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  1. rod00007

    FREE NanoBox Reef Mini Tide : Contest Time!

    Magnetic Metallic to Match my 2015 Mustang GT
  2. rod00007


    thanks this really helped. I'm wanting to add some things besides chaeto to my tank and I will definitely check these out.
  3. rod00007


    Great tank! Do you have any suggestions on where to get macro algae online?
  4. rod00007

    Nano Box Tide Contest : FREE MINI TIDE

    Shared post. I love those colors on the light. Sweet!
  5. I'd like to see a bigger system with these lights. Can anyone point to some links of 60+ gallon tanks with these things on? I am hoping for deeper than 21 inches. I'm very happy with my kessils and bluefish controller. I wish the AP700 was out already.
  6. I have a jbj pico 3 gallon at my desk at work. It was 35 and a good starter kit that you could get and add really nice lights to. Maybe add a nanobox tide with storm to it.
  7. rod00007

    Ecotech Vortech Discussion / Feedback

    It's not a waste of time to hash it out. I never considered the cleaning aspect that was mentioned for the Vortech pumps vs the jebao. So I can honestly say I learned something from this thread. It's good to have it out and express opinions as long as you don't get butthurt about it and take it as someone trying to make your opinion wrong.
  8. rod00007

    Ecotech Vortech Discussion / Feedback

    i have 3 wp-25's and I freaking love them. I'd buy a Gyre 130 before I would ever even consider an Ecotech pump. Still hate the pricing. 200+ dollars for a water pump just seems outrageous unless its going to be the messiah(Gyre maybe)
  9. The best customer service I have ever had in this hobby was dealing with Kessil. You need to contact them directly.
  10. rod00007

    Any Charlotte, NC Reefers on NR?

    Fort Mill, SC here. Nemo's is the only one in Charlotte at this point. Fintastic is currently Missing in action. You get more for your money at Nemo's anyway.
  11. rod00007

    Gsp won't open

    Give it some minor direct flow. That always seems to help mine.
  12. rod00007

    Kessil 360 WE arrives today!

    I'd try it without the controller first and look at the colors to see what you like it at. I go blue in the mornings first and scale to a full blue and white at no more than 60% at mid day. Scale back to as low as it goes at the end of the day for me. I think I gradually step up to about 45% intensity full blue spectrum in the morning. mine are bluefish controlled. Good Luck!
  13. rod00007

    Dear Marine Depot (Part II)

    My daughter's first and middle name are Mara Jade. She will be 1 Saturday. Excited for you Jedimasterben
  14. Where in the tank and how much flow do you suggest for these wonderful frags?
  15. rod00007

    let's talk some smack...

    The hoopla over the Coralvue Gyre only to find out the prices which took my interest to 0.