  4. Kevin - Low Profile 29gal long

    Great tank, the white background makes it look so clean!
  5. 3D printing filaments

    Anyone have experience with how filaments other than ABS hold up in saltwater? Stuff like PET, PETG, polycarbonate?
  6. Slowtwitch's Not So Nano

    Damn, sorry to hear. I also lost a bunch of fish recently to what I think was velvet. If you think ich came in on frags or snails, makes one question the effectiveness of fish QT. You'd really have to be diligent and qt every single thing going in, not just fish. A lot of people will qt fish, but probably won't go as far as corals and snails. I'll be qt'ing fish from now on, but I guess it will mostly be to get them acclimated and used to my feedings rather than full disease prevention. Even though I suffered big losses, I still don't have the patience for qt'ing corals and other inverts
  7. Moai of the Sea!

    Oh man, sorry to hear about whats happening. I recently lost 11/14 fish in a span of a week. I kinda know how you feel since the feeling of loss is pretty fresh to me. But you've been growing those SPS for so long Ah well, here's to recovery and rebuilding!
  8. 205g Peninsula

    Definitely would be a nightmare catching them to QT. That alone might even cause enough stress to make any outbreak worse. Hope the worst of the storm is over for you. I sure hope that's the case for me, the surviving 3 fish are eating and swimming normally lately.
  9. 205g Peninsula

    Strange, my losses all happened overnight. I've read that velvet makes fish sensitive to light. Hopefully we both learned our lessons. In my case I took home anthias that had been beaten up. Only take home healthy fish! An do a QT while you're at it! I will be from now on, for all new additions at least. What are you doing to be more careful now? Medicating or just observation?
  10. 205g Peninsula

    Damn, you had it worse than me then. I've lost 10 over 4 days, but currently also have 4 survivors. Hoping the worst is over. Funny thing is, the first to go were damsels, chromis and clowns...the hardier fish.
  11. 205g Peninsula

    Thanks for the info, will look into it
  12. Cool build and great rockscape. Seems like its really well planned
  13. 205g Peninsula

    For now yeah. It'll be nearly impossible to catch the fish and put into a QT.
  14. 205g Peninsula

    Been a while since an update, unfortunately its disaster on the reef Since last time, I added an orchid dottyback and 4 lyretail anthias. These anthias were coming from my trusted LFS's display tank, been there for a year, the healthiest of fish. The owner caught them for me as I was on the way to pick up, and put them in a holding tank that happened to have a male anthia in it already. When I got there, the 2 biggest of the 4 were badly beat up already...I took them home regardless. After a couple of weeks they mostly recovered, but 2 eventually succumbed to their wounds. So at this point I'm up to 14 fish. 2 days ago, I walk in, and see dead fish everywhere. 4 dead. I quickly get a UV sterilizer in. Next day, 4 more dead. Today, 1 more dead. Now I'm down to 5 fish. Lost one of my clowns that I've had for almost 2 years, and the other is looking a bit down. We're suspecting it's velvet by the looks of what's on the fish. Also, my remaining clown is swimming against the current, one of it's unique symptoms apparently. So 5 survivors. Clown, 1 anthia, naso tang, hawkfish, Lubbock's wrasse. All but the clown are bow eating well. Hoping the UV keeps thing in control.
  15. Minimalist Mr. Aqua Bowfront

    Haha thanks! Cool thing about this tank is, the goniopora and pink polyps came from my big tank where they stopped opening up. I put them in this dirty, filter less tank, and bam, all the polyps opening!