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  1. A word to the wise: For all those of you who run Radions, make sure you add Radion Maintenance to your to-do list. I noticed yesterday that there was a strange clicking coming from my tank, and a process of elimination revealed that it was coming from my light. This morning, I removed the top plate and it looked like the inside of a vacuum cleaner bag in there. Just dust piled on dust piled on dust. There was even a dead moth in there, which I'm sure was the source of the clicking. The fan blades were nipping the dead moth's wings. So I removed the fan and brushed it was a stiff bristled paint brush, then used a tooth pick and dry cloth to clean the metal elements underneath. I brushed all the crap off the fan blades, and gave everything a good wipe down with a paper towel with a bit of Windex on it. Now the fan is silent, and I can actually see a bit of air current under the unit. I imagine that just extended the life of my Radion a bit.
  2. Awesome photo!
  3. Thank you! Perfect... I'll just play the name game too, and call that coral the RCO.
  4. I think it shows what lengths vendors have gone to confuse hobbyists!
  5. Does look similar. Though yours is more blue & green. The coloration on mine is very similar to an ORA Pearlberry, though doesn't seem to have the plating growth pattern.
  6. Shallow tanks are the best!
  7. Sweet light!
  8. Some Galaxy S6 shots. I'll be upgrading to the S8 in a week or so. I'll be interested to see what kind of improvements they made to the camera. One day I'll buy a proper DSLR, but for now, these'll have to do! Hallucinations Hammertime An older acan colony that's starting to perk up a bit after being dissected by some rogue peppermints Old school SSC Queen Bitch in her throne Still not sure what this is... but it's getting pretty.
  9. Give it some time. It's probably a little shocking for your corals to be getting that much flow. You should take a short video and show us what it looks like in there. Haha...nice. 40% blasts seems to work for me, and my tank is only 12"deep. My sand isn't moved at all, except by the MP10s in the corners. Everyone's rock-work is different though.
  10. How are you liking it so far?
  11. Some natural sunlight on the reef before the LEDs come on.
  12. I thought about setting it up to calm down at night, but I didn't get that far, and everything seems happy, so I haven't messed with it.
  13. I also got some Rainbow Yodas... but they're not quite ready to be photographed... Stay tuned.
  14. Guess who's back? Tyree Space Monsters. Ever since my colony (more than 200) melted, I've been trying to track down the OG strain, and I finally found someone with a colony. When they arrived, they looked terrible. They were all inverted, and they were on their way to melting. After a few weeks of careful attention, they're responding well. Still need to color up a bit, but this is the first time I can see them for what they are... The guy actually sent me a few Rose Nebula polyps (as a freebie!), and I'm growing them right next to each other so that we can see the difference side-by-side.