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  1. Huge algae bloom after cycle HELP

    If it doesn't go away you could use chemiclean. I've used that with success and no adverse effects on the tank. Its pretty amazing really. Be sure to pull your carbon if you do and follow the directions. Good luck!
  2. JBJ rimless 10 gallon

    Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Ok good to know. I have to Mg test kits from Salifert and they both read the same thing but I did mix what was left of reagent 3 with the new bottle.
  3. JBJ rimless 10 gallon

    Hey tr. That is good to know. I have tried to get someone from my local reef society to help without success and the local store doesn't test for calcium and magnesium.
  4. JBJ rimless 10 gallon

    I tested my water again and the magnesium measures 1125 and the calcium 440. Its hard to believe that the kits would be off by that much. The calcium kit is a new api and the magnesium an older salifert.
  5. JBJ rimless 10 gallon

    I got my results back from the Triton lab. I was surprised that mostly everything is ok. My calcium was a little low and my magnesium was more where I wanted it. I was surprised at this because my home tests showed the opposite. My iodine was also low which is probably because of my use of carbon. Here is the listing, Triton Test Results for Home Reef Tank
  6. JBJ rimless 10 gallon

    Well, I'm going to try a modified Triton method. I sent a sample in to the lab and will be receiving the results soon. I bought eshopps pf-nano overflow and their cube nano refugium sump and plumbed them together. The sump came with a 3' flex hose that has pvc sticking out of either end. I used a small 1" diameter piece of pvc tubing to connect the hose to the overflow. I ordered a sicce 1.5 pump (357 gph, adjustable) but found it was way too powerful even when turned down. I tried a maxijet 1200 and it was too strong and finally put in a maxijet 600 (120 gph) which worked. It took me a while to get the tank dialed in which eshopps technical support helped with. Thanks Sandy! Although the sump holds about 13 gallons when completely full (I think) I only needed 10 to fill it up. I had to lower the teeth box of the overflow in the tank to its lowest point on the plastic piece in the tank. Then added a little more water to the sump until the water was no longer going down in the pump compartment. Once I did that everything balanced out. I used a cpr something return jet with a hole poked into the back of the return part in the tank. This is to stop a reverse siphon into the pump compartment if the power goes out. I heated up a small phillips head screwdriver on the stove to push a hole in the back of the plastic. I got about 4' feet of 1/2" tubing to connect the maxijet 600 to the return jet. I heard that having a heater just in the sump made it difficult to keep the temperature warm enough in the tank and changed the temperature very slowly, so for now I have a hydor 50 w heater in the tank and in the skimmer compartment of the sump. I have a kessil h80 over the refugium part with some chaetomorpha in there. A reef glass skimmer that just provides some aeration as it can't sit low enough in the skimmer compartment to effectively skim anything. Activated carbon. There is a filter sock that is in the back but I don't think the water flows through it. it might need a slightly more powerful pump to do so. I'm not too concerned about it because with the triton method the algae is supposed to do most of the filtering. To start the siphon, eshopps included some airline tubing that, after you fill the inside and outside of the overflow box, you can put up the U-tube over half way and suck on it to start the siphon. The siphon stops if the power turns off but remains ready to continue once the power is back on and the sump pump is pumping. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the whole thing. The water level is a little low in the tank due to the teeth box needing to be low in the tank, the pump flow isn't very strong from the return into the tank and I'm not sure I'll get the 10x flow through the sump that I am supposed to have. We'll see how it works.
  7. Gyre Pump for nanos?

    The maxspect xf130 and 230 you can halve and put an endcap on and use in a nano. I have the xf130 halved with an endcap in my jbj 10 gallon. I have it at its lowest setting and the tank is 24" long but it works great and I have no dead spots. As someone mentioned they are a bit fragile but they are the best pump out there in my opinion.
  8. WTB: Chaeto

    Thanks biofool12. Socalreefer pm'd.
  9. WTB: Chaeto

    Hello, I am aware of all those options and this is the best option for me. My fish store doesn't carry chaeto, I probably would not buy it online from a reseller. It can survive in the cold. Craigslist people here don't sell or give away chaeto. There is a local reef society but I got some good stuff here last time and I want to get some more. I'm not afraid of paying $15 shipping included for a small bag.
  10. xthunt's IM Lagoon 25

    It looks like you have a nice well thought-out setup. Keep it up!
  11. WTB: Chaeto

    Hello, I'm interested in buying a sandwich bag size ball of chaeto. If you have any you want to sell, please let me know. Thanks.
  12. How much phyto should I be dosing?

    Basically flow, lighting, mechanical filtration, possibly carbon, maybe a skimmer (your tank is pretty small for that; water changes will do the same thing), a heater and water changes are all you need. I've looked at the amount of elements they have in seawater and you can try to match them but sometimes tanks do better with different amounts. Then there are the amounts that people say and there is the amount that works for you. You can figure out what works for you. For the hobby people say nitrates less than 50 ideally 10 or less and phosphates < .03 but I would say up to .1 could be ok. I don't know how much you are having to scrape algae but your tank looks pretty good.
  13. How much phyto should I be dosing?

    Sure. I've never used that but trace elements are beneficial for corals. Most soft corals, what you have, don't really require much except light and they probably feed off of the zooplankton that the phytoplankton creates. I would use the fuel sparingly, possibly dosing once instead of twice per week and if your algae continues to grow, discontinue it and see if that lessens the algae and the corals continue to do well. Also, make sure to do a water change of 10 to 25% once per week and use distilled or ro/di water.
  14. How much phyto should I be dosing?

    Sure. There probably is some info on chemi-pure on boyd's website or somewhere online. I think too much gfo is not good because it can make conditions good for the things I mentioned above. Personally, I wouldn't use gfo unless you had particularly high phosphate and then I would use it sparingly. So, using it to bring down the phosphates and then removing it. Putting it back in if they get too high. I try not to use gfo at all. Do you feed your corals anything or is it pretty much just the fish food and phytoplankton? Some phosphates and nitrates are good for corals. Chaetomorpha macro algae is good for filtering out nitrates and providing oxygen to the tank.
  15. How much phyto should I be dosing?

    Phytoplankton is good for a tank because it encourages the growth of zooplankton which corals can eat and it feeds filter feeders like clams and scallops. I don't really know how much food scallops need but it will be difficult to keep things in balance if you are feeding for the scallop. I would say 5 drops of phyto twice a week and if that is too much, back off some. Also, when you feed your fish, try to feed them only what they can eat.