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  1. I just purchased this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N53DGVC/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 And want to make the gooseneck taller (it's for mangroves) Is this 90 degree adapter for that? Instead of having the gooseneck bend?
  2. I tested my new batch and it is good to go. But my tank definitely has low magnesium levels at 1200ppm. I have a lot of new macroalgae which is probably eating it up faster than I thought. Alk is up to 7 though and pH is 8 which is good. What do you recommend I dose along with the two part for mag?
  3. According to that video seabass he says it is ready to use as soon as it dissolves and becomes clear. I've personally never seen my salt precipitate like his demo and it's always been clear when I add it. He also said the loss of elements through precipitation is only 2% and that it is fine to add the cloudy mix anyways. So I don't think my mixing is a problem.
  4. I have a mix coming today in the mail actually. So that will be perfect to test for the next water changes. Unfortunately I can't test the old batch since I'm out. The only part I don't follow is adding a powerhead. I usually just let the bucket sit with the top off for a few hours after all the salts are dissolved. Sometimes less than 30 minutes though. My tank is ~74 F so no heating beforehand. RO/DI water is already within 1 degree. Hmm... hopefully it was a bad batch of salt, because it is particularly low in the recent past. This is the first I've ever dosed on my tank, and I'm trying to use them specifically to deal with Alk and pH.
  5. No stony corals in my tank (at least not the traditional SPS). My biggest issue seems to be with zoas and similar. I use a normal refractometer and even have calibration fluid. I haven't tested it in a while though.. but my lack of growth and dying corals it couldn't just be that my salinity is off a few points ? I shoot for 1.024. I need to see if my 2-part will get my alk around to 8 like you said, and see if that makes a difference.
  6. I mix it until there is absolutely no undissolved particles and it never sits for more than 6 hours or so. If I am mixing water it is to do a water change that day. I have been baffled for a long time. All my fish, mostly seahorses, have always been healthy.... but my coral has never worked well. I have a $120 marine orbit light, so nothing great, but I rarely see any growth. Only my bigger soft corals seem to grow... slowly. And maybe some of my gorgonians. But if I get zoas or mushrooms they never do very well, and are more likely to die off than multiply. I really can't pinpoint any other problem than low alkalinity. Calcium and magnesium have always been in relatively normal shape. (but I'll try testing mag again today, but I doubt that's going to give me any more clues) I also use the same Red Sea test brand for AK. Nitrates stay under 10ppm. Lots of macroalgae too. The link in my signature is the tank, but it's a while ago, and I'm going to update it soon. Cause there a lot of new stuff going on!
  7. Thanks for the replies... sorry to hijack the thread. I am actually using Red Sea Coral Pro salt. I mix it well. My protein skimmer air line also runs out the window and my tank is rimless. I haven't tested magnesium in a little bit, I'll do that tonight and see what it is.
  8. My alkalinity has been very low and is why I'm concerned in the first place. It was like 4-5 dkh and I am now dosing 25ml/day of two little fishes 2-part on my 40b+20g sump. I'm now at like 6.5. Corals have never done great in my tank. Probably my cheap light too. I think my pH is OK, but it was pretty much the same color as what OP is describing.
  9. I have the same problem the OP is having with his red sea test. I've suspected excess CO2 before, due to a low ph sometimes. Enough to add some house plants in the room. How do you mean a PH test can detect CO2 problems, seabass?
  10. I'd really like to join in but I just saw this thread today and am not going to be able to source anything until the end of the week or so. Can we extend the deadline? :/
  11. Hi all, I have two BIG blood red fire shrimp, a mated pair that regularly reproduce. If you are interested I'd prefer local pickup/meet. $100 local
  12. I think I know where you're going with this. My tanks are in my home office so sometimes I am up late, or the lights in the room go on/off at different times. And my dual computer screens are facing one side of my tank so that light is on late. I think tank lights though will pretty much over power your lights in the room. But actually I have had some fish mostly my royal gramma in my seahorse tank get mad if the lights are on too late or they go on at night. He usually sleeps sideways inside a big toadstool leather coral and I want to think that when he splashes the water surface tank at night if I wake him up is him complaining But I do try and turn down the lights and overhead light if it gets late, especially past 12am when the tank lights are all completely off.
  13. Scuba tank, hilarious but really cool. Here is my first real tank.
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