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  1. I just pulled mine out of the tank to exchange for a new elite II.
  2. theishkid

    NEW Release, NOW Available. PLS-50 Elite II

    I just installed mine in the tank tonight. I'll give an update tomorrow. First impressions are pretty good.
  3. theishkid

    BACK IN STOCK. PLS-50 Elite II 3.25" x 3.5"

    Just curious what your market audience was for this update. Do you see the elite 2 as an upgrade for people that already own the elite 1? Can we expect to see that much of a difference with the new design in either ease of use or performance? Or do you see the elite 2 as more for people who are in the market for a new skimmer in general? Does that make sense?
  4. theishkid

    BACK IN STOCK. PLS-50 Elite II 3.25" x 3.5"

    I bet you can find one or two people that will sell you their original elite that are upgrading to the elite 2.
  5. theishkid

    BACK IN STOCK. PLS-50 Elite II 3.25" x 3.5"

    Have there been any reviews on the new skimmers yet? I’ve got the original Elite and would like to see if the upgrade is worth it.
  6. theishkid

    RO/DI Flushing Question

    Ok thank you!
  7. theishkid

    RO/DI Flushing Question

    I have a Bulk Reef Supply 5 Stage RO/DI unit and I'm trying to figure out if I'm using the flush valve properly... You open it up to let water flow over the membrane and and flush out the sediment, then close it back up after a few minutes to start making more water correct? But my understanding was that when you open up the flush valve the pressure should go up a little bit. And when you close it to start making water again, the pressure should drop down to normal. As of right now when mine is closed and making water the PSI is about 60. And when open it drops down to 50 PSI when going over the membrane. Is this correct or is my valve installed backwards or something? Water always comes out of the DI line in either case, usually when the valve is open it's just a little bit less. Is this normal? Open flushing the membrane at 50 PSI. Closed making water at 60 PSI. And here's just one of the valve in the closed making water position.
  8. theishkid

    Leaving for Two Weeks... Need Tips

    Well I only feed pellet, so that's all that will go in the apex but my dad only feeds flake for his fresh. I think his will mainly only be used when they take trips so hopefully it will be okay. They are going on a week long cruise so they didn't want to ask people to come over every other day. But he's going to test it out before they leave so I will let you know.
  9. theishkid

    Leaving for Two Weeks... Need Tips

    Thank you all... I bought the neptune auto feeder for my tank but I bought my dad the fish mate for his freshwater tank.
  10. theishkid

    Leaving for Two Weeks... Need Tips

    Thanks for the other suggestions. I forgot to mention that I do have a vortech mp10 and it is on a battery backup.
  11. Hey guys, I'm about to take a nice little vacation and will be gone for two weeks. I'm curious what your thoughts are on things I should do to make sure my tank is still alive when I get back. I haven't done much or added many corals over the past few months in anticipation of leaving. I just have two clowns and a cleaner shrimp, then some small clean up crew snails. I've got an auto top off but no controller as of right now. This is my plan... • Finally purchasing a controller and getting the new Neptune Apex. • Purchasing the Neptune Auto Feeder. • Since I would have the Apex I would also purchase a clip on fan to come on if the tank got a little warm. • Fill up the ATO the night before we leave. • Do a water change the day before we leave. • Purchase a Nest Cam (or Canary) so I can check in on the tank from time to time and set it up directly in front of the tank. I also have some family that is about 15 minutes away that could come over. In the past I have taken vacations and been gone 6 - 7 days and they came over every couple of days. I hate to have them have to do that for two weeks but wouldn't mind asking them to come over and just make sure the house is okay and that there is water in the ATO once or twice. What are your thoughts? What am I missing?
  12. theishkid

    NanoBox Quarter Overview : RAP, news and more

    The Anodizing looks awesome Dave! And you should be able to get some nice candy colors done too! I had my drums anodized Candy Blue.
  13. So here's a top down of this guy from about two hours ago... And then as the lights were going down he closed up even more inside the rock. Is this guy going to be a goner or what's the deal?
  14. Can someone please help me out? I've had a rock flower for about a year now. Last night I bought two more and placed all three in the same spot. They were all together last night for about 6 hours. I went to bed and woke up and the one that should be on the far right in the above picture was gone. I looked all over for it and finally flipped over a rock. It went from the left side of the tank to the center of the tank underneath a rock and tucked into a crevice. Should I have just left him alone? Would he have come back out eventually? I just flipped the rock over to give him some light but he's still pretty far down into the crevice.
  15. I had a hammer coral fall onto a plate coral. I'm not sure how long it was there but the hammer must have stung the plate enough to kill an area of the tissue on the plate. Will the plate re-grow the tissue? Or what other possible things might happen to the plate coral now? Should I feed it more or what other things can I do to help it out?