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  1. It’s uses arduino code, plus has built in WiFi. Blynk is just an additional library you add.
  2. Have you looked at the Wemos D1 Minis? Also look at Blynk for access and control from a phone or tablet. here is the interface for my tank light, simple on/off, took about 30min to code and get it all working.
  3. The main divider between the display and the AIO portion is plastic, the AIO dividers are glass.
  4. I have one in my sons room, pretty sure the 3.7g is just the display portion of the tank. I did seal up the lower slot so that it actually spills over into the overflow correctly. Needs a bigger pump if you are going to use it as a reef tank. It is defiantly a good tank for the price.
  5. Just got word my tank is alive and well after not having a pump on since Sunday. That was the thing I hated leaving behind the most.
  6. We left Fort Myers at 7, now are close to Ocala where the FL turnpike coming from Miami merges into i75, it's a madhouse, hardly any gas to be found.
  7. Any recommendations on a pellet or flake food to start feeding between frozen food days? 2 clowns, RBTAs, LPS and zoas.
  8. ecam315

    Bad Hombre Cantina

    Is that the one on 441 just north of okeechobee? If so, drove by it a couple weeks ago and thought it looked fun to explore.
  9. ecam315

    Astinus' Build *A work in Progress*

    I tend to see more algae issues when I feed flake. What frozen are you feeding?
  10. ecam315

    Bad Hombre Cantina

    Publix and target both carry it