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  1. Nickbruh510

    vortech wes mp-10 2012 , apex wxm, gyre f150

    Mp-10 sold
  2. hi, i have a few thing sim no longer using i have epics upon request , text me at 510-333-5260. vortech 2012 Wes non quiet drive, 110$ shipped new wetside last year apex wxm orange label 90$ shipped orange label gyre xf150- new motor nd new cages a few months ago, 150$shipped basic controller.
  3. Nickbruh510

    Tank breakdown have tons of nano stuff available.

    @pinion3d yes
  4. Nickbruh510

    Tank breakdown have tons of nano stuff available.

    1.5 years old Sure i can send it thru email
  5. Nickbruh510

    Tank breakdown have tons of nano stuff available.

    Kessil and vortech pending.
  6. Hey i upgraded to a 120 reef so i need to get rid if all my nano stuff -Vortech mp-10 wireless 2012- 110$ shipped -tunze nano osmolator - 70$ shipped -kessil a150 ocean blue - 100$ shipped -cpr hang on refugium medium with led light 120$ shipped
  7. Nickbruh510

    Red sea reefer 170 mods custom plumbing

    Hey! Wow you went above and beyond lol. Man everythin is held up just fine! I recently upgraded so i dont have the tank anymore but man that red sea plumbing was some stuff. Im glad i modded it the person who has it now had a rsr previously that lealed and noone at red sea explained to him tht after you break down the system once you should get new o rings. So he was super happy he has 3/4 inch plumbing:)
  8. Nickbruh510

    For Sale: AI Prime (non HD)

    Still available?
  9. Nickbruh510

    Some equipments for sale

    bump for a great seller!
  10. Nickbruh510

    Tunze Long Magnet

    still available ?
  11. Nickbruh510

    WTB AI prime or Kessil

    i have a kessil a150 sky blue. i mean ocean blue*
  12. Nickbruh510

    Thinking Out Loud

    possibly add in a aqua clear overflow box upgrade if funds allow. helped tons when i used one on quarantine setups...
  13. Nickbruh510