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  1. Planning Ahead and Curing/Cycling Rock

    Thank you for taking the time to reply with that! It is going to be a longterm project for sure. But having a bin full of beautiful purple rock at the end will be so worth it. On adding the fish, I had planned to add a CUC of snails in there after cycling. Would a fish, or both, be better?
  2. Planning Ahead and Curing/Cycling Rock

    It had to have come from somewhere. After washing the old rock off and letting it soak in RODI the phosphates were at .5+. Where else would that be from? And would circulation with ammonia in freshwater be useful, or would all that bacteria die in saltwater?
  3. 40g Mixed Reef: We have inverts (and fangs)

    Added a Fangtooth Blenny, cleaner shrimp, and bbc shrimp yesterday. I’m hoping the bbc can use this freedom to get a good spot before I add more. i do want to add 3 sexy shrimp as well with an anemone (mine split). I’m thinking it would be best to add the larger anemone with a clown pair, then put the smaller nem in with the sexies.
  4. 40g Mixed Reef: We have inverts (and fangs)

    Finally got around to picking up an AC 110 and setup the tank today. Only thing missing is sand. WIll update with picture in the am
  5. The 40B Club.

    DIY stand?
  6. Bionoob 29; Time to Upgrade to a 40!

    November 6th: 5g Water Change Tonight: Calcium is at 450 Alk at 10 dkh I will be measure Calcium each day to see how much the new SPS deplete it over a week's time. ID on these? Maybe a sponge? They don't appear to be new heads but I could be wrong, they are barely attached Leather is extending nicely November 8th: Calcium at 430 tonight. So ~10ppm per day. Scrambled Eggs, Sunny D and Utter Chaos looking good tonight Here is with an orange filter haha November 10th: Calcium still at 430-440. Its very surprising that it hasn't decreased more , LPS must not use very much and the small frags of sps are not using much yet either.
  7. 40g Mixed Reef: We have inverts (and fangs)

    9 days after the last dose, phosphates are at .098. I'll let it go another 2-3, test one more time and then into the display.
  8. 40g Mixed Reef: We have inverts (and fangs)

    Phosphate is at .058 3 days later. LC seems like a success
  9. One Stop Guide for Your Shrimp!

    Would 2 Skunk, 3 sexy, and 1 blue coral banded be ok in a 40breeder? The only other inverts (besides coral and anemone) are trochus and cerith snails)
  10. Sharbuckles 40

    Do you usually dip frags before introducing?
  11. 40g Mixed Reef: We have inverts (and fangs)

    Lanthanum Chloride worked very well, down to .05 from .5 after 4 doses over 8 days. Haven't dose in 2 days and I am going to wait 4-5 more to verify it is stable at the lower level.