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  1. KP_Reef_Tank

    Rapid LED Onyx or Reef Breeders Value for my 20 long?

    A couple of things. One thing I wanted was neutral white LEDs that help with red part of the spectrum. The onyx has a single red LED, but it sits on the UV channel with a single green LED too. This is all fine over a cube or smaller rectangle tank. I also wanted nanobox for the coverage. The onyx is 13" long, nanobox is 24" with 4 clusters.
  2. KP_Reef_Tank

    Rapid LED Onyx or Reef Breeders Value for my 20 long?

    I have a dimmable rapid led unit I'm swapping for a nano-box soon. Great light. Even had a happy clam under it for awhile.
  3. KP_Reef_Tank

    Reef Salt Container Size

    I normally mix a little bit of salt in a 5gallon bucket, that's all I have right now. But I've been wanting to try using a majority of the salt at one time. So I recently tried placing half a bag in a 5 gallon bucket with water, and then separated it out in to multiple 5 gallon containers, to get the right salinity level. I measured the calc level with the half bag in 5gallons and it was plenty high. I tried measuring calc in one container with the correct salinity level for adding to my tank, and it was very low again.
  4. KP_Reef_Tank

    Reef Salt Container Size

    Hi all, I have been buying reef salt that makes 50 gallons, for my 35 gallon tank. Calcium levels have been about 50% of stated. Should I be buying smaller bags of salt? Do companies put more or less of their mineral concentration for different size containers? Help me out!
  5. I'm hoping to purchase coral in a couple of weeks, but I haven't settled on a layout that I like yet. edit: picked up some new dry rock- will post in a few days.
  6. KP_Reef_Tank

    FS/FT: filefish in SoCal

    Photo added to original post.
  7. KP_Reef_Tank

    FS/FT: filefish in SoCal

    Aptasia mowing machine! Had for a few months, enjoys busily searching your tank. $15
  8. KP_Reef_Tank

    20 gallon hex

    Well... Let's start with equipment. What kind of filtration, lighting, or chemical products are you using?
  9. KP_Reef_Tank

    Custom Acrylic Work

    .75 inches (3/4 of an inch wide)a little bit more than 1/4 of an inch down- centered preferably. For the drain, I could imagine it with 3-5 tiny drain ports, as long as they stay inside the previously drawn circle. I'm willing to try it.
  10. KP_Reef_Tank

    Custom Acrylic Work

    I like the model! I have a couple of requests... I would like the pour ramp on the same side as the drain. I'm also rethinking the size of the drain port. In order to slowly drain, and simplify the idea, wouldn't be easier to make the port as small as possible, in place of adding some unknown tubing? Also- can the rimless feature be a hook instead? I have a rectangular cutout at the back of my euro brace tank that it could lock into.
  11. KP_Reef_Tank

    2 x Jebao RW-4

    I have a rw8, you want to trade?
  12. I'd love to be able to just swap fixtures out, but the quad looks like it has a specific kind of pin plug, where the orginal bluefish has 3 stereo-like plugs.
  13. KP_Reef_Tank

    Custom Acrylic Work

    I currently use a small container and thin tubing to add fresh water to my tank. It sits on top of my tank and I'm always worried it'll get knocked over. Think you could come up with a container with a 1 inch tube and funnel projecting below, draining water into the tank? I'll add some photos and sketches.
  14. Hi Dave, I'm interested in upgrading my fixture, I have an rapidled onyx dimming with bluefish controller. I'm considering the nanobox quad. Do I need to run the bluefish mini instead?
  15. KP_Reef_Tank

    Green Coralline Algae

    That is similar to what I have growing. Very hard to wipe off the front panel.