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  3. I have 35 lbs of Kaelini live rock for sale that originally came from Dr. Mac's Corals. Some coralline algae and very interesting shapes. I originally had it in a 20g long, but it is now in a 36g Oceanic Cube. There are a few six inch pieces, but the rest are all larger. I will ship, but buyer is repsonsible for the charges. I am letting it go for .50 a pound plus the shipping costs. Great opportunity for those looking to start or add live rock to their tank. Pickup is also available......I live in Auburn, Alabama which is about 1.5 hrs. south of the Atlanta International Airport off I-85. If interested feel free to IM me. Thanks. Jonathan
  4. metal halide

    Not sure if you are interested, but I have a 250w 20K metal halide pendant with a blueline electronic ballast for sale. It has been burnt a maximum of 10 hrs. It came from Champion Lighting and has the UV glass included. I can make you a great deal if interested.
  5. 250 W MH Setup For Sale - Used only 10 hrs.

    Auburn, Alabama. About 75-80 miles (I-85) south of the atlanta, ga metro area.
  6. 250 W MH Setup For Sale - Used only 10 hrs.

    Check PM, sent. Thanks. For anyone else interested, I have 35 lbs of live rock from Dr. Mac's Corals that I need to find a new home for. Would like to let it go for $2 a lb or more, but we can work something out if you are interested in the MH light.
  7. I have a 250W Metal Halide Setup for sale including a XM 20K DE Bulb that has only been burned approximately 10 hours. I am having to move and will not be able to set up this type of tank where I am going. I bought the light Summer 2004. Comes with BlueLine Electronic Ballast. Again, this is a great opportunity for those looking to move to MH or upgrade your current system. I can ship any method that you prefer. The light was purchased from Champion Lighting. I would like to get at least $230 (retails for at least $290-300 currently), but I am willing to negotiate. Buyer will be responsible for shipping and insurance. Also, if you live in the Auburn, Alabama area or would be willing to make the drive, the item can be picked up without the shipping charges. The best way to contact me is by e-mail at langljd@auburn.edu. .
  8. too much current?

    I had the exact same problem when i got my percula. I had a 20L tank with a Maxi-Jet 900 blowing straight at him. After about three weeks he quit "riding the waves" and was fine. I think it's just an adjustment period from my experience.
  9. I am looking at selling 35 lbs. of live rock that is in a 20 gallon long aquarium in Auburn, AL. I have no set price in mind and am willing to negotiate. This would, however, require a pickup in person. Feel free to reply if you are seriously interested. Thanks!
  10. Hair Algae Problem Bad Help Me Please

    lemme know how that phosban works if you don't mind.......the turbos as well. I have been battling a hair algae problem for a while now. I only have one astrea for my cleanup clew and 4 small red hermits. As others had suggested, I have been using RO/DI water (even changed the filters tonight after 6 months of 2 gpd use to see if it helps) and do 15% water change weekly. About a month and a half ago I had a royal gramma die, so I waited for everything to kinda settle. However, the hair algae is on a rampage! The only thing in the tank for the moment is the cleanup crew and live rock (35 lbs). Specs: 20g, Remora Skimmer, 250w halide 5 hrs a day
  11. Trying to figure out what is going on

    I agree with that one:). One more question.........hermits and snails don't necessarily get along do they. Is it smarter to stick more with snails for a cleanup crew? I read the myth 15 article and do not plan to buy anything else.......but just a comment (the one about snails) for others who might read this post. It seems that a lot of companies sell a "mix" of animals to deal with algae, but I wonder if that is the smart approach. Thanks for the advice, and keep on giving your perspectives if you like. They are all very much appreciated.
  12. Trying to figure out what is going on

    thanks nalbar.
  13. Trying to figure out what is going on

    yeah, using a refractometer. I had a fluctuation that probably caused the death of the two snails above. It went from 1.025 to 1.028 over a two day period. The temp has remained fairly constant. I use an ebo-jager 50w. Thanks for the ideas. Oh yeah, also, there are no corals yet. I wanted to try and figure this out first. I figure if I can't even keep a fish alive, the corals are doomed. Thanks
  14. I'll start with a little history. Back in Sept. 2004, I set up a 20L nano. I have a remora skimmer, two powerheads (plenty of circulation), 35 lbs of live rock from Dr. Mac's, use RO/DI water from an aquasafe unit off ebay, and do 15% water changes weekly. I let everything stabilize till January 2005, nothing except a cleanup crew (4 red legged hermits, and 4 snails). I bought the cleanup crew in late oct, and stocked a royal gramma in early January. All the parameters checked out. In January, two of the astreas died, but I removed them fairly fast and never registered a change in my water parameters with Salifert kits. The only thing I could register was Nitrate at around 3ppm (but this was typical I thought). I had a hair algae outbreak, but the parameters I checked did not seem too far off (I do not have a phosphate kit). I did a larger water change, 25%.......for the second one that week, and over the next week the hair algae began to decline. Well, then it increased again. All levels were 0 except nitrates (roughly 3 again). I assumed it must be a phosphate problem, but was gonna wait it out before using phosban or the like. I wasn't overfeeding the fish (only fed him every other day. Today the gramma died. I was wondering if I didn't feed him enough, but from the articles I had read it didn't seem that way. So here I am, a dead fish, no noticable levels that are high (Salfert kits), and hair algae. I am just kind of asking for suggestions. I'm about out of them. I really want this thing to work, and have taken the time to wait for everything to balance. Also, I use Oceanic salt.......as far as I could tell without a test kit, my phosphates shouldn't be really high, however I realize small amounts act as fertilizer for the algae blooms. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  15. how much of a raised salinity would create this problem. I do not have an evaporation system and my salt got up to 1.030 over xmas break. I brought it back down slowly (the only thing in the tank were hermits, and snails.......couple of snails died), but am now having a green hair algae bloom, a week after the fact (this the way things work?). Any suggestions for this problem.....my parameters are in check.....nitrates are a little higher at 2.5 now. I do not have a phosphate kit though. I am running a remora skimmer in a 20L and run halide lights for 8 hrs a day