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  1. Should I start from scratch?

    I'm definitely not in the rush. I'm not sure of the parameters but I'll find out... Like I said it's been sitting in my basement for about 2 years. Yeah, I'm leaning towards that route... It's definitely safer... How about the live rock? half of it have been submerged.
  2. I have 36 gal nano that has been sitting in my basement (half full) with live rock and sand. The previous inhabitants died in it when I moved. Long story short, I'm thinking of starting it back up again. Should I totally replace the live sand? Do I dry out the live rock?
  3. Is my tank PH stable?

    Thanks guys! Always appreciate your help
  4. Is my tank PH stable?

    I eventually want to add some sps
  5. Purple sludge growing

    Siphon it and wait it out. Find the source and nip it in the butt.
  6. Blue Demp's 36 Gallon Bow Front

    Montipora Anyone know why my duncan head is missing it's tentacle? Mushroom Nuclear Paly Feather duster Dendrophyllia
  7. Blue Demp's 36 Gallon Bow Front

    Finally obtained a colony of Nuclear Green Paly... Woot!!! I almost bought a bunch of frags from Mr. Coral. I will post some pics soon.
  8. rsz_dsc_1371_36951

    Ditto. I just got a colony myself. How's the growth rate?
  9. CPR AquaFuge 2 ?

    Wow! Your tank must be new cuz my CPR is covered with coralline to the point it's only viewable from the top. Do you guys clean yours? I noticed the sand bed in the is turning black!
  10. Didn't think that would work. Good job! How do you block the entrance once he got in there?
  11. Under 10 mins!

    I put in my order today via your website... I'm excited!!! this is my first Mr. Coral order.
  12. LOL reminds me of Elmor and Bugs bunny LOL... good luck!
  13. I like the color my YT bring to my tank, but he it definitely pisses me off when it steals the food from my sun coral. Let me know how you plan on catching it.
  14. FTS as of Feb 2012

    Nice tank!
  15. Need Help w Algae

    From time to time diatoms do come back. I would test your water, up your water change, reduce your photoperiod, then wait. My tank is a year old and that is how I deal with most algae.