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    Thoughts on Ecoxotic Marine fixture

    My LFS told me that this light was my best bet for keeping a variety of softies, LPS, and SPS: http://www.ecoxotic.com/panorama-marine-led-lights.html So I bought it and set it up (rookie mistake), and after further research, I'm thinking... not so much. The company's own literature says it's only for "fish, live rock, and soft coral." I haven't been able to find much feedback from people actually using these lights in an aquarium, save for this article from Reef Builders, who rave about its ability with SPS when used in conjunction with the all-actinic light: http://reefbuilders.com/2012/12/07/panorama-pro-led-4/ So, my options are to spend another $150 on the all-actinic light, buy a used Reef Breeder's Value LED from a local guy for $100, or take the wait n' see approach. If I take the wait n' see approach, how long does it typically take for coral to react to insufficient lighting? Right now I have in the tank: SPS - pink birdsnest LPS - frogspawn, maze brain Softies - florida ricordea, zoas, toadstool and two purple ribbon gorgonians Everything is looking great right now, but most of the coral has only been in the tank 1-2 weeks. The tank does get plenty of ambient sunlight, and even some direct sunlight in the late afternoon. Any advice is welcome. Older photo w/o any coral in there yet:
  2. Thanks. Theirs aren't striped, just all white. The closest thing I can compare it to (color-wise) would be a xenia. Certainly not eye-catching, but still pretty in a simple way. They're only asking $11.99, so I might pick one up as some interesting ground cover, and to serve as a "practice nem" for a future spending spree at VIPreefs
  3. My LFS has a couple all-white RFAs. Does that mean they've expelled their zooxanthellae?
  4. Call Me Ishmael

    This live rock is so flippin gorgeous...

    You got that right; he's as obsessed as I am. Went to the LFS on Saturday, and he stood and listened for a good 20 minutes to a new employee getting trained on the care and feeding of the various types of fish. Longest I've ever seen him stand in one place.... he turns 3 in two weeks
  5. Call Me Ishmael

    This live rock is so flippin gorgeous...

    It really is a thing of beauty, Gena. Thanks for being cool with me reposting your photo. Seriously, though, I just sit and watch my "empty" tank like it's a TV. My wife is starting to think I'm crazy....
  6. ...it's almost got me thinking about doing a FOWLR. But then I see photos like this one and my color addiction relapses