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  1. Also should mention I have have a Mixed tank, SPS up as high as possible and LPS on the sand, my SPS don’t have any shading on them ( other than from growing) but you can tell they are growing from one light source. My setosa grows like a weed, and starting to see the same with my Green Slimer, Millie’s have trippled in 4 weeks, my most PAR hungry is my pink lemonade and my clam
  2. No, using short pulse with about 60% power, I could go higher but the problem arises that it seems like everything is getting pulled to the Powerhead, the Nero would be to add a second source of flow to create currents from both the MP-10 and my return
  3. I currently have a single AI prime on my IM lagoon 25, and a single MP-10. I see pretty good growth from my SPS coral ( besides shadowing/ shading) Should I Upgrade my Flow first or add another AI prime? I’d most likely get a Nero 5 and run both the MP-10 and Nero pretty low
  4. Hey everyone! just updating you with what I decided to do. I decided to not upgrade my lighting right now, Currently I have my AI prime at about 30 watts and am seeing great growth on most of my corals ( I have a pink lemonade that will just not grow at all for me but coloration and PE is great). I do have about 3-5 more watts I can Push out of the AI prime while keeping my Color look that I like. long term goal is to add another AI prime over the summer and play with it when I have more than enough time to ( I also am thinking of completely redoing my aquascape) eventually I would like to upgrade to a Hydra 26 or two over the tank ( I also have a goal to upgrade my Lagoon 25 within 3 years, the new 100 gallon IM lagoon might be next) short story is I am going to focus in on dialing in my ALK, CA, and MG and see what growth I get. long story : mainly because of my college status, I took a Fall semester off to take a some online classes from home and finished out an internship. I did move back onto campus for the spring semester but decided to not move my tank as it would have only been for 4 1/2 months and then another move. ( even though I completely designed my stand to be able to be torn down with the removal of 16 screws). Also a big factor was that I got extremely lazy and went a couple weeks without refilling and mixing up Kalk in my ATO. ( 😰yikes) because of this my DKH dropped to 4.... I did not realize this until January 7th this year, which was a week before I moved to campus. Over the next week I slowly raised my DKH each day. when I moved back to campus the next Monday, leaving the tank under the supervision of my parents and of course everything and anything I can monitor from the apex, my DKH was just about 6.9-7.1. after a week back at school I went home just to check on the tank and the levels. I actually had a ton of growth over the week ( at least a lot more than I had the month my dkh was 4...) which gave me peace of mind. I also went and checked on it again this past weekend ( the 27th) and I saw even more growth and my dkh was at a 7. I plan on raising it to about 8.5 when I have the chance and am going to try and dial in my dosing, I am a little worried that Kalk in my ATO will not cut it with how much I have in there and once everything starts growing again. currently I am looking into two part so stay tuned and keep an eye out for a Two part post from me in the future! thanks for all the input everyone!
  5. I have a Lagoon 25 that I am currently lighting with a single AI prime HD, I don't have it at its full power yet but I am looking to upgrade my lighting withing the next few months and have a couple options I am looking at. I have SPS in the middle of my tank and am starting to see some shadowing, so what would everyone recommend? I'm looking mostly for coverage so there is not much to any shadowing at all. I really like the idea of a Hydra 26 but I think if I was to go AI I would go with another prime. But I also have always been in love with Radions. As good as my AI prime looks now I don't think anything can beat the color of a Radion ( not factoring in the Kessil shimmer). So What does everyone think would give me better coverage? As much as I love and want a radion the only downside to them, besides the price point, is no wifi control without a reeflink. I am currently on a plan to upgrade to a larger tank withing 2-3 years also.
  6. Hello everyone! I have an AI prime and I just upgraded to a lagoon 25 so I need to bump up the power on the LEDS to cover for the bigger tank, I want to know if my settings are ok or if I should just go with the BRS Ab+ settings. The only reason I’m not currently is because I actually don’t like the look of the Blue compared to RB. Any and all input is greatly appreciated
  7. which one? The chaeto max or their magnetic one? I would like to go with a red spectrum like BRS showed, thats why I was looking at the H80 or the RapidLED far red.
  8. i just plan on having chaeto, and it would be in the return section of a IM Lagoon 25 after DIY upgrades
  9. Which light do you guys think will be best for a nano fuge?
  10. Hello everyone! currently I have a standard 15g mixed reef and am completely out of space. I am thinking of upgrading to either a lagoon 25 or a IM lagoon 50. I am currently in college and I do move back home during the summer months so a 25 would be easier to move but I have also been told if you are going to upgrade, upgrade big now so you don't spend more when you upgrade again. my only draw back from the lagoon 50 is that I really would like to run a sump with anything over 30 gallons and generally don't think a 50g AIO even with skimmer, media reactor, weekly WC, and marine pure blocks will give me the best chance of success, what do you guys think? Any and all input is greatly appreciated I would like to order everything as soon as possible
  11. After many many many experiments with my own AI Prime HD playing with different spectrums and what not, I have finally found the perfect settings to use!! I gave up and used the BRSTV settings, Max UV, Violet, RB at 100%, blues at 20% (don’t like the look of the regular blue LED) R, and G at 4% and CW at 30% in morning and 20% in the evening. My corals look great and are growing much faster than when I tried to experiment with spectrum and look, I have a true Mixed reef so I do go with more power vs looks now for the SPS, LPS are at the bottom of the tank and loveeeeeee the light, softies don’t really care once they are acclimated, if you’re starting out or sticking with softies/LPS you can deff go for more looks and color vs power. I have a 15g standard and my AI is 8” off the water. Just take your time ramping up try starting at 15watts then work your way up, I’m at 27 right now and everything is fine
  12. So I just picked up some ROX.8 carbon and it’s my first time switching to it. Previously I’ve used chemmipure and Matrix from seachem, right now I’ve got a bag of Chemipure mini (rated 10g). I used the BRS calculator for my 13 gallon reef tank and came up with 1tbsp??? Is this really all I need? It seems like it won’t be anything
  13. MTF7

    AI prime time

    And how has that lighting schedule impacted algae growth?
  14. Hello! I just upgraded to an AI prime HD for my 15g reef tank and am wondering if my lighting schedule length is ok or if I need to shorten it so I don't get algae growing like nuts. My light is on from 7:50am-2am however as you can see below I do have ramp up time.
  15. Hello Everyone! this is either my first post on this website or my first one in a longggggg time, and kind of a long and probably boring one. I have a Beautiful 15G (24x12X12) That I am having wonderful success with so far and I am looking to upgrade my Lighting for the better health of my corals. *KEEP IN MIND I AM A COLLEGE STUDENT* As of right now I am running a Kessil A80 Tuna Blue 8 inches above the water. This was my first kessil and I have to say I love the way the light looks and the Kessil shimmer.... However the 15w just is not enough for my tank anymore. I have two options, An AI prime HD or the AI Hydra 26 HD. I have had pretty much an even split between the Prime and Hydra. I personally feel that the AI prime would be a great upgrade that would be more than enough light for softies plenty for my LPS, and maybe a few SPS corals. For the Hydra I feel that the light would actually be slightly overkill but would insure that I have plenty of light for whatever I get. Pros Prime - $225 + $30 mounting arm ( I have heard that I could use my existing Kessil Flex arm to mount it) Hydra - More than enough light, Can provide light when the SPS fever fully takes me, Can be used If I upgrade to a bigger tank. Cons Prime - Slight chance it just wont be enough light. and if there is a future upgrade this light may not be big enough. Hydra - $350 + $75 for lighting mount(... ouch) if there was a way I could get around that $75 mount I could live with the 350. Thank you everyone who has made it to this point in the post! What do you guys think? Could I use an AI prime and keep some SPS or if I really want SPS should I eat the cost and go with a Hydra? thanks everyone and I am open to new suggestions, any and all advice.
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