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  1. 40g HoB to Sump: Cycling Dry Rock

    Ammonia to 0, come on Nitrites.
  2. 40g HoB to Sump: Cycling Dry Rock

    Ammonia down to .25ppm, now to wait for nitrites to go down. Then I'll do a 100% water change , light dose of ammonia to see it process (maybe) and then into a tank.
  3. 40g HoB to Sump: Cycling Dry Rock

    Ammonia at 1.5ppm, Nitrites at 5.0+! Nitrates not showing yet. I love the process of cycling rock, so interesting once you understand a bit of the chemistry and biology that is going on.
  4. Very tiny feather duster?

    Could have come on the crab, or a coral frag, live rock, anything you have ever added to the tank. They are all over my back wall now. I feel bad when I clean the glass and invariably damage some.
  5. 40g HoB to Sump: Cycling Dry Rock

    I have an RW-4 that I'll be using on one side of the tank, Whats another good wavemaker in the $50-100 range?
  6. I started a Biocube 29g in March and almost as soon as I had it setup I wanted something a little bigger. We've all been there I decided that a 40 breeder would be a good size in an apartment, and got to work getting the pieces together. I've gotten everything ready now except the tank itself ! Weighing a few final local options. I'm not in a rush so I want to do things right. I started cycling some old live rock that had been sitting dry in the heat for 6+ months. I placed it in a tub with 1.025 saltwater, a cobalt accutherm 250w, and maxijet 400. Dosed to ~10ppm ammonia (Trying it high again after my first tank cycle went so well). I probably should have washed the rock off but I'll do a 100% water transfer before putting it into the tank later on. Currently it has been cycling for 2 weeks. I tested a very small nitrite presence 2 days ago and did a 30% water change with 5g from my Biocube. Nitrites are now at .75 and rising. Once the ammonia is completely processed I'll do the 100% and redose a small amount until I have the tank I want. edit: tested this morning 10/08/17: What do the nitrates look like? I am partially colorblind and the purples are hard for me.
  7. Just do a weekly change, not hard at all to change 2.5g of a 10g system.
  8. Da rke net

    Ignorance is bliss But for anyone with some basic computer knowledge, PC refers to a personal computer not a windows computer
  9. Da rke net

    For at least a decade PC has referred to windows or macs (and other OS now) to anyone with a basic understanding of it.
  10. Mortality rate?

    are you drip acclimating?
  11. Pom Pom Crabs with only one anemone have been observed ripping them in half to form two, like cutting them. The nems also rip themselves apart, cutting is is arguably easier on them if they are healthy.
  12. Bionoob 29; Time to Upgrade to a 40!

    A couple weeks away from having the 40b setup. Just started the dry rock cycling in a rubbermaid. Narrowly avoided the mistake of buying a Cobalt Neotherm earlier today. I found a pretty big thread about how they have been blowing up. Still need to decide on powerheads. I am setting it up with a HOB to start but I will add a sump later on once I figure that design out. I've been slacking on water tests, haven't done in any ~2 months. However I have been doing regular weekly 20% water changes with homemade RODI. Everything is healthy and looking good! I have also replaced my chemipure, purigen, filter floss when needed.
  13. Inkbird Temperature Controller ITC-308 Review

    I found the ITC-306 today Only has the heating element (which is all I need as I don't have a cooler) and is $10 cheaper https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01486LZ50/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A1RUFFFCQ74BCW&psc=1
  14. Bionoob 29; Time to Upgrade to a 40!

    Will 2x Hydor Evo 550/600 be sufficient for the powerheads in my 40b?
  15. Da rke net

    So windows and mac then? (macs are PC's too)