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  1. I've got a good gardener I could refer if you need someone to trim the hedges.
  2. My Sioux Name roughly translates to "Stirs the Pot".
  3. That dude is awesome! I've always wanted one, but when the guy said don't put him in with anything that he might "THINK" will fit in his mouth, I had to hold off. My LFS had a couple awesome looking anglers this week:
  4. Sorry to hear about the troubles. There is literally nothing stinkier in this hobby than a dead snail! Where did you get your macros? Do you recommend the supplier? I'm reworking my fuge, and would like to introduce a bunch of non-chaeto macros.
  5. This is exactly what I did... It didn't survive a 40 mile journey
  6. I've always had some in my display or refugium, but the stuff DOES NOT travel well. I tried to ship some once and it melted overnight. I think they release toxins when they're stressed, and if they're in a little baggie, they just rot in it.
  7. Wow! Cool! Those zoas are like, "Help me!"
  8. Oh please... My tank doesn't hold a candle to Mark's tank. I appreciate the shout out, but Stella's just trying to butter me up for a couple Hallucination polyps!
  9. I normally run my dKH at 11. It crept up to about 12.5 when I started noticing some burnt tips.
  10. Everything looks amazing! Great coloration... great photography. Awesome tank!
  11. My PC Rainbow has settled in with pretty much no rainbow. It's a pretty pink color, but all of the greens and yellows are gone. I think that means it's getting plenty of light. But where the growth tips used to be white, now they're bright blue. The blue doesn't really come through much in this picture, but it's pretty striking in the tank. Here's the new scape... top down style...
  12. Thanks man... very nice of you to say. Your Archipelago tank was the inspiration for both of my tanks! So, now I just need you to fly out to CA and bring your SLR and take some pictures for me! Don't worry, there's a lot of fun stuff to do here in Orange County! I dose 40 mL of both elements of B-Ionic 2 part per day. Then 5 mL of Mg and 5 mL of aminos. I recently reduced my two part from 45 mL because my ALK was running a little high... and I like my ALK high! I am using the wide angle lenses. I'm sorry I didn't make that clear. I don't think the normal lenses would give me the coverage I need to grow corals all the way across the 36".
  13. Looks great Rachel! This would look so cool if you could train some sea-grass to grow in the sand-bed and have the rock kind of erupting up out of it. Kind of like this, but with your big beefy rock structure on top.
  14. If you use the wide angle lenses on the XR30, you'll get good coverage over 36". Obviously, you'll lose PAR toward the edges of that 36", and you'll lose a bit of light penetration toward the bottom of the tank since the wide angle lenses diffuse the light. But I think the SR-60 is only 16" deep, so I wouldn't worry about penetration. Since you're not going heavy SPS, it should be fine.
  15. These were the thoughts in my head initially, but I'm pretty confident with the Berghia ID after seeing him go after that aiptasia. Besides, the only montipora I have in that tank is Gena's Idaho Grape, and that thing is indestructible... and weird. The two nudis do look different though. Here are a couple of MEN: Versus Berghia: