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  1. saixiong

    Sexy shrimp???

    Have a 5 gallon tank with some soft and lps corals,a hermit crab and a turbo snail. Thinking of picking up some sexy shrimp. They recommend having a few of them. How many should I get? And will they harm my corals, hermit or snail?
  2. saixiong

    Fish or invertebrates?

    Yes. A few other reefers suggested that as well
  3. saixiong

    Fish or invertebrates?

    Currently have a 5 gallon tank with 1 snail, 1 hermit crab, a few sps and lps. What could I put in my tank that's safe for my corals?
  4. saixiong

    generator idea

    Having a small tank, should i invest in a generator? is there any other options out there? I have a 10 gallon
  5. Sad to say my clownfish died about a week ago. Since im not feeding anything due to no current fish in my tank, will the clean up crew be ok or should i feed them? Will this cause another cycle in my tank?
  6. saixiong

    calcium,alk,mg ok for coral?

    Thanks I've heard that too. Just wanna make sure they're ok before I even purchase any
  7. I did my test using red sea test kit and these were my reading. is it ok for soft and lps? Calcium-385 Alk-9.8 Mg-1240
  8. saixiong

    parameters ok to add coral?

    thanks all
  9. saixiong

    parameters ok to add coral?

    I read online that using two part to dose, i would also have to dose the same amount for alkalinity as well, is that true? Or can i just use the calcium
  10. saixiong

    parameters ok to add coral?

    Thanks. What's a good way to increase calcium? 2 part?
  11. saixiong

    parameters ok to add coral?

    My goal is to have a few soft and some lps coral. Will my water parameters be ok for this?
  12. saixiong

    parameters ok to add coral?

    Yes it is a new tank. Just plan on picking up some soft corals to start off.
  13. Planning on picking up some corals this weekend, tested the water yesterday and these were the results. ammonia-0 nitrite-0 nitrate-5 saltinity-1.026 temp 80 phosphate-.25 alk-11.9 calcium-365 mag-1300 Will i be ok adding some corals?
  14. saixiong

    Parameters testing ok?

    thanks, did not know about that, will do that before mixing from now on
  15. saixiong

    Parameters testing ok?

    I use a empty container filled with rodi and add salt until the level is where i want it. I usually mix enough to last two weeks incase something comes up and i don't have time or if i need a immediate water change. then close the lid, and use it when i need it. Is this method ok?