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  1. I'm actually in the process of upgrading to a 120g and will be breaking this one down. Just wasn't happy with the size so it didn't take much to make me make that jump.
  2. Some aren't really out to make money off of this hobby. They enjoy it as is and don't mind helping out other hobbyist. Many here have given free frags away and even nice tanks.
  3. Are corals really that complex or just responding to environmental changes? I can flip all my lights back on after turning off for the night and in a few minutes most will be wide open again.
  4. Likely monti eating nudis. Had them on mine and the monti was toast.
  5. You think I should try moving it to see if that might jump start some growth?
  6. Got a 1.5" frag about 2 months ago. I'm seeing little to no growth with it. I'm seeing good to great growth with my other sps. I see no distress with it. It just doesn't seem to want to grow. Always heard they grow like weeds among the sps.
  7. Mine has been on quite an adventure. It moved quite a bit when my female maroon clown was trying to host it. She was 3x too big for it and I think injured it. It was holed up for 2 weeks refusing to open underneath a ledge. It's slowly looking better and now has moved again and stuck it's head out of a crack in the rocks. My other GBTA was out and under a ledge but has since moved completely under. They can seem happy one minute and pissed the very next.
  8. I think they just look like they're struggling due to the way they swim. They'll adapt and will quickly learn where the lower flow areas are and go there to rest when needed.
  9. I just got the Icecap 3K for my 40g. This thing puts out a ton of flow. I have it ramping 10%-30% in pulse mode and my reef grade sand is still getting tumbled around. Anymore and it'll be making craters and my corals start fussing. The 1K might be enough but with 3/4" acrylic I was afraid the magnets wouldn't hold. The 3k says max 1/2" but it's holding just fine with 3/4". Also if I was to ever upgrade to a bigger tank (very likely) I won't need to upgrade it too. Noise wise mine is pretty silent. I can't hear it even standing right up by the tank. When I was adjusting it it did make a loud whine but repositioning it a little made it go away. Instructions on setting up the programming is a joke and had to watch a few youtube vids to get it down. Also this thing is huge so if you're looking for minimal footprint inside the tank you should probably look for something else.
  10. I'm more concern about the health and growth of the other corals. This is only a 40g so space can get cramped especially since leathers can grow quite quickly.
  11. I have a mixed reef and been thinking of adding some leathers (toadstool, cabbage, sinularia..etc) but it seems they are known to release toxins. Are they worth the hassle of dealing with the toxins? I do run carbon continuously and replace once every month.
  12. I have over half a dozen sps in my 3 month old tank. I lost an encrusting monti due to nudis and a pink lemonade (not sure why) so far. The Stag, Stylo, Pocillipora, Red Dragon, a green and blue birds nest, red monticap, and setosa are all doing well. I have them under t5/mh.
  13. A few sps frags I bought from a local reefer was like this. He was running LEDs. The shaded side had polyps but no color. Much of it was white. Under my T5 I'm starting to see some color develop in these areas.
  14. To be on the safe side I would avoid using any spring water or drinking water. Yes they are purified but most add minerals back in for taste. If you're going to use bottled water make sure it's distilled.
  15. Yep, out in the IE. I think it'll be fine in transport but I don't know about sitting at the door for the whole day. No one can get to it until after 5.
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