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  1. DaveMc

    6.8g Imagitarium AIO

    Awesome looking tank! Hope I can gt mine to look as good lol.
  2. DaveMc

    Would a HOB Refugium be worth it?

    Awesome! Got the links saved, didn't see that one for the 15% when I first went there so a big thank you for that lol. Currently at work but will call her once I get lunch and see if I can "sweet talk" her into doing it now haha.
  3. DaveMc

    Would a HOB Refugium be worth it?

    Oh SWEEEETTTTTT! That would be perfect for the room I have available right now. Love AIO tanks and have been trying to decide which to go with. with this sale I may just have to pull the plug on it. That's a good price for it, plus my current lighting should work perfectly or it. Thanks for the heads up on this @WhatsReef!
  4. DaveMc

    Would a HOB Refugium be worth it?

    @WhatsReef, was just thinking about that after my last post. I only have 3 other fish in the tank, one being a clown and he is a little pig lol. Hmmmm, this could be a really good bargaining chip with the wife to get a bigger tank sooner lol.
  5. DaveMc

    Would a HOB Refugium be worth it?

    Yes, cheato has a way of getting all over the place. Learned the hard way when I first got into the hobby. I had a 10g nano and thought it would be a good idea to put a small clump in the back corner of the tank itself for decoration and also a place for smaller inverts etc. to hide and for the fish to nibble on. Started growing real nice and helped with keeping NO3 down, but then it went a little wild. Took me a month to get it and all the little pieces out of the tank lol.
  6. DaveMc

    Would a HOB Refugium be worth it?

    Yes, that's what I am thinking now @WhatsReef. Since my wife wants a Mandarin would be a good way to grow pods for it. I don't have it setup yet, was going to wait until I done my next water change before setting it up as I would have to move my skimmer to the other side of the tank. Man,, can't wait to get a bigger tank and a sump lol.
  7. DaveMc

    Would a HOB Refugium be worth it?

    That's what I was thinking, if it was a bigger volume of water in the fuge may be worth a try. Still may use it for the live food aspect. My wife is wanting a Mandarin but told her it needs live food to live. If I can use this to grow pods for it then may still use it.
  8. DaveMc

    Looking for feedback on my fish plan!

    Definitely would cut back on some when it comes to the chromis and/or clowns. If you do decide to keep the clowns I would dd them last to the take. From personal experience, once they claim "their" area in the tank they can at times bully any new fish that you add, so adding them last with help curb the bullying a little. Welcome to NR!
  9. Good afternoon everyone, i currently have a HOB Refugium that I used on my old 10 nano tank. Was thinking about using it n my current 36g Bowfront tank that I have. I was just wondering if it would really be worth it in the long run? The HOB fuge holds about 1 gallon of water and was looking at adding some macro algae to help with nutrient export, along side my skimmer. I don't have the room for a regular refugium because of limited space and my stand doesn't have the place to put one. Was gonna place some extra filter floss in one chamber and leave the other 2 for the macro algae and possibly Pods in the near future. What do you think?
  10. DaveMc

    CSreefers Fluval Spec V

    Yeah, waiting for them to show up in the 5g i'm cycling now. lol
  11. DaveMc

    5.3g Pico Paradise

    That may be a very good idea. Didn't even think of that. The tank has a cover but can't use it with the HOB filter and light holder on the tank. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind topping it off only takes about 5 seconds but would hate to forget one day and it get too low and kill anything I may have in it. Thanks for helping to juggle my mind @NuisanceAlgaeCultivator. Greatly appreciated 😃
  12. DaveMc

    CSreefers Fluval Spec V

    Yup, that's diatoms lol. Following....
  13. DaveMc

    GIVEAWAY: Hanna Instruments Salinity Tester

    Entered! This would be awesome since I have several tanks lol.
  14. DaveMc

    5.3g Pico Paradise

    Well nothing new to report as of yet, still waiting for cycle to finish. Have to admit I do turn the light on for a few minutes and just look at it. The water is so clear and the flow is great, but the evaporation!!! MAN, never topped off so much on any of my other tanks lol. Gotta work on getting that Micro ATO for it next. 😋
  15. DaveMc

    Coraltopia - The beginning !