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  1. Happy Turkey day lounge, Ham for dinner at our house !
  2. ya, that’s from a yr or more ago- he’s almost 12 now- lots of white in his face,old man but he still has some spirts 😆
  3. Yes it is! Get’s my vote!
  4. No, staying in and staying home, just me the wife and Tank! Maybe a ham or something, we tried Tofurkey one year and that didn’t quite make it 😆
  5. Where you at? Any skating going on?
  6. Sk8n Reefer

    Arce's Tank

    Same boat for sure, I tried pretty much everything, products, large w/c’s etc. little to no affect. Finally, I removed my skimmer and tried to just maintain the tank by changing floss 2x a week and vacuum areas as much as possible. It’s exhausting and the tank just looks terrible. I am going back to a smaller tank so I can perform smaller w/c’s that will have a quicker affect, that’s what worked for me in the past
  7. Sk8n Reefer

    Mark's 150 (NanoBox Retro)

    Looking great Mark!
  8. Those caps are beautiful, that is a great color on the Idaho Grape 👍
  9. Sk8n Reefer

    Arce's Tank

    Dino’s got the best of me too, I’ve been struggling with them for over 2years on my 50, finally decided to break the tank down and start over. Going with a smaller shallow reef, I think my niche is a smaller tank, we’ll see. Still have my original picasso clowns and possum Wrasse and a few sps that have managed to survive. Good luck Arce!
  10. Sk8n Reefer

    New Rimless Shallow cube build

    Looks nice and clean, gonna start on my own shallow reef after the holiday 👍
  11. 1/2 day today, gonna be nice out also, the wife says no turkey this year........we’ll see what she comes up with
  12. you talking Nanobox? I have a nice hybrid I can sell you, just a few key things broken 😆
  13. Say it ain’t so......the young skateboarders will be devastated
  14. yes and yes, but this is the only time it gets water ?