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  1. How much phyto should I be dosing?

    Basically flow, lighting, mechanical filtration, possibly carbon, maybe a skimmer (your tank is pretty small for that; water changes will do the same thing), a heater and water changes are all you need. I've looked at the amount of elements they have in seawater and you can try to match them but sometimes tanks do better with different amounts. Then there are the amounts that people say and there is the amount that works for you. You can figure out what works for you. For the hobby people say nitrates less than 50 ideally 10 or less and phosphates < .03 but I would say up to .1 could be ok. I don't know how much you are having to scrape algae but your tank looks pretty good.
  2. How much phyto should I be dosing?

    Sure. I've never used that but trace elements are beneficial for corals. Most soft corals, what you have, don't really require much except light and they probably feed off of the zooplankton that the phytoplankton creates. I would use the fuel sparingly, possibly dosing once instead of twice per week and if your algae continues to grow, discontinue it and see if that lessens the algae and the corals continue to do well. Also, make sure to do a water change of 10 to 25% once per week and use distilled or ro/di water.
  3. How much phyto should I be dosing?

    Sure. There probably is some info on chemi-pure on boyd's website or somewhere online. I think too much gfo is not good because it can make conditions good for the things I mentioned above. Personally, I wouldn't use gfo unless you had particularly high phosphate and then I would use it sparingly. So, using it to bring down the phosphates and then removing it. Putting it back in if they get too high. I try not to use gfo at all. Do you feed your corals anything or is it pretty much just the fish food and phytoplankton? Some phosphates and nitrates are good for corals. Chaetomorpha macro algae is good for filtering out nitrates and providing oxygen to the tank.
  4. How much phyto should I be dosing?

    Phytoplankton is good for a tank because it encourages the growth of zooplankton which corals can eat and it feeds filter feeders like clams and scallops. I don't really know how much food scallops need but it will be difficult to keep things in balance if you are feeding for the scallop. I would say 5 drops of phyto twice a week and if that is too much, back off some. Also, when you feed your fish, try to feed them only what they can eat.
  5. How much phyto should I be dosing?

    I wouldn't throw away the packaging for things. Usually the instructions and identification of materials are on them. Reef nutrition phyto feast, http://reefnutrition.com/phyto_feast.php#tab_use Too much filtration with 0 phosphates and 0 nitrates can encourage dinoflagellates and sometimes cyanobacteria I think. You also don't want to strip the water of everything. Oftentimes corals benefit from things in water. The chemi-pure you are talking about has a phosphate remover like you said so you probably don't need the phosfiltrum.
  6. How much phyto should I be dosing?

    I don't know about how much you are dosing but I was told to dose twice a week with the phyto2 that I use. If you are following the instructions for the amount I would think that would be fine. The tank looks nice. It sounds like kind of a lot of filtration. What chemipure are you using?
  7. Algae Scrubbers - cool idea or waste of money

    Didn't work for me.
  8. Dinoflagellates? and if so what kind?

    xthunt, do you use carbon?
  9. Dinoflagellates? and if so what kind?

    Thanks for the info. When I had cyanobacteria chemiclean got rid of it.
  10. Dinoflagellates? and if so what kind?

    carib sea life rock. It came with bacteria on it which leads me to think maybe that is part of the problem. Alk is about 8 I think, Mag was 1170, ph 7.8 and nitrate and phosphate 0.
  11. I've been treating these as dinoflagellates and treating them with vibrant (which didn't seem to work) and now dino-x which also doesn't seem to be working. Can anyone tell me if these are dinoflagellates and if so what kind they are?
  12. Sand bed with brown algae?

    Those look like dinoflagellates to me. I tried the vibrant for a while but it didn't work for me. I've ordered some dino-x and will be trying to use that to get rid of mine.
  13. Low Nutrients vs. Some Nutrients

    Low nutrients 0 to 5 nitrate, < or = .03 phosphate, some nutrients 5 to 10 (or maybe sometimes 20), .03 to .1 phosphates, high nutrients > 20 or 50 nitrate and phosphate between .1 and .25 or greater than .25. Your water chemistry looks good. Corals usually do better in a little bit dirty water. You could try feeding more. As to why its not thriving we might need more information. Post pictures and more information about your setup e.g. flow, lighting, feeding, maintenance, additives, etc.
  14. WTB: Gyre XF130

    Thank you for the offer. Someone pm'd me and I bought theirs.
  15. WTB: Gyre XF130

    Want to buy a Gyre XF130 for $150.