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  1. For smaller tanks they make perfect sense but it seems as you increase tank dims the design becomes increasingly harder to do maintenance on. Everything is in the back so you always need to reach over the tank. They tend to sit higher too because they're shallower so the stand needs to be taller for a good viewing level. There's also the lights that might get in the way as you step up higher on a stool to reach the back. Mine is only 40g and I'm already feeling it. Luckily I have my tank against the stairway wall so I can go up and reach through the rail to access some of the rear compartments. Still I don't even want to think of having to replace the return pump if it goes out. I know IM made a 80g and even a 120g AIO. I wonder how maintenance is on those.
  2. I have the Coral Box RN-1 on the way. I went with it because it supposedly has a very wide flow pattern and minimal bulk inside the tank. It still has the cable going inside the tank but it looks to be very compact. I'll give an update once I have it running.
  3. AquaVaj

    CUC in refugium?

    This is just a rear compartment on a custom AIO (36x20x16). Dual overflows on each side. Left side goes through media basket, under and over into the fuge section and then over into the return section. Right side goes through media basket, under and into the skimmer section and then over into the return. There is a 750gal/hr return pump. The tank is still cycling so no livestock yet. I have a freshwater LED pendant that lights the fuge.
  4. AquaVaj

    CUC in refugium?

    IDK, just about every fuge I've seen had sand. Is it only needed if you're trying to grow macros that need to be anchored down?
  5. AquaVaj

    CUC in refugium?

    I have a 5L x 4W x 16H compartment I made specifically for a fuge in my AIO. I will have sand, a few of those small Marine Pure biocubes and chaeto. Can I put a couple of snails in there too or will they likely starve since the compartment isn't all that big?
  6. AquaVaj

    Macro algae in mixed reef display tank?

    Nice! That's exactly what I want to do. Didn't have much success with SPS in the past but hopefully will with ornamental macros. Would T5 lighting work or do they do better with more full spectrum? I have hybrid T5 (blue and purple) and MH (250w 14k).
  7. Is this even possible or too many conflicts with parameters, corals and fish make it too difficult to be successful?
  8. AquaVaj

    FS used reefkeeper lite in Los Angeles area

    Still available?
  9. AquaVaj

    Nuvo 16 questions

    Mine cracked sitting outside with sand and water just enough to cover the sand. Cracked around the curved corner down the side to the back. Didn't realize they were so prone to cracking until I did a google search. That's probably why it's only $25.
  10. For a 40gal new setup that will be mostly softies and lps but likely will be adding sps as well. I have a jebao wp10 from an old setup but it's inadequate but will keep to assist if I add the 3K or RN-1.
  11. I'm at about a 2:1 ratio so to fill my 55gal water drum that's over 100gal of waste. I do collect some in a 32gal trash bin to use on whatever but after that I just stick the waste line down a drain. I guess I can pick up another bin or two but that's a lot of space devoted to just collecting and storing water. I can run a long line to my front yard but I have no grass landscaping so it's just going to flood and drown the plants. I guess this all depends on how much RO water you need to make but how do you guys deal with it? Just stick it down the drain and shut it out of your mind?
  12. IMO Wifi is nice but to be strictly Wifi is a no go. If I'm at the tank I want to make changes on the fly quickly and not have to whip out my phone to make it.
  13. AquaVaj


    No this is for my custom aio. Its about 40gal.
  14. AquaVaj

    13$ DIY BIOCUBE Media Rack

    I'm way late but here are mine I made for my AIO. I made 2 using 1/4" black acrylic and black egg crate.
  15. AquaVaj