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  1. AquaVaj

    My clownfish cant handle the flow?

    I think they just look like they're struggling due to the way they swim. They'll adapt and will quickly learn where the lower flow areas are and go there to rest when needed.
  2. AquaVaj

    Thinking of changing wave pump(s)

    I just got the Icecap 3K for my 40g. This thing puts out a ton of flow. I have it ramping 10%-30% in pulse mode and my reef grade sand is still getting tumbled around. Anymore and it'll be making craters and my corals start fussing. The 1K might be enough but with 3/4" acrylic I was afraid the magnets wouldn't hold. The 3k says max 1/2" but it's holding just fine with 3/4". Also if I was to ever upgrade to a bigger tank (very likely) I won't need to upgrade it too. Noise wise mine is pretty silent. I can't hear it even standing right up by the tank. When I was adjusting it it did make a loud whine but repositioning it a little made it go away. Instructions on setting up the programming is a joke and had to watch a few youtube vids to get it down. Also this thing is huge so if you're looking for minimal footprint inside the tank you should probably look for something else.
  3. AquaVaj

    Adding leather corals and dealing with toxins

    I'm more concern about the health and growth of the other corals. This is only a 40g so space can get cramped especially since leathers can grow quite quickly.
  4. I have a mixed reef and been thinking of adding some leathers (toadstool, cabbage, sinularia..etc) but it seems they are known to release toxins. Are they worth the hassle of dealing with the toxins? I do run carbon continuously and replace once every month.
  5. AquaVaj

    SPS Basics

    I have over half a dozen sps in my 3 month old tank. I lost an encrusting monti due to nudis and a pink lemonade (not sure why) so far. The Stag, Stylo, Pocillipora, Red Dragon, a green and blue birds nest, red monticap, and setosa are all doing well. I have them under t5/mh.
  6. AquaVaj

    Coral shadowing

    A few sps frags I bought from a local reefer was like this. He was running LEDs. The shaded side had polyps but no color. Much of it was white. Under my T5 I'm starting to see some color develop in these areas.
  7. AquaVaj

    Store Bought Water

    To be on the safe side I would avoid using any spring water or drinking water. Yes they are purified but most add minerals back in for taste. If you're going to use bottled water make sure it's distilled.
  8. AquaVaj

    Ordering snails this time of the year

    Yep, out in the IE. I think it'll be fine in transport but I don't know about sitting at the door for the whole day. No one can get to it until after 5.
  9. So we're seeing triple or near triple digit temps for the rest of the month. Will they be ok being shipped for 3 days in this heat? No one will be home to take the package too so it'll be sitting outside for almost the whole day. There are the LFS but they are way overcharging for them.
  10. AquaVaj

    Got shocked by my tank

    Hmm didn't think the lights could be leaking voltage but that does sound plausible. A ground probe likely won't protect against that but a gfci should right?
  11. AquaVaj

    Got shocked by my tank

    I got zapped when I was stepping on damp carpet around the tank and my arm brushing against the metal light hangers. The carpet was wet because earlier the feed line for the ATO came loose and fell to the ground and caused a back siphon. Dumped about a gallon before I noticed. I'm stumped because the hangers are mounted to the back wooden wall of the stand and make no direct contact with the tank water so how is it carrying voltage? I suspect it's either the return pump or the skimmer pump that's creating this voltage. I'll be getting ground probe soon and look into getting the outlet changed to a gfci.
  12. AquaVaj

    Thinking of changing wave pump(s)

    Check out the Coral Box RN-1. It's fat but much lower profile like the vortechs. There's still a cable into the tank though. You can synch 2 of them together too.
  13. AquaVaj

    Are cardinals a bad choice in a mixed reef tank?

    I started off with 3. 1 didn't make it and now the 2 left are like cats and dogs. Seeing them suspended in the water so peacefully at the LFS one would never think they'll be such a bully to one another. The one being bullied was stressed out so many times I thought he was a goner but still hanging on. He'll be way up by the overflow weir seemingly struggling to swim horizontally. I'll be giving him away as the other one seems more than contempt on being by itself. He actually likes riding the strong current compared to the other two.
  14. AquaVaj

    Filter Floss Recommendation?

    I'm using the white filter pads either in 50 or 100 microns cut down to size. I change it twice a week and it's completely brown each time. I do wonder for the people who use no mechanical filtration how do they deal with this gunk. Is it just having a good cuc and being more diligent with husbandry tasks?
  15. Have you tried using fans? I have a clamp on with 5 computer size fans and my 40g tank never goes over 80 even when the house is 88 cause AC if off since no one is home. I'm running a 250w MH for 2 hours as a noon burst too. Downside is the extra evaporation. That's a cool little unit though and should use a lot less electricity than a standard chiller.