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  1. How To DIY Insulated Shipping Pouches

    Did you read the whole post? There are like 4-5 heat seals and multiple bags in between the water and the package with this method. If all those fail then it wasn't actually heat sealed.
  2. Bionoob 29; Frag Pictures

    Had a shell with some utter chaos growing in it, broke it open today to get them out on their own plates. The shell also had blue clove polyps which I fragged to save. They look cool, but I don't want them spreading in my tank yet.
  3. 40g Mixed Reef: First Few Months Stage

    Before: After:
  4. Planning Ahead and Curing/Cycling Rock

    It would be nice to have it all the starting the same fresh white , and getting that remaining stuff off. I had passed off doing a muriatic acid cure but I will look into that
  5. Planning Ahead and Curing/Cycling Rock

    Started the bleaching process two days ago. Just in time for some sub-freezing temperatures! 3.5qt of bleach/8-10 gallons of water
  6. Bionoob 29; Frag Pictures

    Thanks! I plan on making some mixed frags eventually for people that have been following.
  7. Bionoob 29; Frag Pictures

    Updated pictures of some frags. All under Blue+White, no editing. Utter Chaos Galaxies? Scrambled Everlasting Gobstoppers Sunny D's Reverse Gorilla Nipples GSP Xenia
  8. 40g Mixed Reef: First Few Months Stage

    Cleaned the powerheads and moved the rock a tiny bit today. Blenny, both shrimp and the zoa frag are all doing great.
  9. Planning Ahead and Curing/Cycling Rock

    Had a warm today and sprayed all the rock today. Next is bleaching it
  10. Bionoob 29; Frag Pictures

    Full Tank Shot Currently I have been siphoning out the sand as I do water changes, hoping to get the rest out within a week. It will then be cleaned and go into my 40b so this can become better QT. i've found 6 bristle worms while going through the sand. Surprised me as I didn't start with any live rock. I knew I had one in there but he must have met a buddy.
  11. 40g Mixed Reef: First Few Months Stage

    It is! I saw it at the store, and after a quick phone research session, I couldn't resist getting him. So far he has been very active in the tank and during feeding. Here are some pics from this morning. Tank is still going through the dirty phase. Nice group of isopods and some other types on the glass. I love the stripes on these ORA snails.
  12. 40g Mixed Reef: First Few Months Stage

    Everything is moving along well. I have been feeding phytoplankton and have a good population of pods on the glass. The starter group came over on a frag of gorilla nipple zoanthids. Added 5 ORA Trochus and 20 ORA Cerith snails, and a ORA Urchin.
  13. Planning Ahead and Curing/Cycling Rock

    Thank you for taking the time to reply with that! It is going to be a longterm project for sure. But having a bin full of beautiful purple rock at the end will be so worth it. On adding the fish, I had planned to add a CUC of snails in there after cycling. Would a fish, or both, be better?
  14. Planning Ahead and Curing/Cycling Rock

    It had to have come from somewhere. After washing the old rock off and letting it soak in RODI the phosphates were at .5+. Where else would that be from? And would circulation with ammonia in freshwater be useful, or would all that bacteria die in saltwater?
  15. 40g Mixed Reef: First Few Months Stage

    Added a Fangtooth Blenny, cleaner shrimp, and bbc shrimp yesterday. I’m hoping the bbc can use this freedom to get a good spot before I add more. i do want to add 3 sexy shrimp as well with an anemone (mine split). I’m thinking it would be best to add the larger anemone with a clown pair, then put the smaller nem in with the sexies.