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  2. I call it kelp. Yes, it does better in an establishing tank. Once it's established well it won't grow much or completely disappears.
  3. Thanks. For some reason quit getting notification I was receiving comments on my pics
  4. I've broken the tank down for now Sure miss it.
  5. Thanks
  6. Hmmm, sorry didn't answer, never got notification that messages were posted Although I've broken down my tanks for now this 10 gal had a 10 gal refugium with live sand, lots of macro-algae, live rock, and a hang on Whisper filter that covered the whole back of the 10 gal refugium. Plus, a protein skimmer. The encrusting hydnophora at the bottom never stung anything that didn't fall against it but then it was MEAN! Lost a beautiful yellow leather that way. Yes, the coral at the top is Galaxea. It sent out tentacles all the time! Lana
  7. Main corals shown Devil's hand, Galaxea, blastomussa, zoas, hydnophora, mushrooms, orange digitata, Red Sea Xenia umbellata. 3 firefish.
  8. Thanks Atomik! I love the macros(plants)as much as I do the corals. I've had that fish for about 4 months and I was FINALLY able to get a pic of him that wasn't a blur. He streaks around like crazy, never stays still. Lana
  9. 10 gal AGA with 20" Current Satellite 40W 10,000k/460NM actinic, 18lb LR, 20lb LS, 2 maxi-jet 600 PH's on a Natural Wave power strip. hermits, snails, 3 peppermint shrimp, fire shrimp, 6-line wrasse, corals; Red Sea xenia umbellata, xenia elongata, purple nepthea, finger leather, protopalythoa's, giant anthelia, sea rod, colt, several color zoos, neon green mushrooms, blue mushrooms, 2 types green star. macro algaes; red, green and bubble kelp, red and green gracias(sp)too many types of plants and macro to name. Haven't id'd half of them. I use an old Whisper 4 w/d filter as a fuge. I took the bio-balls out of the back compartments and replaced them with Chaeto macro-algae, on top there's a piece of glass aquarium top with an 18 total watts Coralife mini aqualight which stays on 24/7. The water in the back compartments runs over charcoal filters onto drip pans which trickles down into the front compartments onto cut to fit filter pads. I put the pads in the front compartments to keep the air bubbles out of the tank.