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  1. Hype, whatever happened to that gorgeous yellow dendrochirus of yours?
  2. A few days after the bulk of my bryopsis died, I was playing around and found a patch that was kind of buried between rocks. It had survived when the rest died. I left it exposed, and it died a few days later. If you can reasonably do the same with yours, that would be my recommendation before adding more Fluco. I don't have any experience with additional dosing, and can't speak to any effects that might have.... though i suppose you could report back to us!
  3. Any way you can rearrange to put this patch into a more exposed area?
  4. A little Chemi-Clean or Red Slime Remover will dust that cyano... no prob!
  5. I've heard a lot of people had good success with Vibrant vs. GHA.
  6. Hard to tell if that's bryopsis. Looks like it might be GHA, which I don't think will be affected by the Fluco. Bryopsis has feathery ends and pretty hefty stems... like this:
  7. I would say that the more live rock you have, the easier your life will be in regards to regulating water conditions. More surface area = more beneficial bacteria, etc. Your only real limitations are: 1. Maintaining strong, evenly distributed water flow in your tank and avoiding "dead spots." This should include (as much as possible) areas between, around, and even under the rocks. 2. Maintaining access to the tank walls for cleaning/scraping. 3. Having enough room for corals to grow. 4. Creating a look that you find visually appealing. Some folks like a full, busy tank with something to see everywhere you look. Others enjoy a more minimal look, with a single, distinctive focus. This is entirely up to you.
  8. When one creature's passing brings some small comfort to another.
  9. Haha... looked like a warming station at a buffet. Love the Radion... I think you're going to like it too!!
  10. Post the best photo you can get of the algae... Should make sure it's bryopsis before you go this route.
  11. I'm excited for you too! I don't know if this will affect anything besides bryopsis... at least not from what I've seen.
  12. Based on some conversations I've had with a few guys on R2R, and the thread that followed (, I wanted to share this information with my NR family. This is about a medication called Fluconazole, and it's apparent ability to destroy bryopsis. I have used this product myself and will share my results. I run a 45g display with a 30 gallon sump. I had been having some severe dinoflagellate problems, and began using Vibrant. This treatment got rid of the dinos but caused a huge bryopsis outbreak, that just kept getting worse. The Vibrant is advertised to be able to kill bryo, but I decided to try this method. I dosed 1000mg of Fluconazole which I purchased here: My tank is a mixed reef with fish, inverts, crustaceans, SPS, LPS, softies, zoos, BTAs, clams, etc. I have seen absolutely no adverse effects from the medication, and I have noticed a distinct disintegration of my bryopsis. I have not seen any effect on any other algae in my tank, whether nuisance, or macro. I have chaeto and dragon's breath, and it has not been effected. Granted, I am only 3 days into my trial, but all is well so far. I would encourage anyone suffering from byropsis infestation to check out this thread, and see if it makes sense for you. Please make sure you do your own research before you add anything, including this medication, into your tank...
  13. FTS 02-10-17 Background and Setup I got a new job back in August, and it came with a new office, and from day one, I've been planning, and plotting, and scheming a new setup. I've been running a 12.5g shallow desktop setup for a little while now, and I absolutely love it. It's low tech, requires pretty minimal maintenance, and it's been successful for what it's been tasked to do. It's at home now, and I miss having a tank at work. I've always had a fondness for the rimless shallow tanks, so I knew that was the direction I wanted to go. I've never had a tank bigger than the 12.5, and I wanted to try something bigger so I could take advantage of a setup with a sump, a skimmer, and some other toys that will (theoretically) allow me to keep more demanding corals. At Reef-A-Palooza this year, I spent some time at the CAD Lights booth, and ended up going home with the 45G Artisan II Shallow Reef tank. They gave me a good deal, and I couldn't resist! Tank: 45G - 36 x 24 x 12 : Starfire on the front and two sides Sump: 30G - 3 Chamber (50% capacity used as Refugium) Light: Ecotech Radion XR30W Pro - tank mounted with RMS; AI Sol over Refugium Flow: 2 x Vortech MP10 - on reef crest mode; Return pump and Koralia Nano (in sump) Heat: Eheim 200w Skimmer: Vertex Omega 130